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Arizona Diamondbacks : Latest From the Web

Published on September 19, 2010 by   ·   26 Comments

Latest Arizona Diamondbacks News

Arizona Diamondbacks tab Kevin Towers as their next general manager
PHOENIX – Arizona Diamondbacks managing general partner Ken Kendrick and president Derrick Hall had no problem with the job Jerry Dipoto did as interim general manager. Thought he handled himself quite well, actually.
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Arizona Diamondbacks tab Kevin Towers as next general manager
PHOENIX (AP) — The Arizona Diamondbacks have hired Kevin Towers as their next general manager.
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Diamondbacks hire former Padres general manager
The Arizona Diamondbacks have hired former San Diego general manager Kevin Towers for a similar front office role, the team said Wednesday.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Arizona Diamondbacks

Jimenez melts in Arizona heat and Rockies blow early 4-0 lead in crucial loss to Diamondbacks denversportnews (Denver Post Sports)

Diamondbacks rally to beat Jimenez, Rockies 8-4… #MLB #Arizonaby Phoenix_Fans (Phoenix Sports)

Jimenez melts in Arizona heat and Rockies blow early 4-0 lead in crucial loss to Diamondbacks: DenverSportsBuz (Denver SportsBuzz)

Arizona Diamondbacks Reader Q&A

Question by Master Tech: arizona diamondbacks…….?


Answer by Jeff W
“Dbacks win tonight wooooooooo” is a question in Car repairs. (deep sigh)

Answer by Mark F
jeff shouldnt you be in the mens health masturbation portion of yahoo?

Answer by coaltruck344
Master B slipped and missed a stoke
OOPS category

Question by Jordan: How much times did the team Arizona Diamondbacks won the League Pennant?
How much times did the team Arizona Diamondbacks won the League Pennant? Please help me answer this question.


Answer by puzzledinphx.
They have been to the world series once, so they have won the national League pennant only once—in 2001

Question by Brandon D: Who do you think will win? The Arizona Diamondbacks or the Cincinatti Reds?
Who do you think will win? The Arizona Diamondbacks or the Cincinatti Reds?


Answer by Lee From Galveston
One of them certainly will

Answer by Frosty
The Cincinnati Reds will win … they lead the NL in many of the batting stats (avg., runs, hits, RBIs, and SLG) and the DBs bullpen is, to put it lightly, a rancid pile of garbage.

Answer by Fungo
It’s a tossup.
Both teams are now playing out the season.

Arizona Diamondbacks Video of the Day

Arizona Diamondbacks players — and models — show off new uniforms in Sedona Red. The show was held tonight (Nov. 8) at the Valley Ho hotel in Scottsdale.
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Readers Comments (26)

  1. BaseballFan587 says:

    Obviously the Reds. They are leading their division with a 83-63 record. They have 2 players batting over .300 and 3/4 of their roster has over 15 home runs. And they have Joey Votto. While the Diamondbacks have a 58-88 record, nobody batting over .300. They have good power but it doesn’t do much for them since they all bat under .280. And their pitching roster SUCKS.

    So considering the facts I’d have to say the Reds will probably win.

  2. 17894fd says:

    The ladies are a nice touch but It’s sad to see most of those players aren’t even on the team anymore. Hey! is that Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald up in the front row

  3. kingofkings86 says:

    Still miss the Green and Purple.

  4. yomomma1210 says:

    jacksons HOTT

  5. GarshardJeVard says:

    @navsunplaya agreed!

  6. bjarv44 says:


  7. TheTitansfans says:

    I love these jerseys alot better because the other one were cool but this are better.

  8. navsunplaya says:

    the old logo looked sharped

  9. cheersandbooze4u says:

    I did not like them when they first unveiled them, but it grew on me. i just purchased the D’backs home and road jersey. I hope they keep this logo for at least another ten years. okay, they look nice.

  10. maddenfreak19 says:

    byrnsie is great

  11. jellybeanbug24 says:

    I love the song choice, haha!
    My favorite is the black with the red A, the red one looks too generic IMO but I’m getting use to it

  12. marcometer says:

    yeah I don’t like the new colors. they kind look like everyone else now. the old colors really defined them as an arizonan team and made them stand out.

  13. mrsdrew6 says:

    Stephen Drew and Conor Jackson are HOTT!! Go DBacks!

  14. LionessFury says:

    I love these fine men. 🙂 I’m married to Stephen Drew, btw!

  15. StratusFox says:

    I love these boys soooo much!! Freaking studs that are my Arizona Diamondbacks. All of them I love them all, and cough cough, I must admit that these are much better than the old uniforms. Of course I’ll always love those old colors, they might have not been cooler but, they made them more original and stand out better–there are too many red teams.

  16. angelheart61 says:

    I love Conor Jackson!!

  17. benmahesh says:

    hahahaha Eric Byrnes

  18. benmahesh says:

    i like the snake in the d shape

  19. trying2think says:

    i like the new uniforms RED & BLACK!! lol ^_^
    i loooooooooooove Eric Byrnes

  20. kafeene says:

    these are cool. awesome franchise down there in the desert.

  21. azbassist says:

    hey,, part of my comment was deleted about robby!

  22. azbassist says:

    i will still miss the purple, but when I saw Robby Hammock
    sportin the new black jersey, boy did it look good! Or, maybe it was just robby that made it look good! hehehe
    Ok, and whos taking this video? What’s up with all the booty shots of the women as they walk of stage?

  23. doplgangr says:

    looking good! the new colors look much better than i expected. can hardly wait for the season to start!

  24. aowmachiavelli says:

    preety good

  25. MattRB4444 says:

    I love the new uniforms, especially the home uniform. The red hat with the black D looks great. This team will be great in a year or two.

  26. Camarochevyss396 says:

    New Unis aren’t bad. I like the black hat with the red “A” on it.

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