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Cleveland Indians : What People are Saying

Published on August 31, 2010 by   ·   29 Comments

Latest Cleveland Indians News

Indians-Royals Preview
The only thing that might slow Shin-Soo Choo and the Cleveland Indians against the Kansas City Royals on Sunday is fatigue. Less than 13 hours after their last game was completed, Choo and the Indians will look to complete a three-game sweep of the Royals. Kansas City (60-87) and Cleveland (62-86) endured four rain delays Saturday night before the Indians prevailed 6-4.
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Cleveland Indians could have Josh Byrnes back in their front office: Major League Baseball Insider
Former Diamondbacks GM Josh Byrnes could be a part of the Indians’ revamped front office once Chris Antonetti succeeds Mark Shapiro as general manager on Nov. 1. Shapiro will become team president.
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Indians Comment of the Day: A manager can’t win without talent
“The Indians still have a major problem: the lack of talent. The 25-man roster has maybe five to six MLB level players. The wins and losses confirm that. Coaches don’t hit, pitch, field or run. And the other 19 on the roster are only on an MLB roster because the Indians are a really bad MLB Team and organization.” – HardPanther
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Cleveland Indians

#cleveland #indians #posterCleveland Indians Hafner and Sizemore wall poster AllSportPosters (Sports Posters)

MLB – In-Game Scores: Cleveland Indians @ Minnesota Twins
Cleveland Indians 1
Minnesota Twins 3
at the end o… – by MLB2010JP (MLB2010JP)

Cleveland Indians Reader Q&A

Question by I <3 Grady Sizemore!: What will the score be tonight and tomorrow, Cleveland Indians against the Detroit tigers?
What will the score be tonight and tomorrow for the Cleveland Indians, against the Detroit Tigers?
Closet score gets best answer.
Make sure you do it for BOTH nights. If you only do it for one night it won’t count.
I am now done accepting answers. Thanks for everyone who answered! We will all find out who gets the best answer on the 15th. By the way, I’ll know if you change you’re answer!! 🙂


Answer by GeckoBoy
Detroit 4 Cleveland 2

For tiebreaking purposes, Hafner hits a solo shot.

Answer by Mike
indians 5 – Tigers 3

Answer by tony51451
Bonderman and Sabathia duel it out but Tigers win 2-1.

Question by Kenneth: Will the cleveland indians win more games in 2010 than they did in 2009?
This question is for you cleveland indians fans out their. He goes and it’s a simple one. Will the cleveland indians win more games in 2010 than they did in 2009? I think they will but what’s your take on this?


Answer by Osama

Answer by cameron h
well the new season will not start till 2011 so i think your question is will they win more in 2011 than 2010 and no they won’t.

Answer by Utter Chaos
I had high expectations for the Tribe in 2009 and needless to say they were a major disappointment. The only good thing that came at of it was they were able to get youngsters like Matt Laporta, Luis Valbuena, Michael Brantley, Trevor Crowe, and David Huff some valuable playing experience. They won 65 games in 2009 and I’d expect for them to win at least 75 in 2010. A lot of it depends on the success of their starting pitchers who are all in the mid 20’s.

25 David Huff
26 Fausto Carmona
25 Justin Masterson
25 Aaron Laffey
27 Jeremy Sowers
25 Scott Lewis

Cleveland Indians Video of the Day

History of the Tribe. srry about the music. GO TRIBE

Add your own answer in the comments!


Readers Comments (29)

  1. SoccerClipCincy says:

    Tonight CC vs Bonderman Cleveland wins 2-1
    Tomorrow Carmona vs Miner Cleveland wins 5-3

  2. Barry R says:

    detroit 8 clev 4
    det 6 clev 2

  3. Luke Ezra says:

    I don’t think so,I like the Indians but if they dont have anybody then they can’t win.Maybe the three former Cardinals(Chris Perez,Anthony Reyes and Jesse Todd)can come through and they can win some games.

