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Atlanta Falcons : What People are Saying

Published on September 18, 2010 by   ·   53 Comments

Atlanta Falcons

Image by familymwr
PHOTO CAPTION: All tuckered out–After a day of running around with Atlanta Falcons football players and her brothers, Brody, 7, and Corey, 9, Megan Jenrette, 3, relaxes on an autographed football Aug. 6. Megan is the daughter of Shannon Jenrette, widow of Maj. Kevin Jenrette, who died June 4, 2009, in Afghanistan. As part of the Survivor Outreach Services program at Fort McPherson — which provides ongoing support for Families of fallen servicemembers — children of deceased servicemembers were given the opportunity to attend a practice and interact with Falcons players on the field. (Courtesy photo, cleared for public release, not for commercial use, attribution requested.)

Atlanta Falcons open arms to surviving children

Sep 10, 2010

By Kevin Stabinsky (USAG Fort McPherson)

The Atlanta Falcons professional football team took time from preparing for the 2010 National Football League season to honor the children of deceased servicemembers.

On Aug. 6, Families attended a Falcons training camp at the Flowery Branch Headquarters Complex as part of the Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) program on Fort McPherson.

SOS provides Family members of fallen service personnel with support programs. Jocelyn Coleman, chief of U.S. Army Garrison Army Community Service, said SOS allows Families who have lost a loved one to stay connected to the military and programs offered to military members, such as the trip to the Falcons’ training camp.

“When we called the Families and invited them to watch the Falcons, they were just blown away and excited about it,” Coleman said.

At first, the Families were taken to a viewing area. However, once settled in their seats, Falcons’ long snapper Joe Zelenka motioned for the children to come out onto the field.

Zelenka said when he learned that the children of deceased servicemembers would be attending the practice, he wanted to do something to make their trip special and memorable.

It is an opportunity rarely granted, said Falcons’ head coach Mike Smith.

However, to show appreciation for the sacrifices their Families had made, he granted them an exception.

Coleman said she and the Families were ecstatic once the children were welcomed onto the field.

“It’s wonderful. We’re just excited and overwhelmed,”she said. “To see them out there playing and getting their pictures taken is great. You know they’re going to tell all their friends.”

On the field, children got to play with footballs and interact with players and Smith. Before heading to the locker room, players also interacted with the remaining Family members.

Rebecca Hill, Falcons’ reporter, said although the Families were honored by the players’ actions, the real honor was for the players to meet with the Families who sacrificed for so much for freedom and to keep America safe.

“Taking time out of practice wasn’t nearly as big of a sacrifice as these Families have made,” Hill said. Overall, Coleman said the entire experience was wonderful and providing Families with such opportunities is just one way to give back to those who have already given so much.

Coleman extended a welcome to all Families affected by loss to take part in SOS’s programs.

“We invite them to be a part of all events,” Coleman. “They are part of the Family.”

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Recent Twitter Posts about the Atlanta Falcons

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Atlanta Falcons Reader Q&A

Question by Wytrcuet Zshgfuyt: Is there any way that I can watch Atlanta Falcons vs. Pittsburgh Steelers NFL games live online ?
Is there any way that I can watch Atlanta Falcons vs. Pittsburgh Steelers NFL games live online ?


Answer by Vhatusay
Probably not. When the game does come on you can try to see if or has it.

Answer by Uyetcriwy Jwtyruywe

Download and install Satellite tv software on your PC, you could watch Atlanta Falcons vs. Pittsburgh Steelers NFL games and thousands of worldwide TV channels such as ABC, NBC, Fox, ESPN … live online legally, comfortably and in good quality.
Hope it’s what you are looking for.

Answer by Steve
you can try Channel Surfing, sometimes people are feeding the game on there, and you don’t have to sign up for anything.

Question by RKO: How far do you think Atlanta Falcons can go in the Playoff?
How far do you think Atlanta Falcons can go in the Playoff?


Answer by jezareerobs
They’ll lose to the Panthers in the second round

Answer by big matt
They can go all the way, the Giants were a wild card team last year…..anything can happen.

Look people I didn’t say they WILL go all the way I said they CAN go all the way because the Giants did last year so get a friggin life you trolls giving thumbs down for no reason

Answer by Zack
All da way.

Question by Antwuan: What do yall think will happen with Michael Vick and the Atlanta Falcons when Michael Vick gets out of jail?
Is there any chance at all of Michael Vick coming back to the Atlanta Falcons?

What yall think?


Answer by Steelegrave
There is no chance he will return to Atlanta under the present ownership, he lied to Arthur Blank and Blank won’t take him back.

Answer by the_anomaly23
No! If he finds a way to stay in shape, some team may take a chance with him. It will not be with the Falcons, though.

Answer by jpduran
Vick may return as a janitor or hot dog seller. His days in the NFL are over.

