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An Inside Look at the Cleveland Indians

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Cleveland Indians
Image by laffy4k
On Sunday, August 13, 2006, your Cleveland Indians defeated the Kansas City Royals 13-0. The game was pretty much over after the first inning, where the Indians held the Royals scoreless and managed to drive in 11 runs themselves.

Travis Hafner hit his 6th Grand Slam of the SEASON! This ties a major league record (currently held by Don Mattingly) for most grand slams in a single season. By my count, the Tribe still have 45 games left, so hopefully Hafner can break the record!

Jeremy Sowers pitched 6 solid, shutout innings. He kept the Royals scoreless and picked up the victory.

Franklin Gutierrez hit his first major league homerun. It went into the bleacher seats.

Ryan Garko also hit a homerun into the bleacher seats.

This victory puts the Cleveland Indians on a 6 game winning streak – the last 4 of those wins have been in this series against the Royals.

Cleveland, Ohio


Latest Cleveland Indians News

Cleveland Indians’ Mitch Talbot exits with shoulder inflammation
Mitch Talbot left his start for the Cleveland Indians after only 14 pitches with shoulder inflammation.
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Cleveland Indians plan to turn Progressive Field into off-season winter wonderland: Michael K. McIntyre’s Tipoff
The Cleveland Indians plan to turn Progressive Field into a money-making winter wonderland in the off-season. Best feature: A snow ramp for innertubes from the top of the bleachers to the field.
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Indians’ Talbot leaves start with shoulder injury
Mitch Talbot left his start for the Cleveland Indians after only 14 pitches with shoulder inflammation. The right-hander walked Minnesota leadoff batter Denard Span on five pitches. Manager Manny Acta and the Indians’ training staff quickly went to the mound to check on Talbot, who spent early August on the disabled list with a strained back.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Cleveland Indians

RT @MissShannonO: The Cleveland Indians just called; I'm singing the Anthem at their Wed night game vs the Angels! Tune in live on TV or come on out!! 😀 – by mfuhrman (mfuhrman)

Cleveland Indians fan? Columbus Clippers playing Durham Bulls in Governors' Cup Class AAA championship. Get tix here nctriadbuckeyes (NC Triad Buckeyes)

Support Cleveland Indians, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! – katie_corbut (Katie Corbut)

Cleveland Indians Reader Q&A

Question by Nathan K: Cleveland Indians?
What was the lowest crowd in Cleveland Indians History to attend a game?

please include a website where you found the info. thanks


Answer by Mr. E
The lowest average was 2069 al though at one point it was below 1,500
1915 league park although this was their third team and over all lowest was their first year and it wen below 1,000.

Question by Ed S: What is the Cleveland Indians longest consecutive losing streak?
What are the most consecutive games lost by the Cleveland Indians and in what year?


Answer by utterchaos99
From 6/17/1979 to 6/27/1979 they lost 10 in a row.

The Cleveland Spiders hold the all time mark losing 24 in a row in 1899.

Answer by Storm_55

Answer by Chipmaker
The 1931 Indians went 0-12 from 07-May through 21-May.

Lost one to the Browns in St. Louis.
Lost three at home to Boston (4).
Two more at home to Washington (6).
Four at home to the Philadelphia Athletics (10).
Two at home to the Yankees (12).
Finally won, beating the White Sox, 10-5.

Then dropped a doubleheader to Chicago.

Then tore off a ten-game win streak.

Baseball, she is a funny game. I love her so.

Question by iHeckler: Will the Cleveland Indians charge extra for obstructed view seats this year?
The Cleveland Indians have no real hope at all of losing less that 90 games and that is being generous…… Will fans be charged extra for obstructed view seats?

Now, if you shift your head slightly to the right or left you may be able to catch a glimpse of the action on the field, so we recommend you stare straight ahead in order to get your money’s worth!

BQ (for the YA legal dept) – Where do the Indians finish in the AL Central?


Answer by nas88car 300#11wins then surgery
im not sure but i heard they could be paying the fans to attend if they are real bad
they will bring up the worst record in the MAJOR leagues

Answer by Masternachos
I’d say fourth, but only a game or two ahead of the Royals.

