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Milwaukee Bucks “Andrew Bogut” Breaks His Arm While Going For A Dunk!

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In what some believed was an injury where Andrew Bogut breaks his arm, it was reported that the Milwaukee Bucks center has a broken right hand. According to the team officials, Bogut will undergo surgery to repair the broken hand which will put him out of action for six weeks to recover. This injury rules out Bogut for the remainder of the season. -sports.gather-
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  1. furssher says:

    i feel bad for bogut …. but the commentators jus made me crack up…

  2. schu808 says:

    or or or its just swollen…real fast – haha gotta love john maglocklan

  3. 561shadow says:

    damn man tht was really ugly when i saw that i had to look away and wonder if that was me. Bogut is a really awesome player he just gets injured a lot. really sucks to c that

  4. celtics76ersfan says:

    @MrTransformerbot yea cuz were always centers…….what u you think of larry bird?

  5. 54rocx24 says:

    see you dont go agains mother nature white boys should not dunk! and chris anderson will also learn his lesson watch… just stick to the layups and the 3s…. but still DAMN!

  6. CrazyCubsFan10 says:

    Evan though im a bulls fan i hope he gets better fine since i dont hate the bucks. Seeing it in the slow motion was just scary.

  7. estevonba says:

    @SammyAv12 apparently you dont play basketball. A hand on your back is all you need to be pushed off balance when you are in the air like that… I NEVER touch anyone once they get in the air ANYTHING can happen…


    I agree that was not intentional. Really bad things can happen when you try to hang on the rim and lose grip. Evan tuner for the Buckeyes broken his back this year doing that. Man o man, that was nasty

  9. SammyAv12 says:

    I honestly don’t think he was pushed in the air, the hand just made contact with boguts back and he had way too much momentum when we let go of the rim

  10. gabeyaze says:

    Andrew is a good player dudes shoudn’t have to go down like that. I hope they fine the guy. Lets hope he comes back stronger next year. How sad to see the Bucks go to the playoffs for the first time in who knows how many years and this happens to him.

  11. MrTransformerbot says:

    damn white man cant dunk . damn

  12. NickPimpin27 says:

    Holy Shit

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