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Columbus Blue Jackets : What People are Saying

Published on November 7, 2009 by   ·   54 Comments

Columbus Blue Jackets
Image by dougtone
Carolina Hurricanes vs. Columbus Blue Jackets – November 7, 2009

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Columbus Blue Jackets Reader Q&A

Question by VN33 (The Man of the Hour): Is it ok that I think the Alanta Thrashers or Columbus Blue Jackets will win the Stanley Cup this year?
I mean come on. Big picture people. They do have a lot of talent. I predict the Columbus Blue Jackets to win.


Answer by Jeff W
ABSOLUTELY!! I’ve been thinking that the Blues would make it for about 15 years now . . .

Answer by lawnjesus
Thats a tall order. They got to get through the Wings first! I suppose if Leclaire got HOT in the playoffs that it COULD happen. But not likely. Lets face it, experience means a lot in the SC playoffs and Leclaire has NONE!

Answer by Terri R
Sure,it’s ok that you think that! As long as you’re ok with me knowing that it’s gonna be the Philly Flyers. Deal?

Question by Indians Fan! ~M.A.R.G.~: Who do you think the Columbus Blue Jackets should draft?
I think they should draft Cam Fowler in the first round. He is a great defenseman. He gets plenty of points and is great defense and that’s what the blue jackets need.


Answer by Ya Boi…
a GM……

Answer by Luc D.
Fowler will most likely be drafted in the top 3 my friend 😉

he in order who I think they’ll end up with:
Gormley, Brandon D
Tarasenko, Vladimir RW
Connolly, Brett LW

Question by “The Man of the Hour”: Are the Columbus Blue Jackets going to win the Stanley Cup this year?
Of course they will!

I’m 100% guaranteed they will! Them and the Red Wings are my favorite teams so of course they will. They’ll probably play each other in the Stanley Cup. I’m serious the Blue Jackets are going to win. I’m thinking about making a bet.


Answer by Garrett-SIX
they are gonna get creamed tomorrow by the desert dogs.


Answer by tfoley5000
That’s Stretching It, Here’s the 411 The Best the Jackets can do is #5 in the West the Worst #9 this is an Above Average team Stanley Cup It might take 3 to 4 Years for that, But Keeping Dreaming They are not there yet.

Answer by T-Bone 1246 •all starz•
There’s no way the Blue Jackets are ready for a Stanley Cup yet. It’ll either be the Red Wings, Pens, Blackhawks, or somebody else.

Columbus Blue Jackets Video of the Day

The intro for the first ever Columbus Blue Jackets home playoff game!

What do you think? Answer below!

Readers Comments (54)

  1. chenisvonpenis says:

    It’s perfectly fine to think that. That’s like me thinking the Lions will win the Super Bowl, or Pronger might play as a clean player someday.

  2. The Mocker says:

    I think you are on to something.

    You should immediately sell all of your possessions and go to Vegas and throw it all on the Jackets to win the Cup.

  3. redwingsrthebest19 says:

    Its EXTREMELY improbable, but I guess it could happen. You say they have a lot of talent, which they must if they are a pro team, but there are plenty of teams with much more talent than them. I would rank Columbus maybe 10th to 15th in talent, Atlanta maybe 15th to 20th. That’s just my opinion though.

  4. zther says:

    It’s fine for you to predict that… but I think most people would call it a short sighted viewpoint. Sure they’re playing great, but when was the last time they won a playoff series? When was the last time they won a playoff game?

    The reigning champion Ducks took steps each season towards the ultimate prize… learning along the way. If I’m a Blue Jacket fan, my expectations are the playoffs – period. Everything else is just gravy.

  5. Laying Low says:

    I have to agree with The Mocker on this one. The futures odds on Columbus as of November 30th are currently 50-1 to win the Stanley Cup , down from 85-1 when the season opened. You can still clean up. Atlanta is currently 40-1. This info comes from a well known source here in Vegas.

  6. Ross V says:

    Dude, that’s the same as hoping the Cubs will win the world series one day, it’s just not happening anytime soon.

    Atlanta got off to a horrible start this year, a start that’s going to make it tough on them the rest of the year as far as getting into the playoffs is concerned. They don’t have enough offense and their goal tending is suspect.

