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Cleveland Cavaliers : Latest From the Web

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Cleveland Cavaliers

Image by The Foo Fighter
The Quicken Loan Arena Stadium, Cleveland Ohio. Home to the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team i.e. the Palace of Lebron “The King” James.

Latest Cleveland Cavaliers News

Should the Cleveland Cavaliers Look to the Future or Play for Today?
Inevitably at some point throughout the upcoming Cavaliers season, the team’s management will have to decide what the point of this season is.
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Slam Dunk: Cleveland Cavaliers team up with Feed The Children
CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – A real slam dunk event for Cleveland Cavaliers stars! Guards Daniel Gibson, Danny Green and Christian Eyenga along with Assistant Coaches Paul Pressey, Jamahl Mosley and Chris Jent will help distribute boxes of food and essentials to over 3,000 families.
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Cleveland Cavaliers: Rubbing Salt in Wounds, Yahoo! Predicts NBA-Worst 12 Wins
Apparently, the deification of LeBron James is complete. This is no king, mind you—he’s a god, or at least a demigod, if Yahoo! Sports is to be believed. The Cleveland Cavaliers, on the other hand, are just so much chattel, destined to languish in the mud pits of the NBA countryside now that their nobleman hath left. Oh, brother. In their rather thorough 2010-11 NBA Preview magazine (now on …
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Cleveland Cavaliers

Fathead LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers Wall Decal CaritaKillette (Carita Killette)

Jawad Williams agrees to one-year deal to return to Cleveland Cavaliers: Jawad Williams will be staying home. The … TarHeelTimes (Tar Heel Times)

Cleveland Cavaliers to Sign Jawad Williams to One Year Deal: Published on 09/19/2010 – 7:37pm Cleveland Cavaliers Cavaliers_Fan_ (Cavaliers Fan)

Cleveland Cavaliers Reader Q&A

Question by *Tay-Tay*: cleveland cavaliers…..?
do you think that daniel gibson and delonte west will come back next year or will they be traded? i was reading about baron davis( coming to the cleveland cavaliers and do you think that will really happen? tell me what you think the cavs should do our if you have heard other things that might happen to the cleveland cavaliers! CONGRATS TO THE BOSTON CELTICS!


Answer by illusion_of_power08
Lebron needs a little more help and he’ll be a champion

Answer by jlovett72078
I do not think that the pg position is an issue anymore with Gibson and West. They need another scoring option at the PF or SF/SG position. It would also help to have Z healthy for an entire season, at least the end and playoffs.

Answer by J.O½ JTG 4 Champ
There also been rumors about them trying to get Gilbert Arenas

Question by huntley278: What are the Cleveland Cavaliers going to do now without Lebron?
Now that Lebron left the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat what is the future for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Are they looking to sign any main free agents next year or maybe a possible Gilbert Arenas?


Answer by Aswan Doshik
They are going to lose

Answer by Peedee

Answer by Nadia Bartekian
they willl loose.

Question by Cavs in ’09 ♥ Hurry Back BEN: Cleveland Cavaliers??
I know it was only one game. But they were playing after only one practice. Do you think this trade was a good one? I’ve got to admit I was freaking out about this trade, thinking it was a bad idea, but I definitely changed my mind. Wallace seems really happy to be in Cleveland… I think his numbers are going to improve playing with LeBron (he had a double double today). What do u think?


Answer by B-RYAN
Lets just see how things go for 3 weeks..
Ben and the other guys have to get used to playing with each other..

They where playing Memphis lets not forget about that..

Answer by pcpirate30
ok the guys they gave up were bums…..drew gooden sucks….he makes to many dumb plays and is to worried about growing his beard….larry hughes is just overrated….wallace is that physical presence they need….they already are one of the best rebounding teams in basketball…and now with wally who is a great shooter…..he was avg double figures from the bench….he can light it up on night when lebron get triple teamed… first i thought it was bad….but after looking at it….every player they got besides wallace can shoot the midrange shot….which the ones that left couldnt…..

Answer by markley c
let’s just see if, they comes across with a good contender..

