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Chicago Bears : What People are Saying

Published on August 29, 2010 by   ·   29 Comments

Chicago Bears

Image by discopalace
Several Chicago buildings displaying Chicago Bears colored lights, to cheer on the Bears in the Super Bowl.

Latest Chicago Bears News

Bears LT Chris Williams out of Dallas game with hamstring
ARLINGTON, Texas – Chicago Bears starting left tackle Chris Williams and rookie backup free safety Major Wright…
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Bears LT Willams out of Dallas game with hamstring
ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — Chicago Bears starting left tackle Chris Williams and rookie backup free safety Major Wright both left the game at Dallas with hamstring injuries.
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Bears LT Chris Williams injured, leaves game
ARLINGTON, Texas — The Bears’ struggling pass protection has taken another hit early in their Week 2 game against the Cowboys. Starting left tackle Chris Williams injured his hamstring on Chicago’s first series of the first quarter. Williams has already been ruled out from returning to the game.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Chicago Bears

The Bears score & the stadium still roars! Chicago is alive and definitely here in Dallas #fbby SHEisI (sheila patel)

How bout them Chicago Bears #letsgetitby LuCeCaNNoNn (LeBaron Sims)

RT@sheri_boyle10:Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals New York Giants at Indianapolis Colts Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys N. Orleans#823 – by sheri_boyle10 (sheri_boyle)

Chicago Bears Reader Q&A

Question by Dylan: Should i start the Chicago Bears defense week one in my fantasy football league or the Oakland Raiders?
week on the bears play the colts while the raiders play the broncos. im not sure on how healthy peyton is either. obviously my head says chicago but give me your opinion. im a raiders fan maybe thats why im even contimplating this. oh and the scoring system is pretty generic


Answer by Immortal Technique
Play the Raiders because the Broncos offense isn’t nearly as good as the Colts. I have the Bears Defense also and im benching them, because they wont be able to stop Reggie Wayne and Joseph Addai. Meanwhile the Broncos are starting Selvin Young who has yet to prove himself as a scoring back.

Answer by CubsBearsBulls
I’d still start the Bears defense, especially if special teams comes into play for your scoring. While the Bears will be facing the Indy offense they have more of a chance at forcing turnovers and scoring points then the Oakland defense. I think the Denver offense is severly underrated.

Question by Christian V: Where is a good place to watch the Chicago Bears in the Kansas City area?
I’m a Chicago transplant now living just outside of KC. I’m looking for a good place to watch the Bears on Sundays without being hassled by the hordes of Chiefs fans. There is a KC bar in Chicago, isn’t there a Chicago bar in KC??


Answer by Frankie A
cant without directv sunday ticket

Answer by Rook
Look for a sports bar that has all the games on via SUNDAY TICKET.

Answer by Golden
just go to a local bar, kansas city sucks this year and the bears should win and i doubt there is many fans left at the bars, just dont wear a bears jersey, pretend like your one of them if there are fans there

Question by MrzSp0ng3b0b: CHICAGO BEARS ……………………………?
do u think the bears will make it 2 tha playoffs?



Answer by Benny the Jet
Not this year, maybe next year when Urlacher is healthy and when Cutler Gels with his receivers a little better.

Answer by soldier
Commodus Cutler will keep them out of the playoffs.

From Grossman to Cutler, the Bears just cant get lucky to have a stable QB.

Grossman was the Super Bowl MVP for the other team when they went last. Now Cutler is the other team’s playmaker, connecting with their secondary with pinpoint accuracy.

Answer by imprint3454
Grossman WAS NOT the reason the Bears lost the Super Bowl. The Bears defense gave up 430 yards and 22 points to the Colts.

If you call Grossman the other team’s MVP, you are an uninformed idiot soldier.

Chicago Bears Video of the Day

da bears
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Readers Comments (29)

  1. random cool guy says:

    buffalo wildwings or order a tv package

  2. JimBob says:

    They would have to beat Atlanta, and the non-division winner in the NFC EAST, I don’t see that happening!

  3. Bleed Burnt Orange says:

    they wont they are in trouble. They gave up a lot to get Cutler and might be doomed for a couple of seasons because they dont have draft picks so will not be able to draft what they need to build their team. Their only hope is through free agency

  4. Cadolots2 Vikings (8-1!!!!) says:

    no sorry, but after a lose to eagle and Vikings, you guy will call it a quit

  5. Monkey2ewok says:

    Man, this 2006 season had magic. That’s the only way to describe it: Magic.

