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Latest Baltimore Ravens News

Sources: Baltimore Ravens, hurt Sergio Kindle negotiating deal
The Baltimore Ravens and the team’s top pick Sergio Kindle are negotiating a contract, according to sources close to the situation.
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Ravens dispute roughing-passer call
The Baltimore Ravens were galled by a roughing-the-passer penalty that helped the Cincinnati Bengals drive to their go-ahead field goal, suggesting the NFL has gone too far in protecting its quarterbacks.
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Ravens’ Lewis Critical Of Officiating In Loss
Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis didn’t hide his feelings about officiating and the treatment of quarterbacks after Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Baltimore Ravens

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Baltimore Ravens Reader Q&A

Question by Dr. Semi-Evil: Should the Baltimore Ravens start Troy Smith versus the Buffalo Bills this weekend?
Seeing as how Steve McNair did not practice on Wednesday, and is questionable for this weekend, should the Baltimore Ravens start Troy Smith against the Buffalo Bills this weekend? The Buffalo Bills defense could still be reeling after that late defeat from the Cowboys on October 8th.

A deeper question is should they start giving Troy Smith more reps since McNair is on his last leg? I still feel Kyle Boller is too erratic, but that’s just my take.


Answer by mrlinuxguy
Who knows. Coaches do see quarterbacks during practice all the time, I have to imagine Boller is the better quarterback if Billick is playing him.
As far as McNair or boller, it doesn’t matter much, its not just quarterback making that offense terrible.

Answer by crackbubba
How about…. no. He’s a rookie, let him sit out the year. It is usually beneficial for them to stay out there first year. They don’t get time to learn on the field, they have to do on the field.

Answer by That one guy
Kyle knows the O better, I’d say.
He gives you the best chance to win right this minute, and this is a league of “what have you done for me lately”

Troy is the QB of the future in Baltimore, and boy, will he be a good one.

Question by Zach: How can i watch Baltimore Ravens games in Kentucky?
I live in the sticks in Kentucky and i have insight cable. I used to live in Baltimore so im a huge ravens fan and i want to watch every game. Do you know any services i can purchase so i can watch the games every sunday and monday. I will get to see the games against colts,bengals and titans but i want to watch all of them not just those. Do i need to get NFL Network? Or what program should i get to watch them?


Answer by Joe S
NFL Sunday Ticket will let you get all of the non blacked out games.

Baltimore Ravens Video of the Day

The Baltimore Ravens are a professional Football franchise based in Baltimore, Maryland. They are a member of the American Football Conference’s North Division in the National Football League (NFL). The team’s name is a reference to the poem “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe, who lived and worked in Baltimore at various points during his life and is buried in the city. Their triumph over the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXXV at the conclusion of the 2000 season remains their best season. The Ravens are currently one of only four teams to win in their lone Super Bowl appearance, along with the New Orleans Saints, New York Jets, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Baltimore Ravens came into existence in 1996 when Art Modell, then owner of the Cleveland Browns, announced his intention to relocate his team from Cleveland to Baltimore. The controversy ended when representatives of Cleveland and the NFL reached a settlement on February 8, 1996. The agreement stipulated that the Browns’ name, colors, uniform design and franchise records would remain in Cleveland. The franchise history included Browns club records and connections with Pro Football Hall of Fame players. A new team to begin play in 1999 would be regarded as the “reactivated” Cleveland Browns. Modell’s Baltimore team, while retaining all current player contracts, would officially be the expansion team, a “new franchise.”[1] Not all players, staff or front office would make the move to Baltimore, however. Modell relocated
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Readers Comments (12)

  1. anil A says:

    Ravens should give Troy Smith a chance to prove that he is a good quarterback and can help the team win and help in the future. Bills defence is weak, the team is not playing well in this season. Troy has a good chance to play this week and the next week.

  2. antoinegoins says:

    Uhhh ……… Troy Smith was really close to barely even making the team now you want to start him. Thats what wrong with people these days we hype these guys up who don’t derserve it or aren’t ready and when they fail we boo and talk about them like they are the scum of the earth. Just let him develope and learn the game a year or two before you throw him to the lions. Thats how they did boller and now he has a bad rep when in reality he still hasn’t fully developed .

  3. Kei says:

    No, as a Ravens fan I dont want to see that. Simply because they cant risk losing this game. They have a tuff schedule after the bye week and they need to pick up as many wins as possible right now. I am not that big of a Boller fan either, I do get nervous everytime he takes a snap but he has played the best of all the QB’s so far and I rather go with the devil I know then the one I dont.

    If they are blowing the Bills out sure let him take a few snaps in the fourth quarter but he cant start the game.

  4. |▒▒▒| says:

    Troy Smith………wow
    well……I guess he does have a chance of doing almost as well as Ted Ginn has done so far…..

  5. The Enforcer says:

    No. The guy barely made the team.

  6. theewokprincess says:

    The Ravens need all the help they can get right now. AFC North is lookin pretty scary this season with the Browns playing like they actually give a f*ck.

    Hey, give Smith a chance. What could it hurt?

  7. Sooner Girl says:

    Not if they want to win!

  8. Ryan P. says:

    Yeah, if they want the Bills to win that game. Their best shot to win is Boller, that says alot about their problems at QB.

  9. Mets N Beltran says:

    yes they should but i think they say hes 2 short.

  10. '67 Shelby GT says:

    Well….as much as I love and respect Troy, I don’t think he’s ready.
    NCAA football and the NFL are two completely different animals. He needs more time to learn the way the game is played. He has more of a learning curve to compensate for as well. Don’t forget – he’s a short QB. He will need to fully understand how to throw to guys who are much bigger than him as well as throw OVER guys who are much bigger than him too.
    Your points are well-received, but he needs some more time.

  11. Dea B says:

    no… Billick has already said that if McNair is unable to play then Boller will start

    and that is the way that it should be… Troy Smith will get his chance if not this season then in the next season or two(once McNair is finished and Boller is the starter again, Smith will be his backup)

    to antoinge.. THANK YOU…. you said all… had they given Boller the chance to develop in to an NFL QB his first year rather then throwing him into the starting position he would have developed into the QB he is now alot easier… not every rookie has the luck of Vince Young in making the transition from college to the pros…

  12. stan l says:

    Only if they want to be sure of losing.

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