Cleveland Cavaliers Video of the Day

Cleveland cavaliers 2009-2010 Season Mix… nba where amazing happens 2009 2010 allen iverson rookie highlights philadelphia 76ers the answer memphis danny granger indiana pacers nba where amazing happens china great wall 2009 2010 nba amazing highlights LeBron James Cavaliers Michael Jordan Paul Pierce celtics finals kevin garnett walker bulls lebron james dunk USA olympics mvpbasketball kobe byrant dwayne wade yao yi iverson mayo beasley derrick rose shaq bird johnson heat lakers carter VC AI MJ Tmac 2k9 live 08 09 mvp reebok nike highlight the answer detroit pistons joe dumars rasheeed wallace mix comercial crossover denver nuggets scottie pippen nba where amazing happens 2010 promo anticipation nba where amazing happens 2010 2009 top 10 10 pre season pre LeBron James vs Paul Pierce Shaq final preseason game Cavs Celtics Cleveland Cavalliers Boston nba where amazing happens 2010 2009 top 10 10 pre season pre nba where amazing happens 2010 anticipation shaq carter blake wallace artest nba where amazing happens 2010 2009 anticipation goodby promo kobe lebron roy paul nba where amazing happens 2010 pre season top 10 dunks slams jams nba amazing LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers block nba amazing highlights ring ceremony Los Angeles Lakers nba amazing highlights top 10 plays October 28 nba amazing highlights top 10 plays October 29 nba amazing highlights daily zap nba amazing highlights Carmelo Anthony dunk Denver Nuggets : nba amazing highlights Josh Smith Atlanta Hawks

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Readers Comments (42)

  1. wvbball2007 says:

    i don’t have a problem with gibson or west, but if they have to get rid of them to get baron davis then i am all for that. baron davis is the man.

  2. MDC says:

    I keep hearing they are looking at Mike Miller and/or Michael Redd in exchange for expiring contracts and draft picks.

    I hope that Gibson and West stay, I think they could share pg roles, and even be on the court together for stretches.

    They need an athletic shooter, and I think if they got one, and a young inside scorer, they could be tough to beat.

    We’ll see, GO CAVS!

  3. Anthony says:

    Michael Redd would be perfect. They really need another scorer to take the load off of LeBron. If you think about it, the team doesn’t even have a #2 scorer… You have some solid players like Gibson, West, and Z, but that won’t win them a championship.

  4. Topher says:

    If anyone on that roster is traded, it’s Varajeo. He was a big dissapointment this year, from his contract dispute to not even playing hard on the court. I wouldn’t trade West or Gibson because both made big contributions in the playoffs. The Cavs need to go out find a back up shooting guard because Wally is only getting older.

  5. Sport Lover says:

    baron davis cant go to cleveland cuz hes too expensive but Michael Redd would be a perfect fit for the Cavs! He would fit very nicely with Bron Bron. I think also boobie and west should stay cuz they are needed for their roles.

    Oh bout them Celtics!

  6. CavFanaticForLife says:

    They are looking to sign Richard Jefferson

  7. Atheistics says:

    pleeasse not gilbert arenas!!

  8. Shane says:

    They will go back to the rock they lived under from mid 90s to 2003. Expect fan attendance to go back to one of the leagues worst and expect them to be in draft lottery contention every year.

  9. Eddie (Owned by Trolls) says:

    its not like they did anything WITH him anyways LOL

  10. Jim Preston says:

    they have a lot of cap space, but they will still lose

  11. SJS says:

    Concentrate on getting a TEAM together instead of babysitting ONE GIANT EGO!

  12. Lebron fan says:


  13. Mark B says:

    I really think they made the moves for the wrong reasons. Just to make LeBron happy they had to move some players, they should have packaged it all to really address the teams ACTUAL needs rather than just to be “looking like they are doing the right thing by LBJ”.
    However, having said that, I don’t think they trade was overly poor. I think Wally can be a great spark of the bench and hit the open shots when LBJ is doubled. I think if Big Ben can rejuvenate himself playing alongside LBJ and play like he did with Detroit then it is a very good trade. Delonte West is a very solid PG who is still maturing and developing and plays good defence. I know it is one game, they will have to mesh, but I think they are moving in a positive direction and should be gelling come playoff time.

  14. P J says:

    it was against the short handed pathetic Grizzlies with our good ol pal Kwame Brown starting the game and getting some tick

  15. Oldschoolgoblue says:

    I think Ben Wallace was an awful move for this team. He doesn’t even slightly address the fact they need another scorer. You maybe looking at a double double today but don’t get used to it. I love Ben’s effort but there are days he’s the worst offensive player in the NBA. And he has a huge contract so you can’t go out next year and get a scorer either.

  16. what? says:

    i felt from the beginning that cleveland got the best part of the deal. the cavs did improve, but i dont think it was a significant improvement. i still think theyre 3rd best in the east. they got rid of hughes which was good, he complains, didnt fit in the system, and was being paid too much. the cavs got back joe smith which basically does what gooden is doing. they got a real PG for once and they got a shooter in szczerbiak who is better than sasha. and as you know being a cavs fan, their defense isnt as good as it was last year. bringing in ben wallace will help their D a lot. he wont score, but he can do the dirty work, the hustle stuff. blocks rebounds steals etc…he and Z should work well together.

  17. mileyfanxoxo123 says:

    I know I was like so scared because they were giving away pretty good players!!!!!! I think now the trade was ok but some of our players are reallly quite good!!!! GO CAVS!!!!

  18. Hoodnikka4real says:

    Loved our regular season, if only we could have went all da way 🙁

  19. 8648harvest says:

    check out my new cavs mix at Cavs Nba timeline watch til end!!

