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Super Bowl : What People are Saying

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Super Bowl

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Look into my crystal ball and see what you can predict for Super Bowl XLII… 🙂

my predictions…??

… one of the most frequently whispered questions as guests arrive for Super Bowl parties today will be “who is playing?”…

… it may rain in Phoenix… in Phoenix…?? oh yeah…

… most commercials will actually see more air-time online than on television… what? have you not seen them all aready…??

… Tom Petty will not perform “You Don’t Know How It Feels”… but many folks hope he brings Stevie Nicks with him…

… pig-in-a-blanket will be on many home buffet tables… ;))

what do you see for Super Bowl Sunday in the crystal ball…?? your predictions…??

and who would have predicted this would make Explore…!! thanks for all of your comments, favs and appreciation…!!

Latest Super Bowl News

Super Bowl to super flop? Dallas in danger
A season that started with Super Bowl aspirations is suddenly in peril after the Cowboys fall to 0-2 after an unsightly loss at home to Chicago. Preseason expectations of a Super Bowl run have given way to a troublesome 0-2 start for the Cowboys.
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Super Bowl means super traffic headache for North Texas
When the Super Bowl comes to North Texas next February, it won’t just be a test of athletic skill; it will be the ultimate test of moving people around.
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Super Bowl means super traffic headache for North Texas
ARLINGTON — When the Super Bowl comes to North Texas next February, it won’t just be a test of athletic skill; it will be the ultimate test of moving people around. Getting to a game at Cowboys Stadium is already a challenge, but compared to the Super Bowl, Sunday’s game was like a pre-season scrimmage. The problems start outside the massive sports palace in Arlington. For security reasons, all …
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Super Bowl

@Jay_Glazer Hey Jay does San Diego realize the reason why they don’t have a Super Bowl is A.J. Smith…Schottenheimer, LT and now V Jax – by pikehuey3 (Ryan Iverson)

who dat? nice win last night super bowl champs! – by primehouseny (Primehouse New York )

PS: I read that Black Eyed Peas might play at the Super Bowl. To those idiots that said The Who sucked: Kiss. My. Ass. – by helloheartbreak (Tawn/Tanya/Oh, HER! )

Super Bowl Reader Q&A

Question by Summer C: Super Bowl?
Do you have to like football to enjoy the Super Bowl?


Answer by Colts will SMASH the bears
Sometimes the games are very exciting.
Tonight probably won’t be that way, as the Colts are going to Dominate the Bears in every aspect, including Defense, but occasionally they are good games.
You can still watch just for the commercials.

Answer by crazychickdanielle
No I dont like football and I like the superbowl.GO COLTS

Answer by arianah
No, I am not a fan of the game, but when you are surrounded by people that are, it makes for an enjoyable time.

Question by dalfan_22: super bowl?
is any one else not willing to let the Super Bowl be played in some country besides the US? What is the point? Ive heard of a 17th regular season game played internationally, but why would the biggest game in football be played somewhere else?


Answer by curtisedge11
i’m up for it.
New stadiums make it interesting.

Answer by lil ra rob
i agree, thats stupid
superbowl should be held in america
other countries should be glad that they get a regular season game

Answer by Vires
If true, not a good idea. It’s an American game!

Question by corpus christi: Super bowl?
is it Rice Krispies?
now, i didn’t know there was a super bowl of rice krispies to win. i am sure it could feed a lot of starving kids. i hope Africa wins it then. can i have some?


Answer by therealchuckbales
Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids.

Answer by SoccerClipCincy
No but there is a souper bowl every year with 8 Million raised last year to help local food patries around the country.

Super Bowl Video of the Day

Michael Jackson on the superbowl singin and dancing to Jam,Billie Jean and Black or White

Give your answer to this question below!


Readers Comments (37)

  1. ♠ ╬he Дon says:

    No. With many people that is the case

  2. Evan D says:

    No, you really don’t have to like football to enjoy the Super Bowl. Lots of my friends don’t have much taste in football and they love the Super Bowl. My friends would rather watch those commercials than some television shows because they’re so funny. You could also enjoy to watch the Half Time Show. Many of my friends like the Super Bowl because they can “hang out” with friends, family, and get free food.

  3. foolnomore2games says:

    I dont think so. I personally love football anyway. But I think there are so many other great things about the Super Bowl that are just not included in regular Sunday football

  4. beccaliciousx says:

    I hate watcing football because it makes me feel lazy. But I love the superbowl because of two things:
    1. The commercials!
    2. Half time show.
    Thats the only reason I watch it…(sad, I know)

  5. Princess Zelda says:

    That’s so stupid. The NFL was born and raised in America and that’s where it will stay! If the Eastern Hemisphere wishes to have their own NFL, so be it, but don’t take our teams and our games away from us! It’s all a money-making power scheme cooked up by the NFL execs. That plan had better be killed or else there will be a lot of unhappy football fans!


  6. angel_medic05 says:

    Most English people don’t even like American Football. Why the hell should we move our sports into their country when they don’t like it? It’s dumb.

  7. Triple S says:

    ya AMERICAN football should be played in umm…AMERICA…regular & preseason games i dont mind where there played, but cmon the biggest television event of the year in some other country, wuts the point???

  8. Magneto says:

    Because the NFL owners went and hired a moron in Goodell to lead their league,now many are regreting they chose him,the reason football is a success is because of the millions of fans going to games and cheering for their team,take the teams out of the country and they have lost that

  9. pinknlos says:

    I love football and I wouldn’t mind a 17 game season. I can see that happening, but can’t picture a SB being played over seas.

  10. mrkeef says:

    Well i think that the field today will table the issue for a while. It’s awful!! It may be good for soccer, but not for football. That field really looks bad.

    BTW, NO WAY should they ever play the Super Bowl outside of the United States. But in 50 years, the game will be on pay-per-view and may very well be outside the United States. Sad day when it happens, but this new “dictator”.eerrr commissioner is just the person to demand it.

  11. chotishama says:

    i think that it’s because outside of the U.S., not many people like football. you can argue all you like, but outside of the U.S., the major sports are soccer and cricket and rugby. and just to let you know, the 2011 superbowl is being held in the best city ever! DALLAS! ( and there needs to be a stadium out of the country for us to actually play there, and there is no football stadium outside of the U.S. srry.)

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  17. ThisBeMe12 says:

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  18. ABCHealTheWorld says:

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  20. halimthebest1 says:

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  23. MCEProd22 says:

    I dont know what was more odd the fact that Super Bowl XXVI was a blowout or this Halftime Show.

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  25. SantiaguitoSanz says:

    Michael Jackson, the best of the best. THE KING OF POP!

  26. JanetOccupyMJsUtube2 says:

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  28. Volendammtje says:

    3:41 Lower right corner. Classic!

  29. Zoomtronic1 says:

    Greatest Pop Performer ever, true King of pop

  30. JanetOccupyMJsUtube2 says:

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  34. AbabyThatWasntAbortd says:

    too incredible for words

  35. ABCHealTheWorld says:

    Leave it to michael jackson to put on the most amazing Superbowl half-time in history .. largest viewer audience .. largest show .. largest audience participation .. and largest message of LOVE to the entire world !
    If you haven’t watched Part 2 yet, be sure to watch it to see what I mean !!

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