Atlanta Falcons Video of the Day

Round 1, Pick 19 (19) : 6’1 239lbs LB Sean Weatherspoon Round 3, Pick 19 (83) : 6’3 300lbs DT Corey Peters Round 3, Pick 34 (98) :6’5 312lbs G Mike Johnson Round 4, Pick 19 (117) : 6’3 300lbs OG Joe Hawley Round 5, Pick 4 (135) :5’11 195lbs CB Dominique Franks Round 5, Pick 34 (165) :6’2 224lbs WR Kerry Meier Round 6, Pick 2 (171) :6’0 204lbs S Shann Schillinger
Video Rating: 4 / 5

What do you think? Answer below!


Readers Comments (53)

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  6. iceman says:

    I think they can beat Arizona. That wont be easy because Arizona is much better at home, but I think they would edge them in a good game. If they have the Panthers in the 2nd round I would give them a fighting chance because they are divison team and know them well. I dont seem them going into NY and winning though.

  7. Carson E says:

    Lets just say they wont make it past the first round

  8. callanmac says:

    NFC Championship Game

  9. JoBu says:

    You never know in the crazy NFL. I am a Giants fan so I know all about it.

    Rum shots!

  10. star_catcher_01 says:

    as far as they can get without playing the Giants. They are a hot team right now, imo the only team that can (and will) beat them is the Giants… so whenever they have to face the GMEN

  11. Jared says:

    the panthers lost which makes them like a 4 or 5 seed. it was weird.. if they wouldve beat the Giants they would’ve been the 1 seed. but they lost, so it dropped em to like 4 or 5. But to answer your question, they will make it to the NFC Championship and depending on who they play in that game will decide whether or not they can make it to the Superbowl.

  12. I WORK FOR DICK JONES! says:

    They are a dangerous team, great RB, decent defense. Anyone who takes them lightly will pay. Mike Smith gets coach of the year in my book.

  13. Dan M says:

    There is a slight chance the Falcons could be the 2nd seed in the Conference with a win over St.Louis and a Carolina Loss to New Orleans …It’s real slim though .

    If Carolina ends getting the Bye which most think they will
    Atlanta would most likely play at Arizona and that is a game the Falcons can win . Then they would have to travel (if it played out this way ) Carolina , a very tough team for the Falcons to beat on the road they split their meetings this year Home team winning those games .

    But it can be done .

    I think they beat Arizona and lose in the 2nd round but It will be a great momentum swing for next year for the Falcons they will be in the hunt for years to come …If your a Falcons fan do not be upset if they lose in the play-offs they will be back stronger next year .

  14. aaron b says:

    Right through until they meet the Panthers in the second round, but hey, that is way more than Dallas has come to expect from their guys. They have to play the Panthers which are still a #2 seed, and that is a risky proposition at best for the Falcons.

  15. Christian B says:

    If they win this weekend and Carolina loses they will be the #2 seed and I think they can benefit with home field advantage but will have a tough go in the NFC game vs. Giants. They CAN make it all the way with the right breaks. I think very well MIGHT make the NFC Championship game. If they play AZ they will definitely win. Basically, all roads lead through the Meadowlands either way.

  16. Jay says:

    I doubt Atlanta would ever consider it but another desperate team might as long as Vick appears to be in good condition to play.

  17. halfpint6niner says:

    I am not a football fan so IDK what kind of player he was but he sucks at being a human being so I hope they do not let him play again. He isn’t a good role model for our children.

  18. Magneto says:

    Michael Vick was a mediocre quarterback at best for Atlanta,I doubt the owner will pay him millions to play for the Falcons

  19. The Waco Kid says:

    no chance
    if he does get out of prison
    i hear those PETA gang members in prison are out to get him

  20. Iverson3 says:

    ya i think he will return and then become a free agent and then sign with a desperate team

  21. marnefirstinfantry says:

    They will each go their separate ways as they have already done. Michael Vick would be a loosing proposition for any football team to pick him up.

    As far as many football fans are concerned, we are all too tired of seeing nuts, cheats, steroid users, and law-breakers in any and all professional sports.

    Hey, Michael Vick-Get lost!

  22. Killer Chick says:

    I doubt it if he will play for the Falcons…He really hurt Arthur blank but I think another NFL team will give him a chance.

  23. Bleed Silver & Blue!!! says:

    After embarrassing the organization, and the owner who was paying you 100 million dollars and you pull a stunt like that??
    Not a chance in Hell, again my own opinion but more right correct!


    There is an improbable chance that he will be back in the NFL. When Vick gets out of jail, he will probably be suspended by the NFL for a year or more, once he signs with another team. As far as Atlanta, they will move on without Vick and continue on. Blank will never resign Vick again.

  25. johnny191191 says:

    Bet my life savings he is rejected by all teams. who makes dogs fight and then kills them if they do bad. hes a sick person.

  26. Gecko! says:

    Nothing. Vick is out of the NFL forever. He threw away a great career. He was an awesome athlete & turned the Falcons into a good team when he was there.

  27. CrazyVT22 says:

    matt ryans gonna be good this year he has the expirance but he aint to young

  28. Linzboy619 says:

    falcons should have drafted sergio kendal from texas

  29. abusementpark54321 says:

    I watched Spoon alot in college and let me tell you, he is invisible in big games against good teams. All of those highlights are against bottom feeders in the Big XII for a reason. He has talent, just doesn’t show it as much as he should

  30. WoodIrie says:

    with Spoon, Peterson, & Lofton. The addition of Dunta Robinson gave us some cred in the secondary, & I expect Kroy Bermann to have a breakout year. The NFC South and AFC East are gonna be the two hardest divisions to come out of this year. Believe that! Go Falcons!!!

