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Arizona Cardinals News, Views, & Highlights

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Arizona Cardinals

Image by MPR529
Philadelphia Eagles @ Arizona Cardinals, Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe, AZ – December 24, 2005

Latest Arizona Cardinals News

Arizona’s Wells will probably play Sunday
Arizona running back Beanie Wells went through much more of practice on Thursday, increasing the probability that he will play Sunday in the Cardinals’ home opener against the Oakland Raiders.
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Arizona’s Wells will probably play Sunday
Arizona running back Beanie Wells went through much more of practice on Thursday, increasing the probability that he will play Sunday in the Cardinals’ home opener against the Oakland Raiders. Wells, who led the team in rushing as a rookie last season, sat out the first two games of the season because of a bruised right knee.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Arizona Cardinals

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RBs: Wells likely to play… #NFL #Arizona #Cardinalsby Phoenix_Fans (Phoenix Sports)

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Arizona Cardinals Reader Q&A

Question by Movie_lover: Whats a good way to save money for Arizona Cardinals stuff?
I am a huge fan of the Arizona Cardinals and I want to know whats the good way to save money to get cardianal stuff for my room?


Answer by bean
every time you get change, throw it in a jar.
every time you get a dollar bill (or a 5 or 10), throw it in a jar.
every week put $ 20 in an envelope.
don’t spend any of this! then after a month or two, see how much you have!

Question by Movie_lover: How to get 3 free Arizona Cardinals football tickets?
I’m going to Arizona in November. And I want to get 3 free tickets for my grandma, grandpa and me.
I am a huge cardinals fan.


Answer by Michael W,or you can try,they have really good deals sometimes.

Answer by Da Zach Attack always gives me really good deals

Answer by SwizzleStick
With Leinart as QB, tickets to the cards games will probably be free anyway.

Question by HypeBeast Killa™: Do you give the Arizona Cardinals any chance to pull off an Miraculous Upset?
The Cardinals (in my opinion) don’t deserve to be in the playoffs, yet they beat the Falcons last week and now face the Panthers. I’m a Huge Kurt Warner fan, but I think the Arizona Defense (you seen what the Patriots did to them) won’t have a chance in hell to slow down Carolina’s Rushing Attack (Stewart-Williams).

Do you give the Cards any chance in hell to win the game? I’m hoping they do.


Answer by John S
yes they have a chance, they just need to pass all the time.

Answer by DuaneY
That is the great thing about the NFL, any team can beat another any given week.

I kinda get the feeling the Cardinals were playing dead the last few weeks of the year, and letting themselves get rolled. I hope they come out and light up the scoreboard against Carolina, though I believe the Panthers will eventually win the game.

Answer by RichDizzle (12-4)
I picked them as the big upset this weekend. I think they have a chance to win, albeit a very small one.

I hope they do…would be a nice story and would add to Warner’s portfolio.

Arizona Cardinals Video of the Day

Atlanta falcons rout the cardinals 41-7 falcons
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Readers Comments (26)

  1. DILF says:

    Be the ninth person to call the radio station

  2. Aaron Rodgers facemask says:

    I wouldn’t count on getting tickets to any NFL game without having to shell out some cash. If your a big enough fan spending some money should be no problem.

  3. c dubb says:

    Have direct connections to a player, manager, or coach

  4. I'm a man says:

    I highly doubt you will be able to find any free NFL tickets. The NFL is the most popular sport in the United States and you will have to go on Ebay or Stubhub to find something cheap for you and your family.

  5. schlaaC says:

    Cards – upset of the playoffs – over Carolina (33-21). Doesn’t matter, though, they’ll lose in the NFC Championship against the Eagles.

  6. Nick C says:

    KeShawn Johnson said they would win lol.

    I give them a 20% chance. If that passing offense is at its best no one can stop it.

  7. godawgs2471 says:

    hell no

  8. GaryE says:

    Nope I do not give them much of a chance.

    Their running game is awful so even if they manage to get a lead they will not be able to hang onto the ball.

    It looks like they will be missing their #1 WR or if he does play he will not be 100 %.

    Their offensive line (while much improved under line coach Russ Grimm) is average at best.

