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RESILIENCY New York Giants Super Bowl Intro

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Resiliency: 2007 New York Giants Super Bowl 42 intro

Awesome win for the New York Giants vs the Dallas Cowboys 31-24 in week 13. NY Giants back in the playoff hunt! Visit for more video highlights, news and pictures related to the Gmen. Eli Manning and Tony Romo both played well but the Giants shut down the Cowboys running game.

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. jamwaters says:


  2. sluggo06 says:

    Anyone else mad that the giants where trying to take away that helmet from the fan?

  3. NYG4LIFE123 says:

    This still gives me chills. Great intro.

  4. ninobrown1689 says:

    sick intro , dont even remember the pats intro lol

  5. crossfacexcore says:


  6. JCSCougar says:

    Big Blue forever

  7. DKvsLow says:

    To all Giant fans who were drinking beers and smoking weed for this game… gimme a thumbs up!

  8. TheBouShea says:

    1:07 Watch 51 od GB thats some ups

  9. SilverAxe13 says:

    Either that or they’re butt-hurt Patriots fans, lol

  10. ruabeliever says:

    16 people have bad taste in football teams

  11. zombidiot says:

    @ikickknowledge haha NICE

  12. AutismNYGiants2007 says:

    I always think of the Giants as New Yorks, New Jerseys, and before the patriots were founded, New England’s first Team as well! It is a well spread fan base!

  13. ikickknowledge says:

    @zombidiot Im from Newark NJ and My family is devided lol gaints/jets I’m in vermont now and when Big blue won Pats fans that I worked with would not talk to me they where so upset , it was people up here like realy depressed …………………… was great.

  14. ikickknowledge says:

    Lets go BIG BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. HappyBugBug says:

    plaxico , toomer , madison , pierce , strahan gone wow.

  16. zombidiot says:

    @rolltrs24seven thanks…i like the jets too but i also heard the Jets are more of a Jersey team…so i was confused a bit how the fans work all dat out..thanks again

  17. rolltrs24seven says:

    @zombidiot bills up north mostly but its preference! im from nyc and im a huge giant fan!! but dont forget about the jets that team is tight!

  18. zombidiot says:

    i have a question for Giants from the south, now…are Giants fans mostly city people from around the NYC area? and upstate people are Buffalo fans lets say brewerton syracruse oswego binghampton,etc. ??or does everyone up there go for the team thats doing better?? me out here

  19. gduncan27 says:

    This is just the best!! Makes you go through the roof.

    Where is that football?

  20. nomore1940 says:

    I just caught those same goosebumps I cAn smell the September air. Geeeeemen

  21. EliSB42 says:

    This gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. Love it. I love how the critics doubt the Giants every single year. I love my Giants. For life. Go Giants!!!

  22. mercturq says:

    Damn, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger is such a fitting song for this season’s Giants! What don’t kill me, can only make me stronger!

  23. macdaddy654456 says:

    @bigp0296 I don’t want Favre, Rodgers is doing just fine. All of this crap has made me lose so much respect for him.

  24. BLUDRIZZY says:


  25. bigp0296 says:

    @macdaddy654456 Yeah maybe Farve would still be with you guys right now. I’m sorry but I hate him for all this retirement shit. GO GIANTS! 🙂

  26. ExstasyAirlines says:

    @Melakesimeon wats there record right now bitch….0-2…..yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeahhh suck it

  27. ExstasyAirlines says:

    @vcownzraptors yes me too god why cant there be more giants fan where i live :(…all faggot ass cowboys fans

  28. jamwaters says:


  29. AssassinsCreed71 says:

    @Melakesimeon your just a hater dude u have to be a cowboy fan to come her and praise them. colts and patriots own u guys so i dont know how ur the best. but this is getting tiresome come see me at the end of the season when dixio starts u guys 1-3 then big ben finishes it off 8-8.

  30. Melakesimeon says:

    @AssassinsCreed71 come one we all know the cowboys are better than the giants every nfl fan can see that well will just have to find out which team is better when the season begins till then now lets quit arguing this is getting tire some

  31. Mojoman1 says:

    hmmmm….this game ddnt feel much like a win…i feel like dallas just outplayed us somehow…just like how gmen outplayed philly but lost in their latest game

  32. AssassinsCreed71 says:

    @Melakesimeon ok but we swept the cowboys with a 31st ranked defense in points allowed. at least we beat the raiders and cheifs. you guys got beat by jamarcus russel lol.

