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Kobe Bryant Game Winner Against Charlotte Bobcats

Published on March 17, 2010 by   ·   26 Comments

Kobe Bryant Game Winner Against Charlotte Bobcats
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Charlotte Bobcats Ticket Relocation Campaign Video
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  1. airchristian23 says:

    I hate when announcers say ”for the win” when there’s still like 2 seconds on the clock.

  2. Gp3Baller says:


    You must be unaware of the 2005 Lakers…

  3. Prodigy408SJC says:

    @Prodigy408SJC Before they retire… My Bad.

  4. Prodigy408SJC says:

    @M00sedog00 MVP awards just proves that you’re the best player in that SEASON, MVPs don’t prove that you’re the best in the LEAGUE. LeBron won 2 MVPs, that means he’s the best in 2 SEASONS. What proves the player the best is the amount of awards, achievements and records after they retire.

  5. Prodigy408SJC says:

    @M00sedog00 Championship rings means leadership for the team leader, Kobe won 2 rings as a team leader, so that means he could lead a team. LeBron has been in the NBA for 7 years and has been a team leader for the Cavs for 5 years and he hasn’t won a ring. Not only does he can’t lead a team to a championship, but he will never win a ring as a leader since he’s in the Miami Heat and D-Wade is the leader of that team…

  6. tapsumbong49 says:

    is that Matt Devlin?

  7. SSCUltimateAero77 says:

    @KOBE24x5 just like ur mom in bed

  8. tampasux says:

    so clutch.damn hes so good in crunch time.

  9. kushnugz says:

    @M00sedog00 So far from the truth. LeBron doesn’t have that drive Kobe has. Like Sasha said it’s like he gains it from outter space he’s never seen anyone with will or determination like Kobe. Kobe would never just give up even when they are down by 20 with 2 minutes left Kobe plays his heart out until the games over. LBJ would NOT win rings with the Lakers unless Kobe was there.

  10. KOBE24x5 says:

    Fuck lebron he is a fuckin quitter pussy

  11. NathynBourque says:

    This was when the bobcats REALLY sucked. How arew the Lakers losing?

  12. M00sedog00 says:

    MVPs=better player
    Rings=Better team
    It obvious, I shouldn’t have to explain it, but Kobe fans are in denial.
    Most valuble PLAYER!
    Ring=your TEAM won.
    Stop arguing. If lebron switched places with Kobe, he would have rings too.

  13. raptors12349 says:

    @LewisSoTranscendent mvps

  14. TheFijidude says:

    VVV THATS TRUE …Kobe is da best;)

  15. TyronakaBallar says:

    its funny cuz in the end the commentator goes like ” Bryant with 21″ and im like 21 points thats it???? and than he finished with “in the 4th quarter” and im like DAMN!!! hahah IN ONE QUARTER!!!

  16. DukeOfRadical says:

    @KillaCam96 im sorry but ur not worth my time…

  17. KillaCam96 says:

    @DukeOfRadical you sound dumber every time you comment…He would have exactly as many as he has now, 5. And you have no good reason why he wouldn’t have won. And as for Lebron, his team was good all the way up until the Finals, they might have been inexperienced, but they also didn’t have what it took to finish, and Lebron didn’t either.

    For the record, there’s no way in hell you understand english better than I do, so cut it with the tough talk. I’ve read more books than you’ve looked at.

  18. Erikhaos says:

    @billiedanny That one too… you see?

  19. billiedanny says:

    @Erikhaos. “LeBron James locks Kobe down in the clutch, Kobe Bryant misses game winner” beyotch

  20. DukeOfRadical says:

    @KillaCam96 your fucking stupid… i didnt say wilkins won a ring im just saying if all those players didnt retire kobe will have 2 rings or less…. 2007 finals? bitch please all of em were in experienced and eventually fell… get off his dick? buddy im just sayin he’s a great player but needs a more mature team…. please read a book to understand english

  21. Erikhaos says:

    @billiedanny Yes, even the cavs…
    LeBron misses game winner vs Lakers

  22. billiedanny says:

    @Erikhaos. not the cavs.

  23. geekykidd90 says:

    shitt.. they lost the game when that guy went for the pump fake

  24. KillaCam96 says:

    @DukeOfRadical lebron had an inexperienced team, but i dont see you gettin on HIM for floppin in the playoffs. Get off his dick, his team was great when they got to the Finals, he just wasnt ready. He isnt a closer like Kobe, therefore he has a long way to go. Get a jumpshot…and MJ was still in the league, and Nique never won anything anyway. Get your facts straight.

  25. KillaCam96 says:

    @DukeOfRadical I wasn’t callin you names, but if you wanna get personal wit it, then we can do that too. That’s not why phil left, for one. After one year of struggle they got back to the finals the NEXT YEAR, so you have no point. And i never said kobe didn’t use to be a ballhog. My point is that he’s always been the best player on the floor, and once he started trusting his teammates, he became unstoppable. You just don’t wanna give kobe credit, period. Therefore, I’m done talkin to you.

  26. Spac3man88 says:

    Is this the Time Warner Cable arena? It looks cool something like the Amway in Orlando Fl.

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