  20. jimver16 says:

    What the song in 1:23?? thnx

  21. Duebi11 says:

    i love cleveland mo and lebrone good ass duo bt lebrone left and mo might not sign with cleveland so cavs gonna do terrible without the king

  22. ppoo717 says:

    how can you win a championship with a guard and foward who plays exactly the same a foward who get’s injured right before the playoffs every season a center the size of a linebacker and a bunch of shooters the only player set for the heat is ilgauskas

  23. ppoo717 says:

    the cleveland cavaliers is still a great team with out lebron never let an outsider tell you how good or bad your home team is btw the miami heat ain’t winning shit wade said it himself the heat is overrated espn had the heat ranked the #2 in the league when they didn’t even have 10 players on their team

  24. crueldawg64 says:


  25. DSlapshot220 says:

    Cleveland doesn’t owe Lebron shit, he promised a championship in Cleveland, that he would bring us one and didn’t do it, sell out bitch. No respect for James for Wade I do though didn’t bitch when there team had that 15 win season

  26. lilwhoopz says:

    LbJ23 forever beast

  27. crueldawg64 says:

    april 14th 1970, My birthday. CLEVELAND CAVALIERS born 1970. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwyeah. I F CKING LOVE CLEVELAND OHIO.

  28. Y2JTO says:

    thanks man.

  29. mef75baby says:

    @Y2JTO yeah that’s what wuz up or Brandon Knight!

  30. Stmthegr81 says:

    Lebron Doesn’t need to worry about nobody but Lebron and his family, he owes Cleveland nothing!! If anything they owe him crap ass franchise he made them what they are, An Dan Gilbert way to go buddy now everybody knows when the chips are down how u act like a str8 Bitch all you proved

  31. mwgcubs says:

    I feel bad for Cleveland, but I’m tired of ya’ll bitching

  32. Jackie5362 says:

    xKFCFuNeRaLx yo, I improved past 15 inches on my leap by completing the training program over at 50 inch vertical (dot) com. now being one of the shorter kids on court is the least thing I have to worry about in basketball finally, haha
    Cleveland Cavaliers 2009 – 2010 Season Mix sxobcustjkvtz fiwnrenmqiwpqzsqkuy #xKFCFuNeRaLx

  33. Y2JTO says:

    because lebron only thinks about himself. from his high school day when espn was covering his games and his whore of a mom buying him a hummer for his 18th birthday to now, have been feeding his narcisstic ego. and mr. gilbert finally told all of us the true lebron, a narcisstic self promoting bastard who thinks of himself before others. it happened in cleveland and now it’ll happen in miami. he’ll never be the greatest after this, because he’s a choke artist and brick shooter.

  34. Y2JTO says:

    @boricua235 they won’t even win 20 this season.

  35. Y2JTO says:

    one up that, the cleveland cavaliers select harrison barnes with the first pick in the nba draft.

  36. mef75baby says:

    Cleveland Cavaliers select Perry Jones in the 2011 NBA Draft 🙂

  37. boricua235 says:

    I had a pleasure watchin diz team over the years even tho i aint a cavs fan. it sux cuz this team had great chemistry. cleveland still has a good united team without lebron though.

  38. Semir313 says:

    I am not a cavs fan but I understand what they going through right now.. I mean LBJ has the right to move on and pick a team and do whats best for him…his life his career…but the way he did with the “ONE HOUR SPECIAL”…with being the drama queen…asking for all this attention..I mean he embarrassed his hometown on national television saying I am not playing for Cleveland…why not do it like Durant… have a meeting with your team in private let them know..I am moving on .

  39. elsenciillo says:

    @Y2JTO well there is nothing else to say here then.. This is just your opinion, if you think Lebron spit on the CAVS thats you.. All I’m saying is that the man has the RIGHT to move on.. It’s his decision, if him the one playing in that court not us.. What dan girlbert said about Lebron was worst than what Lebron did.. so how come ya ain’t talking about it??

  40. Y2JTO says:

    it doesn’t matter. he spit in the face of cleveland and akron just like john rocker spit in the face of new york city. both disrespectful and not giving a shit about the city’s feelings. and the cavaliers could’ve traded for brook lopez or andre miller. they had the sufficient trade chips to do it.

  41. elsenciillo says:

    @Y2JTO No matter what lebron said or did, we all knew this was going to happen and like Lebron said, it was tough to make the decision he made. He knew he was going to let down his fans but at the end of the day is all about whats the best place to win it all RIGHT NOW and that place was down in Miami not, Cleveland.. I don’t think cleveland had the right pieces to compete against a team like the Lakers, or the Boston Celtics. Cleveland fans are acting like its THE END OF THE WORLD lol

  42. 09warrensoccer says:

    @norjak71 why don’t you suck kobe bryant’s dick you worthless piece of crap!!! what are you? 10 years old?

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