  33. Melakesimeon says:

    @AssassinsCreed71 shut up bitch your just mad cause the cowboys will kick your ass

  34. AssassinsCreed71 says:

    @Melakesimeon your making up BS and the series between the giants and steelers is 44-28 giants are up. plus we won the last regular season game in 08 and we beat your ass. so dont talk ur team sucks dick.

  35. Melakesimeon says:

    @AssassinsCreed71 hey are you fucking stupid the steelers are thesecond most expensive nfl team right after the cowboys of course and your team suck no one give a shit about them steelers will kill you guys

  36. AssassinsCreed71 says:

    @Melakesimeon your fucking stupid more moeny the giants orginzation is one of the richest in the NFL the giants and cowboys your steelers is not even close to us, the giants have a 1.6 billion dollar stadium you stupid fuck your stadium is shit compared to ours. better city lol pittsburgh is full of rednecks and hicks XD. no one gives a shit about the steelers but you and the fans.

  37. Melakesimeon says:

    @AssassinsCreed71 what is there for me to hate about we have way more super bowls way more fans way more money and a way better city no one actually pays attention to the suck ass team they suck we have fans in ny in la all over the U.S no one really gives a shit about the giants really

  38. AssassinsCreed71 says:

    @Melakesimeon lol your just a hater one lucky superbowl but we won fair and square you really have 5 superbowls the seahwaks were cheated bitch. the steelers got swepted by the bengals got owned by baltimore fuck the cowboys and steelers both you guys suck. who gives a shit about the steelers and their rapist of a QB.

  39. Melakesimeon says:

    @AssassinsCreed71your like every other giants fan trying to get interested in football now because you won that lucky super bowl the giants suck ass and you know it they think there all good and stuff because they won that one superbowl you guys didn’t even make the play offs for gods sake and stop living in the past and if you wanna go to the past i can tell you about the six superbowls the steelers won no one give a shit about the giants the nfl is basically two teams the steelers and cowboys

  40. AssassinsCreed71 says:

    @Melakesimeon how am i a bandwagon. how does eli suck ass you mean big ben sucks ass and is a rapist. if big ben was good he was never threw 5 INT against us in 08. if big ben was so good that preseason he would of never threw that INT. the steelers are pussies ass bitches. go kill yourself you gay ass white bitch. the world can use one less steelers fan.

  41. Melakesimeon says:

    @AssassinsCreed71 your a giants fan so that make you a bandwagon you guys suck you didn’t even make the playoffs you guys don’t even have greats like the steelers or cowboys and eli manning sucks ass living in his brothers shadows you suck your channel sucks and most of all the giants suck so do us all a favor and go kill your self

  42. AssassinsCreed71 says:

    @Melakesimeon lol but we lead the series all time agaisnt the steelers you fucking idiot, and we just swept the cowboys so go suck a dick. panthers, we had a injured plauged defense that season at least we didnt lose to the fucking raiders and cheifs, and browns, and bears. steelers fucking suck swept by the bengals LOL XD.

  43. Melakesimeon says:

    @AssassinsCreed71 seriously the giants they suck ass no one cares about that team and do you remember the last gay of there nfl 2010 season they got blown out and by who the fucking PANTHERS thats how you know your team sucks ass
    the giants don’t have shit on the cowboys or steelers….bitch

  44. AssassinsCreed71 says:

    @Melakesimeon the steelers are the pathetic franchise 6 superbowls one of them was BS controversial the seahawks got cheated and the ref even came out and said it. the giants own the steelers first off the last time we played we crushed you in 08 with ur rapist of a QB, who gtot INT 5 fucking times. the steelers are garbage you got swept by the bengals, lost to raiders, cheifs, and bears get the hell outta here.

  45. Melakesimeon says:


  46. firerustdragon says:

    wtf he never cried dumb ass and he beats you guys all the time all he does is win

  47. kibic251 says:

    I hope all u gay cowgirls fans are watching this u guys can suck brandon jacobs big nuts…
    oo and wat do u call 53 people watchin the playoffs??

  48. damoro375 says:

    thumbs up if u think tony romo is over rated!

  49. meme2envous says:

    You csn shut up about it cuz eli WILL cry. like he did lst year when he fucked up almost every game by passing interception after interception. it looked like he threw it purposely to the other team.

  50. firerustdragon says:

    eli never cried but romo does all the time
    he fucked up the snap cried about it,he threw a pick on 4th&11 and lost the game then cried about it, lost final game at texas stadium cried about it and akmin got mad,lost game at grand opener of new stadium cried about it.

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