    Same thing with the Blue Jackets. Neither team has a lot of veteran, proven leadership either.

    So in other words, maybe next year.

  7. pricehillsaint says:

    The key word is THINK. Yes, you may THINK that one of them will win, but the correct answer is the Anaheim Ducks won the cup for the year 2007!

    Ask the question again in 26 days, when it’s 2008, you might get a different answer. 🙂

  8. TB Lightng says:

    I guess anything’s possible. It’s doubtful though.

    With Lehtonen coming back, Atlanta will finally have their goaltender.

    Speaking of goaltenders, how bout the season Pascal Leclaire is having?

  9. DY says:

    Sure it is OK. You are entitled to whatever dillusions you care to scheme. I personally get a lot of help with alcohol. I once dreamt I was the President of Iceland and that I was swimming with puffins in a lake of geo-thermal water.

  10. Kimmy says:

    You may think whatever you wish. I may not happen though, but it could.

  11. James B says:

    the key word in this question is “think” !Obviously you did not “think” when you came to this conclusion,with erratic goal scorers,unsteady keepers and little depth both teams would be lucky to squeak into the post-season where the most they would accomplish would be a quick trouncing.
    The proper word would be HOPE!

    Good luck anyway

  12. mattdh20 says:

    I like your thinking. Blue Jackets show alot of heart and with a proven head coach I’m thinking this is the year we make the playoffs. Yes we may get swept in the 1st round but I just want them to make it and see what happens.

  13. Like I'm Telling You Who I A says:

    It’s okay to think about things that won’t happen.

    I’ve been making love to Christine Brinkley and Meg Ryan in my dreams for years now….it will never happen, but it’s okay to think about it!

  14. Devin says:

    It’s always ok to think any team will win…besides the Rangers.

  15. trombass08 says:

    How much would you be willing to bet on that?

  16. Ed K says:

    As a Blue Jacket fan, even I wouldn’t put any money on the Jackets winning the Cup (I would love to be proven wrong, though!) I do think they will make the playoffs, and maybe even make it through the first round, but the Cup will have to wait for a year or two.

    As for the Thrashers….uhhhh, no.

    Ross V…the Jackets don’t have any PROVEN VETERAN leadership? Do the names Sergei Federov, Adam Foote, Michael Peca and Fredrik Modin ring a bell? How about Ken Hitchcock?

  17. C-Leaf. says:

    lol, LITY, for me it’s Jessica Alba, but hey, whatever.

    haha it’s great to think about things like this, i am still hopefull for my leafers to make the playoffs.

    But Columbus doenst have ENOUGH talent, i just think it might take a couple years before they are a true contender, to actually make the playoffs.

  18. tboneund says:

    It’s okay to THINK about it, but it won’t happen.

    Columbus does have a lot of talent, but they are young and inexperienced when it comes to the playoffs, they do have some good veteran leadership, but I still don’t think it’s enough to take them all the way to the Cup. They might make it to the playoffs, but I really don’t think they have what it takes to win the Cup this year.

    If they both, by some miracle, made it I would root for the Blue Jackets though.

  19. Casey G has CRS disease says:

    Blue Jackets and Red Wings can’t play each other in the finals because they’re both in the West.

  20. leafs_fan Timmy The Turtle says:

    Yeah the Blue Jackets are getting better as the seasons go by but I wouldn’t consider them cup contenders just yet. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t last year there first playoff series?

  21. Don says:

    I won’t shatter your dreams. They’ve got arguably the best goalie in the league which gives them a chance in the playoffs. I’ll take bets though.

  22. Cassie B says:


  23. Ryan F says:

    I’ll take that bet. If the CBJ and DRW play each other for the cup, I’ll give you 1 000 000 000. If not, you owe me 20

  24. bluejacket8j says:

    I’m thinking this is sarcasm. Obviously they cannot play each other for the cup. Seriously, I don’t think they’ll win the cup. Playoffs, yes…Stanley Cup, no.

  25. Caleb says:

    I dont think that they will win the cup this year. They do have one of the best shots with thieir hotshot Rick Nash and they have one of the best goalies in the NHL in Mason but idk i think that the blackhawks also have a shot

  26. Devin - what a stupid question says:

    yes, I can confirm this for you as I just came back from the future.

