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Philadelphia Phillies in Review – A Look Back

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Latest Philadelphia Phillies News

Phillies’ Oswalt earns seventh straight win
Roy Oswalt threw six sharp innings to earn his seventh straight win, and the NL East-leading Philadelphia Phillies beat the Washington Nationals 9-1 on Friday night. Oswalt (13-13) allowed one run and six hits, striking out seven. The right-hander is 7-0 with a 1.41 ERA in his last eight starts and 8-1 overall since Philadelphia acquired him from Houston on July 29.
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Nationals-Phillies Preview
After significant injuries slowed their production, the Philadelphia Phillies are healthy and finally doing what was expected of them – scoring runs in bunches and closing in on a fourth straight NL East title. Coming off another strong offensive performance, the high-powered Phillies look to win six straight for the first time in nearly two months Saturday night against the Washington Nationals.
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Phillies extend Double-A agreement with Reading
The Philadelphia and Reading Phillies announced on Friday the extension of their player agreement with the Double-A club through 2014.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Philadelphia Phillies

“@Mr_Harris10: I hate the Philadelphia Phillies! #random” They are going to the WS getcha popcorn ready!! – by BonJovi32 (Who dat?)

I hate the Philadelphia Phillies! #randomby Mr_Harris10 (Percy Harris)

Philadelphia Phillies Reader Q&A

Question by Clean Sweep: Do the Philadelphia Phillies Really Have a Chance This Year?
After so many years of expectations and disappointments as philadelphia fan i don;t even have the nerve to think that one of our teams can actually do it. I know the stats and I see how well the Phillies are doing but does anyone else have a creeping feeling that maybe this is just too good to be true.

Thanks for all your input.


Answer by Frizzer
A great chance. They are a solid team that can beat anybody in a short series and this could be their year.

Answer by Tommy A
everybody just thinks that but no if they make it they will lose.

Answer by equinox
We’re a legit team, and I’m convinced we can take the rays, but we’re so bad right now and the rays are on fire. Our pitching/vic are carrying us right now and we’re getting nothing from pretty much anyone else, and it’s not enough if the rays put up 9+ a game.

If rollins gets back in some kind of groove tonight I think we’ll be okay tbh, but again we’re philly and we can’t have nice things, so that’s always there =/

Question by Mr. Knowledgeable VI: Do you believe the Philadelphia Phillies could win the World Series again in 2009?
Do you believe the 2008 MLB World Series Champions the Philadelphia Phillies have a chance of winning the World Series again in 2009? Why or why not?


Answer by masybab02
I do not think so. They might make the play-offs.

Answer by peacetonight
Yes, just look at this for example!

Answer by Lincoln6
Absolutely, Yes. A mighty Cheese Steak Sandwich has infinite power. Remember what Spinach did for Popeye?

Philadelphia Phillies Video of the Day

A tribute to the Philadelphia Phillies.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Readers Comments (34)

  1. stern says:

    Come on brother. Dont give up now. Like u said many disapointin years, But it’s different this year. We got both pitching and hitting. Granted the rays are crushing the ball and i fear what they can do in our ban box of a park but our pitchers know how to pitch here. Those pitchers dont. Expect high scoring games and as u know. We play all 9 innings. Just ask the dodger mon night as we won late again.

  2. Mr.B says:

    They certainly have a great chance, as do the Rays. Assuming those two teams meet in the World Series it should be a great matchup of the two teams playing the best baseball right now.

    A guarantee? No, but a very good chance.

  3. That Guy says:

    Yes they do. I live in Philadelphia and the Phillies winning it this year would be great because of how much the economy will be boosted up in the city. I am actually rooting for the Phillies myself. Not because I live in Philly but because they are playing the Dodgers and I hate them for what they did to my Cubbies.

  4. Kevin G says:

    They’ll get past LA but Tampa scares me. As they did last night, they can explode at any moment.

  5. pirateforever says:

    They have a chance to make it to the World Series and probably will. But, I can not see them beating the Rays who just put up 26 runs in to games against the Red Sox.

  6. Phils fan ♥ NLCS! (3-1) says:

    The Phillies are better this year than I have honestly ever seen them. They have a TEAM. They play the lineup 1-9, and they don’t stop until 27 outs are recorded. They never give up, and their drive and longing for a title this year seems stronger than it’s ever been. They win games they shouldn’t, they beat all odds, and things go their way.

    Don’t get me wrong, nothing’s a guaruntee, they might not even win the NLCS, let alone the World Series, but things just keep going in their favor. It’s looking good (:

    Oh, and has anyone noticed that the Dodgers killed the Cubs, and then we crushed them, and now the Rays are killing the Sox…hm…haha I just hope to actually see my team win. They deserve it so much

  7. Benny says:

    I think the Phillies have a great shot at the world Series and I believe they will win the series!!!!!!!

