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Atlanta Braves
Image by The Suss-Man (live from Albany, GA)
May 23 143/365.
Went to the Atlanta Braves game tonight with my dad and my brother. The Braves won 4-3.

The Atlanta Braves faced the Toronto Blue Jays in interleague play this evening and won 4-3. Braves second baseman Kelly Johnson hit a home run, but the star of the game was Braves pitcher Derek Lowe, who pitched 7 innings, giving up only 5 hits and 2 runs. In addition, he had two hits and the game-winning RBI.

Our seats at Turner Field were in section 417, which is the upper level, a little behind first base. Most of these shots were taken at full zoom, and many have been cropped further. It started sprinkling around the third or fourth inning, so I had to put the camera away. Without the rain, I would have taken even more photos.

Latest Atlanta Braves News

Atlanta Braves (85-64) at New York Mets (74-75), 1:10 p.m.
The Atlanta Braves will try for just their second road sweep of the season this afternoon in the finale of a three-game set with the New York Mets at Citi Field.
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Atlanta Braves Postseason Pace
A daily look at the Braves chances of making the postseason.
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Braves-Mets Preview
The Atlanta Braves are hoping to enter a showdown series with some momentum. Derek Lowe is hoping they can provide him some support unlike his previous outings this year against the New York Mets. The Braves go for the three-game sweep at Citi Field as they try to beat the Mets for the first time in four tries with Lowe on the mound Sunday.
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Atlanta Braves Reader Q&A

Question by Allergic To Eggs: Atlanta Braves?
The Atlanta Braves have this season encountered their best shot at the playoffs in quite a while. What are their obstacles and what 2 cents do you have?


Answer by crazycovey21
I think as alway at this time of year is PITCHING!!

It will be interesting how the pitchers do the last couple of months and even more curious to see what happens in the playoffs..

I think our bats are coming around now and thats always a good sign!!
braves all the way!!!

Answer by dustyg013
I don’t know about their best chance in quite a while, as they won the division two seasons ago, but their issues are basically the same as a month ago. They only have two reliable starting pitchers. Carlyle has been more than decent as a third starter, but beyond Smoltz and Hudson, it gets pretty thin. They basically made the statement at the trading deadline that they were going to try to win games 8-7 if Smoltz or Hudson wasn’t pitching. I believe they can catch the Mets if only because the Mets aren’t as good this season as last year, but it will take better pitching out of the 4th and 5th starters.

Answer by Hollow21
untill the braves get a real owner and not a compay owner they will never win a WS…thats all IMO

Question by NunnKriss: atlanta braves?
im going to atlanta braves game. and i found tickets for fourteen dollars. but the seats are in section 143.
and i am going to put a message on that big screen they have at the field for my boyfriend who is coming (of course).
but i want to make sure we can see it.
do you think we would be able to? or change seating?
or do u think 137 is better?
nah. im going go see them play the new york mets.
even tho i have a feeling the mets might beat the braves…bc they havent been doing their best lately…but im still rooting for them.


Answer by Dan
I heard that u can see that screen from every seat in the stadium. Hopefully ur not going to a game where they play the Phillies because it would be a waste of money to watch them lose.


Answer by Sean N
Any seat should be able to see the screen

Answer by Dollar$
any seat can probably see the screen. unless your in center field, you would have to look behind you at the screen, i guess.

Question by #45: How much is a atlanta braves jacket thats 25 years old worth?
The other day my grandmother gave me a Atlanta Braves jacekt that is 25 years old and its in greatttttttt conditon, Its like the players wore. How much is it worth?


Answer by

Answer by Jon
Very subjective! It’s probably not worth as much as you think.

If it’s game worn and by a star player, then a lot. If it’s store bought and used, not much.

Answer by melon
If it was a player’s and has a number on it…it could be worth a bit. Otherwise, not much…

edit: I practically said the identical thing as the guy above without realising. This means we are correct…obviously

Atlanta Braves Video of the Day

Peter Moylan stands next to his locker in the Atlanta Braves clubhouse, going over an inventory of tattoos running the length of each arm. His oldest daughter’s name, Montana, is inked along the inside of the right arm. His younger girl, Matisse, takes up the same spot on the left arm. What’s that near his right wrist? “A cherry blossom,” Moylan replies in his distinctive Australian accent. “It’s supposed to represent birth. That’s why I got that one with my oldest daughter.” There are waves – commemorating an Aussie’s innate love of the sea – not to mention a half-dozen stars on his upper back, drawn out in the same pattern as the flag of his homeland. He pulls up a sleeve to reveal his latest masterpiece, a Koi fish, which is supposed to represent strength in Japanese culture. “I can’t go a week without thinking what I’m going to get for my next one,” Moylan said. Remember Charlie’s Sheen character in the movie “Major League”? Well, the Braves have their own version of Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn coming out of the bullpen. The 29-year-old Moylan was downright unhittable at times in his first full big league season, going 5-3 with a 1.80 ERA and giving up just 65 hits in 90 innings. This year, he’s expected to serve in the main setup role for closer Rafael Soriano. “He’s really a good one,” Braves manager Bobby Cox said. “We can use him to get out of jams in the fifth and sixth, or we can pitch him in the eighth. I’d have no trouble pitching him in the ninth. It’s great to
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Readers Comments (12)

  1. James T says:

    Just got through watching the Bravos take down Perez and the Mets—-at this point I have concerns about the workload the bullpen has been receiving, injuries, and the Braves need at least one more starter to shine… will be fun to watch the NL East race because it’s a coin toss right now between the Mets and Braves. The Phillies will have to be content playing the spoiler role with the injury to Victorino and the spotty key hitting of Howard. I would LOVE to see the Braves drop the blade like a D9 and bulldoze over everybody to a Fall Classic win but that’s just wishful thinking…………..

  2. Georgie Porgie says:

    The braves are NOT making the play-offs; and it will be nice to have yet another braves-free post season.

  3. flowwer_1371 says:

    I feel their obstacles are all the other Teams. LOL

    GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. forgotten_glory says:

    137 would probably be better. Either way you’re gonna have to turn a little to see it. I mean, we have the largest HD TV in the world, so it shouldn’t be too big a deal trying to see it 🙂 And btw, no matter how badly the Braves are doing, they just about always beat the Mets, so no worries. If we lose a series to the Mets, that’s when we know the season is lost.
    Here you go. This is the seating map of Turner Field:

  5. Donnie B says:

    it isnt worth anything… you should probably just throw it away, or give it to me

  6. Lets Go Mets 08'!!!!!!!! says:

    100 dollars

  7. shalertitan52 says:

    sentimental value if anything

  8. beauchristopher says:

    awesome video. moylan the side arm thrower from down under.. dang his girlfriend can sing.

  9. redcliffepadres says:

    Peter Moylan is the mannn!

  10. BravesLoveLT says:

    This was awesome — I put a link to the video on my blog, Braves Love, and I hope to send some fan business your way! 🙂

  11. tlh235 says:

    oh how nice it is to be famous and have Brandon Bond actually come to you!!! You are a lucky bastard mr baseball player!


  12. CoolVIguy says:

    Got as far as the anthem…..

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