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An Inside Look at the Sacramento Kings

Published on September 3, 2010 by   ·   29 Comments

Sacramento Kings
Image by Trailmix.Net
Paddlewheel of the 285 foot Delta King. This majestic riverboat ferried people from San Francisco to Sacramento in the 1930’s.
This photo was taken during the design of the Old Sacramento Scavenger Hunt,
a free game sponsored by Trailmix.Net. 
If you are visiting Old Sacramento and would like to give it a try, you can
download a free copy of the
Old Sacramento Scavenger Hunt here

Latest Sacramento Kings News

Sacramento Kings Fill Up Training Camp Roster
With Luther Head, J.R. Giddens and Joe Crawford going to the Sacramento Kings training camp, who will make the team? Sacramento Kings – NBA – Basketball – Joe Crawford – Sport

Kings Israeli forward says billboard swastika ‘hurtful’
The painting of a swastika on a billboard featuring Sacramento Kings forward Omri Casspi is “hurtful,” the Israeli player said. Casspi, reached Sept. 9 at his home in Israel, told the Sacramento Bee that he was familiar with the incident, which is being investigated as a hate crime by local police.
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Sacramento Kings Mural Defaced With Swastika [The Jews]
# thejews Sacramento PD is investigating whether or not graffiti on a mural of Kings players in mid-Sactown constitutes a hate crime. Considering the graffiti was a swastika painted on the forehead of Omri Casspi—the only Israeli NBA player—it’s a decent bet. More »
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Sacramento Kings

Sacramento Kings Fill Up Training Camp Roster Blogcritics Sports: With Luther Head, JR Giddens and Joe Crawford go… ATyrekeEvansFan (TimD)

Sacramento Kings Fill Up Training Camp Roster Blogcritics Sports: With Luther Head, JR Giddens and Joe Crawford go… sportscardsnut (dc101)

Sacramento Kings Reader Q&A

Question by Mo$t F@mOu$$$: Sacramento Kings?
I remember kings being the great team they were back in the day when they almost had a championship but lost it to the lakers, which was lucky for the lakers because Sacramento was the top team in the nba that year. What will it take, now that all of the veterans from Sacramento have gone, for the Kings to win a championship or even get into the playoffs?


Answer by *baby~stephie*
lol get the heck outta here with ur Kings. lol


Answer by DaT KiiNgz FaN
Well, the Kings won’t get in this year because the West is just too damn hard. But, I do like that they picked up alot of cap space by trading Bibby. They can now build around guys like Kevin Martin, Beno Udrih, John Salmons, Francisco Garcia. If they pick up a good power forward this offseason (Elton Brand), the Kings will be a force next year. They should keep Artest too. I think by next year Sacramento will be in the playoffs. Cheers!

Answer by Surgio
A cool draft, and some key pick-ups.

Question by Chris M: What player will the Sacramento Kings get with the 5th pick in the 2010 NBA Draft?
What player will the Sacramento Kings get with the 5th pick in the 2010 NBA Draft? Or who do you think they should get in case that player is still available?


Answer by Casey
I’m hoping for a big man who can play defense. I would like them to pick favors but he’ll probably be gone by then. They’ll most likely get Wesley Johnson.

Answer by dustin m
They should get whoever is still there between Derrick Favors and Demarcus Cousins. A low post player to complement Evans is the other part of the foundation that they need in their rebuilding project, and these guys are the 2 best prospects in that department.

Out of Favors and Cousins, I think Cousins has more potential, especially if he continues working on his temper problems, or better yet, learns the best ways to use them on the court.

Answer by Detroit Basketball 09-010 18-33
DeMarcus Cousins

Derrick Favors will most likely be picked by the Nets at number 3

But DeMarcus Cousins could fit very well in a front court with Jason Thompson they been needing much help at the center postion Spencer Hawes isnt cutting it out at center,Jason Thompson is not a center, and Landry is undersized

PG-Beno Udrih
SG-Tyreke Evans
SF-Omri Casspi
PF-Jason Thompson
C-DeMarcus Cousins

Sacramento Kings Video of the Day

A tribute to the glory years of the Sacramento Kings. Enjoy! NOTE: This is not my creation. Thanks to the good soul that beautifully captured the magic of the Sacramento Kings.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Readers Comments (29)

  1. what? says:

    they finally realized that they cant win with vets while rebuilding at the same time. it doesnt work that way. they should have been doing what minnesota and seattle are doing. start all over. thats why signing mikki moore was a mistake. and thats why they should get rid of artest and see if they can get a draft pick for him or young talent. they already have a good starting piece with kevin martin who looks like an allstar. and they got spencer hawes who was supposed to be pretty good. the kings will get another lottery pick and this years class is pretty good, so the kings will probably get another good pick.