  4. kurt t says:

    I don’t see how they can’t win more games. Last season was bad for them, real bad. So far, they bhaven’t really done anything, but I think they’ll do better. The other teams in their division have gotten weaker. I don’t see them a playoff contending team, but they should win atleast 75 games.

  5. jwindyboy says:

    the cleveland indians were and are a good team. As an Indigenous person that resides here in the US, I find it offensive that the Cleveland Ball Club uses Chief Wahoo as their Official Mascot to this day. I call on a boycott of all Cleveland Games in your Major Ballpark! Lets send a message to the Upper Execs that Ignorance and Racism should not be tolerated ona Professional Level!

  6. BenWeigand says:

    @BenWeigand **yankees

  7. Countdown2Hangar18 says:


    95 wasn’t a choke. The Braves just kicked their ass. They were overmatched and never even had a lead in the series. How can it be a choke when they were not in the lead? It’s simple. It can’t be.

  8. BenWeigand says:

    @Ireland615 and tried to buy the indians at one time but had to settle for the indians

  9. BenWeigand says:

    @Countdown2Hangar18 you forgot about 95 too… but also i dont care. im an indians fan living in boston. all new england sports fans a fairweather fans. they can laugh all they want but if the browns were 0-16 browns fans would stick by them. funny thing about the red sox… this year their TV ratings are down 15% and that is in correlation with the fact that are not as good as years past.

  10. Ireland615 says:

    @0313Yankees Hahaha, do you even live in New York?

  11. Ireland615 says:

    @0313Yankees Hahaha, do you even live in New York?

  12. 0313Yankees says:

    @Ireland615 GOOD your team hasnt one a championship in 64 years

  13. Ireland615 says:

    @0313Yankees Good thing the owner of your city’s baseball team was from a suburb of Cleveland.

  14. 0313Yankees says:

    Everything about Cleveland sucks major dick

  15. MikeMetsFan97 says:

    Ignore my name mets are my favorite team but i live here so i like indians too but its just Bad that the indians cant even sell seats i was at the game today ALOT of detroit fans and at mets vs indians (sorry but im a mets fan Rooting 4 mets) Mostly mets fans and theres is always only like 5,000 fans in a 30,000 seat stadium they gotta sell more or this team will be bankrupt

  16. smrio says:

    @moose030406 yeah, ok, mr know it all, how come your not in the gulf stopping the oil spill? I guess your super white powers have limits

  17. moose030406 says:

    @smrio How is a Indian mascot racist? You are jealous because you are not Indian. Smh Go Tribe!!!

  18. smrio says:

    god damn rascist mascots.
    yall need to change that shit.

  19. bshaver27 says:

    cleveland rocks

  20. xxMCRvenomxx says:

    omg I went to one of their games in Pittsburgh bwaha go Indians(:

  21. OpressionOffical says:

    At least cleveland has loyal fans (unlike L.A.)
    Look what happened when the Raiders went to L.A., when they were 7-9 you guys completely abandoned them!!!!!
    Us clevelanders are loyal to the Indians, Browns and Cavs even in the dreadful years!!!

  22. mrceebees14 says:

    I like the Indians, but Cleveland is a shithole and a half.

  23. BB13131313 says:

    Kenny Lofton
    Omar Vizquel
    Carlos Baerga
    Albert Belle
    Jim Thome
    Manny Ramirez
    Eddie Murray
    Sandy Alomar Jr

    Honestly on paper that’s the best lineup ever

  24. publicatdamagnificen says:

    Will someone please tell me what’s the name of this song, and by whom?

  25. Vidbuds1227 says:

    i live in cleveland!

  26. nest790 says:

    The Cleveland Indians are one of my four favorite teams along with the Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres & Seattle Mariners. Woo Whoo, GO TRIBE.

  27. marshmellowman9135 says:

    The Tigers aren’t much better they spend 100 billion dollars on players and cant make the playoffs ha

  28. ThePatriotofAmerica says:

    we need to get matsui sense the yanks r gettin rid of him

  29. JrAztecaE says:

    I still think that Indians could be better than what they show with the same team on the roaster, but yess they need to invest on some positions to make a big comeback.

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