  27. yoak says:

    Don’t get ahead of yourself. I’m excited about them, too. But this is one tough division. I’d love to see the Jackets move past the first round of the playoffs and continue to build a solid team. Don’t hang all your hopes on them playing for the cup this season.

    first things first, they need to win the division.

  28. Sile t says:

    They will within 5 years. but there a long shot for the cup this year. I’ll take your bet, i could use some money

  29. Kevin - O RLY? says:

    Quick fact: Detroit and Columbus cannot play for the Cup, because they are both in the West.

    Columbus is pretty much the same team as last year, so I do not think Columbus is ready for the Cup yet.

    Detroit… well, they are also pretty much the same team as last year (other than losing Hudler), and there are some teams better than Detroit.

    So, IMO, Columbus will not be Contenders for the Cup, and I do not think Detroit will win the Cup.

  30. sjoseph17 says:

    I’d love to see the Blue Jackets make the playoffs again. They’ve got (arguably) the best arena in the NHL, and they’re in a good hockey market. Good fans, too.

  31. CHICAGOSTEEL1 says:

    u suck jackets rock

  32. chandler139 says:

    Wow! Chills… Go Jackets!!!!

  33. GoalieRealmUSA says:

    some of the best moments of my life was being able to got to games 3 and 4. fist pumpin the whole way.

  34. blueliner79 says:

    A great video. Especially because the first playoff birth.

  35. carrytheflag61 says:

    what do u mean? Th jackets have their own freakin song!

  36. KnightsHuSayNee says:

    needs to be more intimidating… check out edmonton, san jose, or vancouver

  37. amh9565 says:

    0:30 , LETS GO JACKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I WAS AT THAT GAME!! it sure sucked seeing them get killed, but the place was insane! Ive never heard it so loud!

  39. OwnagePlayer740 says:

    I don’t necessarily like hockey, but I still come to a few games because the Nationwide is f*cking amazing. Great atmosphere plus I <3 the arena district.

  40. columbusdinner says:

    GO JACKETS!!!!!

  41. ampiet3 says:

    haha – i did make it up, it just came to mind. However, this is a great intro, would have been neat to have been there.

  42. CBJfan28 says:

    “expansionites”? I think you made that word up, but I LIKE it!

  43. ampiet3 says:

    haha cheap? You can call plays cheap after your team has been in the league for a little while longer, exspantionites

  44. bluejacketsman86 says:

    also This year i have 2 flags i pass around. one is a blue jackets flag, and another says BEAT DETROIT. The cheerleaders never visit the nosebleed, and being as outgoing as i am, i lead the cheapseats!!!

  45. bluejacketsman86 says:

    CARRY THE FLAG!!!!! I went to ten games last year, and i call Nationwide my home. I love the people. I sit in the last row of the upper game for most games, but i love my jackets!!!

  46. krackerboy10 says:

    i didnt mean game 1 i meant the first playoff game at home.

  47. krackerboy10 says:

    i was front row on the left corner on your side at game 1

  48. WildWalrusFilms1 says:

    I was at game 4. it was amazing. what a way to end the season.

  49. CBJfan28 says:

    hmm..technically, that doesn’t DESCRIBE Columbus, now does it? YOUR comment implies ownership based on a CHEAP SHOT from a piece of shit forward for your team.

  50. Blueshockey2005 says:

    3 words to describe Columbus …

    Oshie OWNS Nash!

  51. BlueJacketsRock61 says:

    I agree with zachhockey, Columbus had the tools to succeed in the playoffs, but they were up against the defending Stanley Cup Champions in the first round. I believe that the Jackets are on the rise and can be expected in the playoffs for years to come.

  52. mpkilla55 says:

    yeah its kind of tough going up against a team like detroit in your first playoff appearance.

  53. inertia3494 says:

    i was at that game!! Lets Carry The Flag again. Lets March To the 09-10 playoffs. CBJfan28 u r a real fan. Go Jackets!!!!!!

  54. zachhockey says:

    The Jackets would have done something if they weren’t against (my hometown team) the Wings. If they were against any other team in the Western Conference then they probably would have had a chance.

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