  31. WoodIrie says:

    Great VIdeo Man. It just makes me realize that we might have too much depth on our team. Maybe a late preseason trade like we have done in the past coupe years will help. Dont forget about William Moore and Harry Douglas coming back. I say trade Erik Coleman and get some of these young guys a chance in the secondary. Peria Jerry is coming back this year and we just added Corey Peters. Babineaux is a Beast. The Linebacker corps on paper is the best that we have ever had at any time!

  32. mkl62 says:

    Joe Hawley, congratulations on being selected by the Atlanta Falcons in the 2010 NFL Draft. I know that you are excited and are looking forward to August 13 when you enter the Georgia Dome to take on the Kansas City Chiefs. I live in South Carolina and the Falcons have a big fan base here. Sunday afternoons were spent at my grandparents’ house watching them. Best of luck in your pro football career.

  33. mekiye804va says:

    linxxdillinger i feel u on that

  34. LinxxDillinger says:

    listen Ive been a die hard falcon fan since day 1 and i would like to personally say that if the falcons dont win the superbowl im gone bee sooooo pissed cause we drafted niggas that deserve a ring and we’ve been doin that so i feel its time for a ring………this year aint no commin up short i can feel it iI GOT MONEY ON THAT!!!!!!!

  35. angelltube says:

    Really nice job on this jbo. Not sure why I didn’t ever see it on AFMB, but glad I finally caught it over here. Dang I am so FIRED UP for the season to start!!!!!

  36. DraftSharksFantasy says:

    Nice compilation. We really like Weatherspoon. He’s got Pro Bowl potential.

  37. bosanskiboi1 says:


    my fault dude i meant to say dat to the other guy ahaha lol

  38. bsg3003 says:

    @bosanskiboi1 lol dats what im tryna say cuz. they have lost most of their great players like boldin, warner, dansby and rolle, and they haven’t added any good players. oh and im an ATL fan, the otha guy is an cards fan

  39. bosanskiboi1 says:


    Dude, ur blinded by ur love for the cardinals, i mean u can be a fan but u got to understand dat there not the shit!! they may make the playoffs since, there without a doubt in the worst division in the world, but they will not go far!! just face it the cardinals are not going anywere until they draft, or trade for a QB, even a receiving cor with both larry nd randy moss cant make a QB good!!

  40. bikepeddlar6 says:

    @bsg3003 you’re not even a cardinal fan so u don’t know what they’re capable of. you’ll see this year

  41. bsg3003 says:

    @bikepeddlar6 LF and breaston are good recievers, beanie wells will be a good running back but there are far better backs than him. and i highly doubt that the offense will be good without warner, and boldin. thats just not gonna happen

  42. bikepeddlar6 says:

    @bsg3003 you’ll see this year. matt leinart will step it up and plus we have fitzgerald and breaston still. (both thousand yard recievers) and we have early doucet. who’s like the second coming of larry fitzgerald. then we have a beast runningback in Beanie Wells. Who will be the best runningback in the league for the next like 10 years. our offense will be probably be even better with or without warner and boldin. you’ll see this year.

  43. bsg3003 says:

    @bikepeddlar6 you don’t understand.. both of your qb’s suck ass, derek had to be benched in cleveland, and matt has always sucked. LF is a beast receiver but one WR with two sucky qb’s can’t win games. ATL is gonna go 12-4 next year. in the playoffs we will go deep maybe even SB. cards will not be going to the playoffs

  44. bikepeddlar6 says:

    @bsg3003 who have we added. how bout joey porter, kerry rhodes, alan faneca, derek anderson, plus we picked up alot better talent in the draft. plus we have two wide receivers just as good as boldin. you’ll see. we’ll kick your ass no matter where we play.

  45. bsg3003 says:

    @bikepeddlar6 LOL you’d win in atl? thats funny shit my friend. your team has lost anquan boldin, kurt warner, karlos dansby, and antrel rolle. and who have you added? joey porter? lol or derek anderson???? no way in hell you can beat ATL

  46. bikepeddlar6 says:

    @bsg3003 lol. excuses excuses. bottomline we kicked your asses. we’d win in atlanta to so don’t pull that crap

  47. bsg3003 says:

    @bikepeddlar6 only reason you guy’s won was because of the douchebag named keith brooking. your team would get massacred in ATL so you cant talk shit.

  48. hobbsbd822 says:

    This video is great but that is the gayest song ive ever heard. Throw some Kast on that shit next time and show some Atl love. Weezy is a bitch not to mention he’s from New Orleans.

  49. bikepeddlar6 says:

    why don’t u guy’s come back to arizona? we’ll kick your ass again!!!! CARDINALS FOREVER

  50. theExpFilms says:

    sweet deal, thanks for putting in the time!

  51. fancyface6619 says:

    Atlanta falcons are going to be beast in 2010

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