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Image by Adam Pieniazek
Photo from my half-season ticket seats of Game 2 of the 2008 NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers. The Celtics won the game 108-102 and went on to win the series in 6 games to become the 2008 NBA Champions, marking the 17th time the Boston Celtics won it all!

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NBA Elite 11 Demo Available Tonight
Hey everyone, its Yaw here again – NBA Community Manager from Electronic Arts Canada. As I eluded to in August, we have a whole new game this year with more to offer than ever before. It’s finally demo time, and with all the changes we’ve made to the game we wanted to make sure that […]
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NBA Reader Q&A

Question by Gerald: nba???????????????
I LOOOOOOOOOOVE basketball i love to play it everyday. doesn’t matter what time or what the weather is like i will play basketball. I live in GA and im 4’9 in the 7th grade. i am a pretty good basketball player too. Most people just under estimate me because im small. I play in a rec league and i want to try out for my middle school team and jr high school team. I hit a GAME WINNING 3 pointer in my rec league and whenever i play basketball in my gym class people start to notice how good i am. I drain a lot of my shots and steal the ball too. Dwyane wade is my favorite player but GIBERT ARENAS inspires me with the stories he has of him when he played basketball. MY DREAM IS TOO PLAY IN THE NBA i know its every kids dreaM but im ready to work my butt off everyday and everynight..You think there is any chance of me going to the NBA or is it way too early to tell?


Answer by Michael
If you are Black You have some chance. I am 5’6″ in 8th grade and I can touch the rim. In My Junior high games I Blocked 7 people one game and had 29 points. The school I am in Sucks there is a bunch of white kids that cant shoot or jump.

Answer by GREG S
Kid you can do anything you set your mind too. I play basketball too. I play on varsity. I know what you are going through. Remember you can do anything you put your mind in to.

Answer by supergirl
hey ur just like me i love to play basketball also it really dos’t matter what time it is,you most be rally good

Question by The Los Angeles Lakers: NBA?????????????????
which one has more pressure?

takin a game winning shot in game7 finals(is ur last nba game and last chance in ur life to win a nba champ)


takin a game winnin shot that matters to ur life?


Answer by Cavs in ’09 ♥
Life? or a Ring?

I would say ring, some players would die for one.

Answer by antoin m
takin a game winnin shot that matters to ur life

Answer by The Chosen One
if it was a life threatin shot that would kill me then ya the 2nd one

NBA Video of the Day

NBA All-Star LeBron James is defeated by contestant David Kalb at Venice Beach,California, 2008.

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Readers Comments (33)

  1. collinweyand says:

    just work your butt off and you will be surprised what happens.

  2. NBA Kid says:

    If you follow your dream and go on the right way you will make it to the NBA

  3. Lil b-baller says:

    hey dude there is a chance of u goin. that is my dream too. just keep practiceing man. i am in 7th grade, i am 5’9 thats pretty tall i can almost dunk man i kno i can touch the rim and i dunked a lot of times over my friends but barley make it there. so just keep ur dreams up man. my friend is the same height as u man he will smoke anybody eve me sometimes but i got the blocks. i have made plenty of blocks in middle school. i even tried out 4 the team and made it man. i helped the team win the school district. so like i said keepur dreams up just like me and i kno we will meet someday and play each other. cya man good luck too dawg

  4. flutist101 says:

    hmmmmmmmm…you might…just keep working at it. you should play in college or high school or something like that, and see if you get drafted into the nba. a lot of people are just like you…

  5. Rockets FTW (Ballaholics prez) says:

    Do you mean like for life or death… If so than i would say that matters to your life cuz i would love to drain a shot that saved my life than to win since i will still have another chance to keep on playing basketball…best answer plz

  6. DWade4MVP says:

    Definitely the first one, just imagine how Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, John Stockton, & others feel right now and even worse, felt getting so so close to that NBA Championship so many times, just to let it fall away from you again and again and never be able to get one again.

    For the second choice, happens all the time, if you lose, you lose, you get to win another day and its just another loss that you’ll sulk over for a night and a morning depending on the type of game.

  7. #1 Rockets Fan (42-23) says:

    Taking a game winning shot that matters to your life. You can always come out of retirement.

    #1 Rockets Fan

  8. Rasheed K says:

    uhh my life duh

  9. mrwilker93 says:

    I think Lebron would be beaten by this bank shot from over 70 feet away, as well. Don’t worry about video quality. Think you should skip over this and find a worthwhile video instead? You would be missing out. Just sayin.

  10. peaceseeker590 says:

    @LetsRock242 yes youre right with the dave guy, he got a lot of tricks. youre also right about lebron being not the best shooter out there, but i can’t comprehend how can an NBA player miss the shot at 1:27, i know a lot of high schoolers executing those easily in HORSE, the shot at 1:50 is also weird, it looked like a lazy layup to me

  11. sbambic says:

    like foreal

  12. lorrr55 says:

    @peaceseeker590 it’s obvious that he isn’t very interested in winning but he’s not deliberately losing.

  13. crystalbow16 says:

    lebron james = sore loser

  14. K33nBarrie says:

    that shot at the start was fucked!

  15. TheYoungearl says:

    go check out my new single “Not the same” if it reaches 500,000 views I will make a badass music video for it!!!! this song has sick beat!!!

  16. codeheaded says:

    @peaceseeker590 um, no

  17. MrNbaVidz says:

    watch my videos

  18. akc77 says:

    i’ll like to see this guy play lebron one on one

  19. madness259 says:

    lebron shouldve just dunked it lol

  20. LetsRock242 says:

    @peaceseeker590 some of those shots he could’ve made but lebron is definetely not the best shooter out there and that dave guy has alot of experience with trick shots

  21. sultanelsalatin says:

    damn he is tall xD

  22. lookalooey says:

    lol whether lebron was serious or not, i’d still feel like superman beating him haha

  23. superBboy910 says:

    james is a fag

  24. ericsson172 says:

    LBJ 輸了~

  25. Bobbylatope says:

    LOL lebron; bad H.O.R.S.E.

  26. sparrowarcher says:

    Haha that was entertaining.

  27. optimusman8 says:

    its horse. nothing to do with talent u need for the nba. but yea fuck lebron lol

  28. Iisrupac says:

    @skinnyJEANking2 uum michael ruffin would have smashed this guy if they played 1 on 1

  29. leg11end says:

    @JhyApril yea

  30. leg11end says:

    @JhyApril yea

  31. leg11end says:


  32. turkeyfucktheworld says:



    @DESPERADOROCK /watch?v=Dy-E_SayW0w&feature=related

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