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An Inside Look at the Los Angeles Clippers

Published on September 4, 2010 by   ·   26 Comments

Los Angeles Clippers
Image by sarahr691

Latest Los Angeles Clippers News

Los Angeles Clippers’ sad curse returns
It always has been fun – and maybe too easy – to make fun of the Los Angeles Clippers. But there isn’t anything funny about the spooky series of misfortunes that have struck members of the 1996-97 Clippers. The latest is Lorenzen Wright. His family reported him missing in mid-July, and police found his body about 10 days later. He had died of multiple gunshot wounds. Police still are …
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Good for Chauncey! Good for Denver? (5 post-FIBA thoughts)…
Five post-FIBA World Championships thoughts that Nuggets fans should be pondering before training camp begins.
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Greg Oden to Miss Start of Regular Season?
The Portland Tribune chats up new Blazers GM Rich Cho about Greg Oden’s recovery, and comes away thinking the big fella might not be healthy enough to play when the season kicks off: “General Manager Rich Cho said Sunday that the 7-foot center is running and coming along well in rehab from December microfracture surgery, but not yet playing basketball.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Los Angeles Clippers

Lasting Impressions « – Sekou Smith's Hang Time Blog sosportsnews (Social Sports News)

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Los Angeles Clippers Reader Q&A

Question by Mr. Knowledgeable VI: If the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers played in the NBA Playoffs, would they ever change the court floor?
The Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers are NBA teams that play at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. When the Lakers have home court advantage, the Lakers symbols are on the court and when the Clippers have home court advantage, the Clippers symbols are on the court. If the Lakers and the Clippers both played in the NBA Playoffs, would they change the basketball court or would they have to create a specialized court for the playoffs?


Answer by SkyFade
Same system, home team gets logo, and so on.

Answer by Thugnificent
It would be exactly the same Home team gets logo

Answer by cvtennis_star
The court will be changed. Just like when they play during the season

Question by Mr. Knowledgeable VI: In your lifetime, do you see the Los Angeles Clippers winning the NBA Championship? Why or why not?
The Los Angeles Clippers have been around for over 25 years now and play in the same arena (Staples Center) as the Los Angeles Lakers. While the Clippers have never won the division title, they have made the playoffs four times since 1992. While the Clippers are not like the Lakers who have won the NBA Championship seven times since the Clippers have been an NBA team, the Clippers have never played or won the NBA Championship.

In your lifetime, do you see the Los Angeles Clippers winning the NBA Championship? Why or why not?


Answer by Go Getta
Anything is possible…the nba is a league of surprise…alot fo factors can play into who wins a championship…as of now the clippers are a LONNGGG way from it…but you never know

Answer by Danny N
Eventually, once their owner dies or leaves, the Clippers will change for the better.
They will be able to obtain number 1 drafts soon, which should help them immensely into the goal of winning a championship.
However, I don’t see them winning one in the next ten years.

Answer by baudkarma
Sure. The big thing holding the Clippers back is their owner, who’s too cheap to spend the money to field a decent team. Once he passes away or sells the team, there’s no reason a new owner can’t turn the Clippers into a legitimate contender. Donald Sterling was born in 1933, so I don’t see him hanging onto the Clippers too much longer.

Los Angeles Clippers Video of the Day

The ups and downs of the Los Angeles Clippers ’08-09 campaign. Like always, Clipper Nation carries on!

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Readers Comments (26)

  1. STEWIE says:

    If Lakers & Clippers were to both make the playoffs and weren’t playing each other, Clippers would most likely play on the road while Lakers play at home.

    If Clippers somehow managed to seed 4th or higher and had home court, then they’ll most likely play on alternate days.

    However they decide to do it, they’ll both play on their own home floors.

  2. xGeneralGrievousx says:

    @xxSkeletonbridexx Only kings have rings.

  3. xxSkeletonbridexx says:

    @xGeneralGrievousx CLIPPERS RULE

  4. nathancroucher90 says:

    Not a big basketball fan but this video is brilliant and you convey the story of the season really well. It’s not a flashy video but it does it’s job. This should have more views.

  5. Akselisblonde says:

    clippers will be good this year

  6. kb24s0 says:

    @zachdahater sounds like a good idea to me

  7. zachdahater says:

    @kb24s0 Clippers should go to Los Vegas. You already know there’d be an amazing crowd there!

  8. kb24s0 says:

    Are there alot of Clippers fans in L.A? just wondering

  9. Mr10Magic says:

    @xGeneralGrievousx lakers can suck it

  10. savinprivateryans says:

    The CLIPPERS GONE BE REAL i aint GOD but I know they Coming

  11. NBAclippers says:

    subscribe ME and i will subscribe YOU back

  12. GoldGodzilla says:

    Its a shame for the Clippers because they have some talent, Im a Raptor fan & i have to say that your owner is a massive dick when it comes to anything

  13. xGeneralGrievousx says:

    Lakers own LA hahahahahahaha

  14. winningfreak1 says:

    You should make one for the 09-10 season! I loved this video. Was at most of thoes games!

  15. SomeCoolStuffs says:

    clippers need to get someone like ray allen and send baron away

  16. schleussinge says:

    go clippers

  17. marlinsbaseballfan says:

    hey nice vid you should do a 09-10 clippers season video

  18. marlinsbaseballfan says:


  19. shauntpoop says:

    @mycockisnotforyou it was mike taylor doing that dunk

  20. nobodysperfect06 says:

    how come LA will support a losing basketball team but not a losing NFL team?

  21. MyCockIsNotForYou says:

    who did the dunk at 3:20???

  22. amazingballer4life says:

    ayy u ppl can keep talking shit, but the clippers r gonna get a top free agent, a high draft pick, n best of all….. BLAKE GRIFFIN!!!! there u go fuckers. Can u talk shit now???

  23. shauntpoop says:

    @nobodysperfect06 just wait till the free agent season and theyll get a good pickup and turn the team around..

  24. nobodysperfect06 says:

    Why are the Clippers still in L.A.? they have no purpose there, the NFL failed in Los Angeles because the rams and the raiders kept losing there, so why haven’t the clippers moved if they have been losing since their inception?

  25. shauntpoop says:

    is there a name of this song?

  26. danynumero6 says:

    @hiazn69 dont count on anything good happening to them.

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