  8. The CBP Ump says:

    If they beat LA, they have to take the Rays. Back to back, to back games scoring 8 runs or more against the defending World Series Champions, the BoSox.

  9. Justin D NEW NIX FAN!!! says:

    Yes, even if they do get into the World Series I don’t believe they could beat the Red Sox or the Rays. The Phillies have done it with mirrors this year and I can’t believe they even got this far.

  10. Challah back Girl... says:

    Rightfully so.

    But they are more well-rounded than LA. So I think they could get past this game tonight and go to the series.

    As far as the World Series goes… I think they need to ride on the momentum that they made it this far with these people and that this city hasn’t had something this big happen and actually work out for them in years just like I feel Tampa is riding on the momentum of their underdog “nobody knew us til now” glory.

  11. Five more Phillies wins to go! says:

    Clean Sweep, I feel the same way you do. However, when Stairs took Broxton’s fastball into the seats, I became a believer. It seems to be destiny. I think we are going to get that long awaited parade very soon. The most long suffering fans in professional sports are about to live their reward. Go Phils!!!

  12. NY Lady says:

    i don’t think they can win the WS, but they are inches practiclly there. sure they can do it.

  13. cowboysmetshornets says:


  14. Yankees132 says:

    they have as much of a chance as you think they have

  15. Chipmaker says:

    They’re still playing, which is more than 26 other teams can claim.

    Geez, was 1980 really that long ago? Yes, I realize many Phils Phans were not even alive then, but that’s a well-documented championship within living memory for many. Foo, I thought the Red Sox fans had it tough until a couple of years ago, having to look back to 1918 or earlier for the pinnacles of success. 1980? That’s barely two generations past.

    The Phils certainly are in position to finish off the Dodgers — no tears from me, thanks for asking — but, honestly, I’m expecting the AL champion to make dog food of the NL champion no matter which specific teams are playing next week.

  16. NYYankeeFan828 says:

    they have as much of a chance as the rays. and thats pretty good.

  17. 545441514618 says:

    Belive me, no one had faith in then in the beggining of these games but now they do just like other years. we cant tell the future we will have to wait and see.
    Go Phillies!
    i live in philly

  18. I_Have_Mattuide says:

    were 5-1 now! 8th inning! GO PHILLIES! Proud Phillies fan!

  19. dlm3699 says:

    There is always a chance. to win it though the team needs to be injury free and everything to work out. It just dosen’t happen 2 years in a row. I think they can make the playoffs though.

  20. Utley for President says:

    No. There’s 29 teams gunning for them, and teams all around them are getting better. But when you’re at the top, unfortunately there’s nowhere to go except down. Sure, they have a solid team. But the NL East is tough and it will be a fight to the end.

  21. phils fan says:

    yes, they still have most of the players from last year and as long as they stay healthy, they have a legitimate chance.

  22. Bert Weidemeier says:

    They’re the worlds champions and everything, including the kitchen sink, will get thrown at them this year; and this is the year that the boo birds come out for Rollins.

  23. Brooke says:

    No, I just think right now Yankees and Red Sox are a better team 🙂
    Go YANKS!

  24. stvsta1 says:

    @duhbledotcom yea your rite. THEY SHOULD HAVE PULLED OUT THE 9MM AND CAPPED HIS ASS

  25. duhbledotcom says:

    I just read about the police officer whom tasered a 17 year old male fan in the outfield against the Cardinals. Seems so funny to me how this kid paid to be there, that police officer is being paid to be there and not only that but the players are REALLY being paid to be there? I dont understand why you would have a taser stupid rent a cop.

  26. 7ziming7 says:

    @1103sawa thank you^^

  27. 1103sawa says:

    @7ziming7 time of my life by david cook

  28. 7ziming7 says:

    what Is this song name??Really nice

  29. puppychew98 says:

    ooooo yea babyy got to lve my phillis

  30. TheEaglesphils17 says:

    i rated this

  31. SaxaphonePlayer115 says:

    dude that was awesome i love the phillies and hope to play on em when im older im 13 too bad the phills couldnt win last year that would have been awesome

  32. mrsnizz20XL says:

    nice video, great tribute and well put together

  33. antman0789 says:

    How good was hamels that season. We are the truth. Most W.S. champs dont get close the season after, We were 2 games from doing it all over again, and we only improved. GO PHILLS

  34. PhillyHoops32 says:

    good vid, check out my similar video

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