  2. bball0718 says:

    they need to play like they did when they came back from 23 to beat the heat

  3. Dfghdfh D says:

    The Kings find themselves in a position where they currently have the makings of a good team, but not a great one. To become great again some things will need to happen.

    1. Mikki Moore will either need to start putting up numbers or face being traded, I dont care how good a guys is for the spirit of your team if he is a starter playing almost 30 minutes per game and averaging less than 8 PPG and 6 RPG, he averages almost as many turnovers per game as his assists and steals combined.

    2. Ron Artest needs to learn when to pass the ball, he often finds himself being double teamed but seems to still have trouble passing out of it.

    3. Beno Udrih needs to continue playing at his current pace, he is becoming a great point gaurd averaging over 20 PPG, 7 APG, and less than 1 turnover per game this last week. I am not saying he needs to put up those numbers every night, but he needs to become the solid point guard he has shown he can be.

    4. Brad Miller needs to continue playing like he has almost all of this year, infact it could be argued that he is having the best year of his career.

    5. Kevin Martin needs to continue to average at least 23 PPG, keep from getting injured, and develope his defence a bit. I have noticed that he tends to stand around alot on defence.

    6. John Salmons needs to play much better off the bench. It is not an excuse that he isnt as “comfortable” coming off the bench, you have to have the same mindset you would as a starter. He is a good player and needs to step up and become the Kings leading 6th man.

    7. Francisco Garcia needs to play the way he has been playing this year and he will have a great career ahead of him, the Kings Mr. Clutch.

    8. Both Spencer Hawes and Sheldon Williams will need to continue to get extended mintues as they seem to be improving at a steady pace with each game they play.

    9. Either Quincey Douby or Anthony Johnson will need to start playing better because the Kings are lacking a solid backup PG.

    10. Both Abdur-Rahim and Kenny Thomas need to be traded or released for more cap room, both are overpaid and past their prime.

    11. A draft pick for a solid backup PG could also be a useful thing to have.

  4. Richard says:

    Derrick Favors.

  5. 3197shufflebart says:

    2008 Celtics get 85 FT in 116 minutes to win by 96 combined points.
    00 02 10 lakers get 69 FT in 36 minutes to win by 13 combined points.

    Don’t ever talk about the 2008 Celtics again in these vidoes.

    It is absolutely fuckin ridiculous to talk about the 2008 Celtics in the same sentence with the complete and utter garbage that took place in this series.

  6. 3197shufflebart says:

    2008 Celtics
    Game 2 Celtics lead 95-71 with 7:54 left -28 FT.
    Game 4 Celtics outscore lakers 76-46 in the last 29 min of the game -22 FT.
    Game 6 Celtics lead 129-86 with 1:22 left -35 FT.

    Celtics only took 85 FT during those 115 minutes and outscored the lakers by 96 points.

    Do you understand what that means?

  7. 3197shufflebart says:

    lakers get 69 FT in 36 minutes to “win” by a combined total of 13 points in 3 games. and you think Blazers Kings & Celtics fans don’t have a right to do what they do?

    yet laker fans complain in a series in which they were down 23 pts in Gm 2, lost a 24 pt lead in Gm 4 and were down 43 points in Gm 7?

    Celtics broke so many fuckin records in the 4th of 2008 it was ridiculous.
    Do not ever talk about the 1984 or 2008 Celtics with these discussions again.

  8. 3197shufflebart says:

    Do not talk about Game 7 1984.
    Game 1 & 2 2008 anymore with these discussions.
    Neither of those series had anything to do with something like this.

    Celtics took a 13 pt lead into the 4th in Game 7 1984. they won, thats it.
    Celtics dominated Game 1 & 2 2008 they won thats it they were so superior to the lakers it was a joke.
    39 point joke to be exact.

    The lakers get 69 FT in 36 minutes 00 02 10 and “win” by a total of 13 points.