  6. kooj22 says:

    i was at both playoff games that year. cried like a baby when we won both. i hope the martz offense and i hope that peppers can be enough to make the playoffs, thats all i ask for. BEAR DOWN. im only 19 but family has had season tix since 1950.

  7. chrisjawor says:

    i miss those days

  8. Koolaid3961 says:

    once jay cutler gets his head out of his ass we can do this again

  9. devintheduke says:

    I hope we can beat the cowboys HEASTER RUN ONE BACK FOR PAYTON

  10. sb2397 says:

    where can i get the song in this video? anyone?

  11. chiblackhawks2010 says:

    sick video! good game today, lucky call at the end!

  12. CrazyCubsFan10 says:

    Anybody notice how many yards Jay Cutler had vs the lions? I think it was like 372.

  13. ChicagoBoyyy33 says:

    go bears!!!!!

  14. lrzn4848 says:

    Bears are a great team but are not close to as good as they where in 2006! Go Bears!!!!

  15. Walter34Sweetness says:

    @Gbpackers55 yeah. but theres no way of knowing whats going to happen. stats say packers will be better. but before last year the stats said the bears were gonna be better and looked what happened. the nfl is just too unpredictable. youll see what i mean by the end of the season.

  16. Gbpackers55 says:

    @Walter34Sweetness we’ll have to see about the grant forte matchup but last year grant had more touchdowns, yards, and yards per carry then forte did. finley and olsen is a close one but i still give the edge to finley. but i will say that i was wrong with the special teams although deven hester is slowing down a bit on the return stats.

  17. Walter34Sweetness says:

    @Gbpackers55 honestly the packers are a good team and as much as i hate to say it, theyre probably better than the bears. but i wanna correct you on some things. Rodgers>Cutler, Forte>Grant, Driver and Jennings>Bears WR’s, Olsen>Finley, Packers D>Bears D, Bears Spt>Packers Spt.

  18. IIHuskerFanII says:

    @Pirates34Gators15 How can I shut the hell up when I made a comment 1 month ago?….fucking retard

  19. SECTION324 says:

    i am huge bears fan but its going to be a long season guys. No offensive line, no secondary no receivers just bad. The kicker though is this, offensive line coach Mike TIce huge failure in minnesota, defensive coordinator rod marinelli 0- 16 in his last year in detroit yeah failure, offensive coordinator mike martz over rated and finally our head coach lovie smith complete failure who in seven seasons has made the playoffs twice. Its time to clean house and go after bill cowher next season!!

  20. Pirates34Gators15 says:

    @IIHuskerFanII shut the hell up

  21. Jononutoob says:

    He could have thrown the ball to someone else. LOL

  22. OHOnlyHuman says:

    at 3:02 I would had surrender and start crying [lmao]

  23. palmer123ful says:

    I trulely belive that Da’ Bears will lead the NFC North.Vot up if you are with me on that

  24. jongjerk says:

    fans* sorry fudgepacker

  25. Gbpackers55 says:

    @jongjerk why does your sentence make no sense?

  26. jongjerk says:

    why are fudge-packer fan watching this

  27. Gbpackers55 says:

    @bearsd54 plus the bears o-line is one of the worst in the league so cutler will have to deal with that as well.

  28. Gbpackers55 says:

    @bearsd54 i agree that aromashadu will do better than people think, but hes not going to be as good as driver. and people have been saying that driver is washed up for like the past 3 years while he’s had 6 straight 1000 yard seasons. as for cutler, he is still looking as bad in this preseason as he was last year. matt forte has the potential to be a great back but last year he had a major drop off and i’m just not sure he can pull the load. its gonna be another bad year for the bears pal.

  29. bearsd54 says:

    we are younger. hungier. stronger. more pride. more determined. rodgers was better last year yes. but it was cutlers first year with the bears. he will get better. grant is not better then forte thats just straight up. johnny knox is a greg jennings type player just give him time to grow. aromashadu will suprise ppl and be good and driver is washed up. finley and olsen are equal. packers d. might be better. but we got some new additions like peppers so we’ll see.

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