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Minnesota Twins in Review – A Look Back

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Minnesota Twins
Image by DavidErickson
Minnesota Twins left fielder Delmon Young hits a three-run home run against the Cleveland Indians on the Fourth of July at the Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Latest Minnesota Twins News

Minnesota Twins CF Denard Span scratched against Oakland A’s
The Minnesota Twins have scratched center fielder Denard Span for their series opener against Oakland because of a sore right shoulder.
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Minnesota Twins Approach The Best Record in Baseball, But Does It Feel Right?
For Minnesota, the magic number for clinching the American League Central title (8) is smaller than the Twins’ lead in the division (9).
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Minnesota Twins Own The Best Record in Baseball, But Does It Feel Right?
For Minnesota, the magic number for clinching the American League Central title (8) is smaller than the Twins’ lead in the division (9). Since the All-Star break no one has been better than the Twins this year—and over the past 50 years there are only two teams that have been this good.  At 88-58, they are but one half-game from the best record in all of baseball and home-field advantage through …
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Minnesota Twins

LIVE: A's vs. Minnesota. Watch the game on CSN California or follow along online! #mlb #athletics #twins CSNAuthentic (Comcast SportsNet)

LIVE: A's vs. Minnesota. Watch the game on CSN California or follow along online! #mlb #athletics #twins StuhlbargCSN (Nate Stuhlbarg)

Minnesota Twins Reader Q&A

Question by I luv apple: Minnesota Twins?
I have a few questions on the Minnesota Twins:
Who is leading the Twins in batting right now?
Who do the Twins play on May 14, 2008?
Who is the official Twins mascot?
Who is the head coach of the Twins?
What division are the Twins in?

Thank you. 🙂


Answer by crazywithlife
check their website.

Answer by Cutie



Question by Bastard Swordzman: minnesota twins?
does anyone know what the minnesota twins icon or symbol on their hat means? you know, the TC?


Answer by sparemeadollar
I think Twin Cities.. could very easily be wrong.

Answer by Reva P
Twin Cities.

The Metrodome is in Bloomington, which is a suburb of Minneapolis. And right across the Mississippi is St Paul, The Twin City of Minneapolis.

Answer by player hater 0505
Twin Cities.

Question by Brian P: Where will the Minnesota Twins fans be able to tailgate at the new stadium?
The Minnesota Twins are in the process of building a new stadium. I can’t find the area where fans can build camaraderie in tailgating.


Answer by seand1990
Nowhere because the Twins suck. They dont deserve tailgaters!

Answer by ronald g
On their tailgates I would think.

Minnesota Twins Video of the Day

twins commercials from 06 07 and 08!!

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!


Readers Comments (38)

  1. Joel D says:

    1. Joe Mauer, .333
    2. Toronto Blue Jays
    3. TC (Twin Cities) Bear
    4. Ron Gardenhire is the manager
    5. AL Central

  2. jacobeisner says:

    The current batting leader is Joe Mauer with a .333

    On May 14, the Twins have a home game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

    The mascot is the T.C. Bear.

    The head coach is Ron Gardenhire

    The Twins are in the Central Division in the American League.

  3. leah♥marie says:

    i have no clue about them, except jennie finches husband pitches for them <3

  4. 5 says:

    Joe Mauer
    Home vs Toronto
    T.C. the bear
    Ron Gardenhire
    AL Central

  5. goldengophersf-ball#1 says:

    Joe Mauer
    Toronto Blue Jays at home
    T.C. Bear
    Ron Gardenhire
    AL Central

  6. MNTwins01 says:

    Who is leading the Twins in batting right now?
    Joe Mauer
    Who do the Twins play on May 14, 2008?
    Toronto Blue Jays at the Metrodome
    Who is the official Twins mascot?
    T.C. The Bear
    Who is the head coach of the Twins?
    Ron Gardenhire
    What division are the Twins in?
    American League Central, where they are currently in 1st place

  7. gehrig_fan says:

    twin Cities. They got their name from the “Twin Cities’ of Minneapolis and St Paul

  8. tony says:

    it means twin cities
    thats why some hats have a t and a c crossed together
    just like LA for los angeles and SF for san fransisco

  9. Master Tong says:

    Twin Cities

  10. Choro-Kun says:

    Twin Cities

    Meaning St. Paul and Minneapolis

    That is why they are called the Twins, because of these two cities.

  11. MN~TWINS~FAN says:

    I am a huge minnesota twins fan and I just happen to live in minnesota so i know what it means.
    The Minnesota Twins are called the Twins because of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul).
    The T and C stand for Twin Cities.
    Hope I helped!
    GO TWINS!!!

  12. Mike W says:

    twin citys

  13. Treada says:

    Twin Cities!!

    i love the minnesota twins they rock!!!

  14. andros1984 says:

    The Nathan-Santana driving part is hilarious. Go Twins! Bring it October!

  15. Triumphit1 says:

    White Sox commercials are better ROFL!!!

  16. Emalema526 says:

    my tech ed teacher looks exactly like joe mauer…HOT!

  17. sk8ter904 says:

    Lol i love pat nesheks part.. i miss him =[

  18. Ameican87eagle says:

    Great upload Go Twins

  19. boxofrox619 says:

    @SupaDupaFlyGuyz Okay you’re just an idiot, along with those bitching mets fan.

  20. SupaDupaFlyGuyz says:

    @boxofrox619 lmfao, im not a mets fan smart one

  21. boxofrox619 says:

    @SupaDupaFlyGuyz Hahaha!!! Yeah a 2.97 era totally sucks. Honestly are you high or something?? NY mets fans who say that about Santana are total morons. Maybe if you guys could actually hit the ball and give him some run support, maybe you’d win more games with him.

  22. NovaShooter89 says:

    theyre proffesional baseball players who cares if they cant sing!!

  23. waffleaftertaste says:

    Fargo’s pretty much in Minnesota though…

  24. SupaDupaFlyGuyz says:

    @TheJapaneseBurrito1 meh, he sucks now at ny

  25. TheJapaneseBurrito1 says:

    I miss Johan /:

  26. Rachelizabeth47 says:

    Neshek doesn’t sing too bad in the one.. lol.
    And all of the Mauer crazies need to be caged, blah.

  27. rabidkoneko says:

    the last comercial at the end it sounds like instead of pitching its pissing xD ftw
    GO TWINS!!

  28. Kingbeast321 says:

    Best commercials ever.

  29. WWEChampPAUL says:


  30. willguitar1000 says:

    i love the twins

  31. musicalcarz says:

    @11red87 yeah he’s sooo awesome..!!!

  32. gandy2392 says:

    go twins

  33. ChicagoPackerchick4 says:

    @MinnesotaTwinsFan94 yea, i think he’ll
    be pretty good this year. last year was a
    fluke. i wish he still played for us.
    I used to like the White sox, until Hardy
    was traded to the Twins 🙂

  34. MinnesotaTwinsFan94 says:

    that one is so funny!

  35. MinnesotaTwinsFan94 says:

    got that right!

  36. MinnesotaTwinsFan94 says:

    and u LOST!!!

  37. MinnesotaTwinsFan94 says:

    u mean the AL Central Champs? u must be mistaken then.

  38. MinnesotaTwinsFan94 says:

    amen to that

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