  9. LouYcDog says:

    @gfscarface13 it shouldn’t of even gone to game seven, game six was horrid!! on those calls.

  10. playoffexpert1 says:

    @ballinakan im the stupid ass yet you spell CONSTANTLY wrong? shut the fuck up, just because im not a bandwagoner like you and almost all laker fans, constantly losing to the lakers my ass, only time they ever lose is when something controversial happens that favors the lakers

  11. ballinakan says:

    @playoffexpert1 i think your a stupid ass for liking the kings n by the way kings suck dick for losing to constantley to the lakers, like i think the kings stopped making the playoffs just so they’d stop losing to LA

  12. playoffexpert1 says:

    @gfscarface13 Jesus Christ your an idiot! and i see that shit your typing tojoness1056 shut the fuck up, you act like youve never done that

  13. gfscarface13 says:

    @playoffexpert1 Kings Choked game 7

  14. playoffexpert1 says:

    @gfscarface13 yeah it did, bcuz Bibby made a shot with 8 seconds left and Bobby played great defense on Kobe to end it, not because refs gave a team a game like they did with the Lakers in game 6

  15. playoffexpert1 says:

    @joness1056 dont even bother aruguing with him, seriously if u look down this conversation has been going on for over a month, he’s stuck on his own idiotic beliefs and has no idea wat he’s talking about

  16. gfscarface13 says:

    @joness1056 Wow, you’re Tough calling me names over your Keyboard.
    How was game 7 rigged??? kings fans have ADMIT they Choked game 7.

  17. gfscarface13 says:

    @playoffexpert1 Game 5 went kings way.

  18. joness1056 says:

    @gfscarface13 what about games 1-4 faggot, and game seven was still rigged, youre a fuckwit

  19. playoffexpert1 says:


  20. gfscarface13 says:

    @playoffexpert1 You’re just in denial. Be fair for once. Dont be so Bias. Laker had the lead throught out the 4th quarter and all of a sudden Refs are on your side with Webber’s illegal screen & Jackson harrassing Kobe and Calls made. Refs gave game 5 to the kings.
    I have the highlight video, I’ve seen it, Jackson DID foul Kobe at the End.

  21. playoffexpert1 says:

    @gfscarface13 what? ur an idiot, kobe tried to get jackson off him by hunching over really quick to get jackson off balance, his jersey came out bcuz of his reflex, again jackson had no major contact before the shot, and none while the shot was going up

  22. gfscarface13 says:

    @playoffexpert1 Yeah thats why Kobe’s jersey went out his pants right, no foul. LOL.

  23. AjT916 says:

    dam this brings back memories, i swear u dont see chemistry like tht now, they were like a family. FUCK LAKERS!!!!!!! ORIGINAL KINGS BABYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. playoffexpert1 says:

    @gfscarface13 yeah um there wer no calls made bcuz THERE WAS NO ILLEGAL PICK OR FOUL!!! Jesus Christ! dont u realize that, watch both plays Webber doesnt move, Fisher tried to be a smart ass and put his full force into Webber’s shoulder and the flopped, thank god for once the ref didnt call it cuz there was no call to make. Bobby played great defense on Kobe, any contact he made was not significant enough for the great Kobe Faggot to miss that shot, Game 5 is honest, Game 6 is bullshit

  25. gfscarface13 says:

    @playoffexpert1 Webber set up an illegal pick to set up bibbys go ahead basket. Thank Kobe with the ball with seconds left gets Fouled b Bobby Jackson and no calls were made and kings win 92-91. Refs gave game 5 to the kings.

  26. playoffexpert1 says:

    @gfscarface13 ur not makin any valid points, theres no evidence in game 5 that the lakers got screwed. That was not an illegal pick by Webber or trust me the refs wouldve have called it, kings fans, professional analyzers, players, even laker fans think something fucked up happened in game 6 and theres evidence to back it up

  27. gfscarface13 says:

    @playoffexpert1 Game 5 Lakers got Screwed. Game 6 kings got screwed. Game 7 kings Choke.
    Lets leave it like that.

  28. playoffexpert1 says:

    @ballinakan yeah they sucked dick, dumbfuck, i think ur stupid ass is referring to the lakers sucking the refs dick to fix the series

  29. ballinakan says:

    @playoffexpert1 just like the kings did and still do suk dick

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