    They have won 2 games against NFC opponents with a winning record. Both of those wins occurred in Arizona and required a lucky play (a blocked punt against Dallas, and a lucky bounce on a muffed handoff).

    They are 0-5 on the east coast this season.

    East Coast teams playing on the West coast are something like 1-13 this year.

    So for all of those reasons I think they have about a 3% chance of winning.

  9. Raider RJ says:

    Any Given Sunday!!

    I will be rooting for the Cards to pull off the upset. I can see the Cards using the passing game to beat the Panthers. I love to see Delome choke and show how overrated the Panthers really are.

    A far as that Patriots game? That team was very flat, playing in snow and was just a bad week. Give the Cards credit. if they can stop the big running play, the Cards have a chance to just outscore the Panthers.

    High scoring game today. Take the over.

  10. sportsfan925 says:

    Any team can cause an upset at any time, except for The Lions lol. However, as strong as The Panthers are with their tremendous D, Warner has the arm and some awesome receivers to perhaps steal this game. I dont see them beating Carolina and Giants back to back, but at same time, remember when Cards played Giants, they scored a whole bunch of points. I certainly give Cards a chance, but warner will have to be on his game, no INTs, and they will need to stop the running game to achieve success.

  11. blooper19 says:

    They barely got into the playoffs. I don’t like them either. They could pull off the huge upset.

  12. Answers McGee says:

    If regular season match up is any indicator the Panthers should win.

    Last time the two teams met in week eight in Charlotte the Panthers won 27-23. The score was close albeit misleading.

    The Cards got off to a hot start taking a commanding 17-6 lead with a little over 10 minutes to play in the third. The Panthers offense was all but non existent.

    The Cardinals had more total yards and (425 to 351) and held the ball about five minutes longer (32:27 to 27:23).

    The difference was the Panthers buckled down on defense and scored four of the final five scores of the game (spanning from the third quarter, 6:54 marker onward) including two Steve Smith TD receptions, a D-Will rushing TD and a FG.

    The Cardinals got shut down in the fourth quarter including an interception on their opening drive, followed by a punt. The Panthers got the ball back with six minutes in the fourth and killed the clock to win the game (Cards never got the ball back).

    With how well the Panthers have been running the ball and playing defense lately they should win a possession game with a battering run attack and ability to use the home run ball to keep the Cards off balance.

    Prediction: Panthers win 31-21

  13. Harris>Kidd is a space cowboy says:

    I would like to see them win for the reason that me, you, and so many others doubted them and didnt think they should be in the playoffs.

    but I have to say that I think Carolina is much better than Atlanta…

    make your own conclusion….(yikes)

  14. yes says:

    They definitely have a chance. I predict that they’ll win a close one.

  15. Jenn Brewers Girl says:

    You never know. It would be tough, really tough. Warner has to score a lot of points through the air tho keep up with Carolina because I really don’t see them shutting down Stewart and Williams.

  16. missing p&s 2 summers ago says:

    i didnt think the cardinals, falcons, or dolphins deserved to be in the playoffs.. im gonna be glad when the last cheese team gets eliminated today (cardinals)

  17. VizuaaLxL says:

    @LAlakers4life09 Offensively we’re good, but we have an inconsistent defense. Some games they get work done, other games, they don’t.

  18. Josijames says:

    We gonna shit on the saints and then do the Dirty bird!

  19. LAlakers4life09 says:

    @SpeedoInc Yea… We also got snelling too.. he is the player of the week… so bring on the saints… i think our defense can stand up, but our offense needs to make plays.

  20. SpeedoInc says:

    @LAlakers4life09 thank God cuz he ran all over them last time!!!

  21. LAlakers4life09 says:

    @SpeedoInc he’s a fighter.. he will prolly be back sunday against the saints

  22. SpeedoInc says:

    holy crap this was total pownage!!!! Roddy White is the best!!…..but does anyone know how long michael turner will be out?…cuz we need him against the ‘aints!

  23. magan1027 says:

    how many times did the commentator mess up?

  24. chipster10 says:

    WHO THE HELL IS A.J. JEFFERSON? Um, Brent Grimes is #20…..

  25. WHITE16058 says:

    the falcons owed them one ………..

  26. BrianFalconsFan29 says:

    I call that a cardinals ass whooping

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