Answer by Jenn Brewers ∂ Packers Girl
Those are the best seats to have, then you don’t have to see them lose.

BQ: I’ve tossed this around with the Royals, but I’m thinking they will actually come out ahead of them. It’s nearly impossible to predict which will be last in the division.

Cleveland Indians Video of the Day

Bruce shares his feelings after the Indians lose to the Blue Jays after having the lead going into the 9th
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Readers Comments (27)

  1. Honolulu Blue says:

    I know. Where do they think they play anyway? Tiger Stadium?

    BQ: 4th. Tigers and Twins battle for the Central crown, White Sox finish just below them.

  2. Fozzy says:

    Yes they will.
    They also have another plan for their better off fans.
    For three times the price you don’t even have to go to the game.

    My guess is dead last, but not too far behind the Royals.
    And given that the AL Central seems to be made up of nothing but inctredibly mediocre teams, they still may only be about 6 games out of first as well.

  3. WOLFMOTHER1257 says:

    @bdpetroni im pretty sure heres still there, they wouldn’t fire him for this, this is how he always is

  4. bdpetroni says:

    “if it’s a practice swing on the first tee!” – this guy is hilarious. i’m sure he’s no longer employed, but what an exit. Talk about going out in a blaze of glory!!!

  5. jcgcarolina1984 says:

    Ya i love bruce is the man its ridiculous people call up and don’t know what there talking about and he bashes them its totally awesome lol.

  6. lgkdancing507 says:

    HEAD TO TOE!!!

  7. tecRemix says:

    When dude said Peralta he really looked so defeated lol

  8. tastybrownies says:

    Fuck you

  9. hipmoney420 says:

    @enwll3427 yes I agree with you bout the Yanks.. I hate em, but dude… repeat yourself much??

  10. a7xfanforeverz says:

    I love this guy. I miss watching his show ever since I moved to arizona. :/

  11. KnightsFootball46 says:

    @GuruSY lol, I’m a pittsburgher and the Pirate’s on air television announcers spend like 10% of the game actually talking about it, and then the rest is just them bullshitting haha. They talk about hotel prices, bands, they’re grandchildren, they don’t give a shit anymore lol.

  12. Elcuhcuy says:


  13. enwll3427 says:

    @FutureNewsAnchor Indians suck because of Drennan ripping them.Boy are you stupid.At least they don’t spend more than some teams w/ just the salary of a couple of players then miss the playoffs like in ’08.Screw the Yankmees.

  14. GuruSY says:

    Thank God for his health he doesn’t do this for the Pirates.

  15. skinnymoo says:

    Bruce you are a master.
    Considering that you work for STO which broadcasts most of the tribe games, you let it fly. Kudos to you my friend.
    Love the Brayon swing. Priceless!!!

    Hey Dolan’s, crawl out from under that rock and sell the team to someone that wants to bring a winner to Cleveland.

  16. DevilInPgh says:

    This guy and Mike Valenti should get together and have a rant-off.

  17. dudleyville66 says:

    He has this kind of rant at least once a week. I can come home ready for some entertainment at 3:00 PM everyday with Bruce.

  18. pyledog says:

    this is everyday on the show. its cleveland.

  19. mykcrawford says:

    Story of my life here.

  20. schwisow9688 says:

    If you look off to the right where the related videos are, you can see ABAO 5-5-09 against Toronto, exactly one year ago from this rant. What is it about the Blue Jays that bring out the best in Bruce. LMFAO !! Just wait till Lebron leaves town.

  21. livingisaight says:

    pause it at 2:11

  22. FutureNewsAnchor says:

    That’s why the Indians suck! GOOOOO YANKEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!

  23. FozokageAka4 says:

    this is awesome go Bruce

  24. f00Gee says:

    this is some funny ass shiet…great great rant

  25. TREJ66 says:

    Can we borrow this guy for the D-Backs post game show?

  26. dazedvsspit says:

    this is EPIC

  27. TheRevolutionCanada says:

    “Did anybody remind them that this is the Major Leagues” Best Quote

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