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Boston Red Sox in Review – A Look Back

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Boston Red Sox
Image by The Library of Congress
Bain News Service,, publisher.

[Game One of the World Series between the New York Giants and Boston Red Sox at the Polo Grounds, NY, October 8, 1912 (baseball)]

[1912 Oct. 8]

1 negative : glass ; 5 x 7 in. or smaller.

Original data provided by the Bain News Service on the negatives or caption cards: Looking across Fenway Park, Boston, toward right field stands, 1912.
Corrected title and date based on research by the Pictorial History Committee, Society for American Baseball Research, 2006.
Forms part of: George Grantham Bain Collection (Library of Congress).


Format: Glass negatives.

Rights Info: No known restrictions on publication.

Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA,

General information about the Bain Collection is available at

Persistent URL:

Call Number: LC-B2- 2447-16

Latest Boston Red Sox News

Red Sox: Former Cubs Pitcher Rich Hill Added to Sox Roster
The Boston Red Sox continue to use the rest of this season as a tryout for future bullpen roles as they have purchased the contract of former Chicago Cubs and Baltimore Orioles starter, Rich Hill, from the Pawtucket Red Sox, who did not make the International League playoffs.
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Red Sox-Mariners Preview
Despite a season almost certain to end short of expectations, the Boston Red Sox’s rotation continues to cause problems for the light-hitting Seattle Mariners. The Red Sox will turn to Daisuke Matsuzaka on Tuesday as they aim for their second straight victory over the Mariners at Safeco Field. Boston (80-64) is seven games behind New York for the AL wild card and highly unlikely to make its…
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Boston Red Sox Mike Lowell to retire after season, according to Boston Herald report
Boston Red Sox infielder Mike Lowell is planning to retire at the end of the season, according to a Boston Herald report.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox baseball video selection – click here: 0#sports #baseball #MLB #college #video #tickets #RedSoxby wendyyoung333 (Wendy Young)

Ask Amalie: Why don't the Red Sox shut down Marco Scutaro?: Because surgery seems not to be in the cards for Scuta… basketballcard (sportscardcollector)

Ask Amalie: Why don't the Red Sox shut down Marco Scutaro?: Because surgery seems not to be in the cards for Scuta… ATyrekeEvansFan (TimD)

Boston Red Sox Reader Q&A

Question by Mariah: Who are 2 Boston Red Sox members who played the cape cod league?
There are two players on the Boston Red Sox team that were once in the cape cod league. Who were they?


Answer by ed p

Answer by John
Bay, Varitek, Youkilis, Bard, Ellsbury, and Lowell all played in the cape league.

Answer by 3 rings for the Giants!
curt schilling and Coco Crisp

Question by wickedsoxf4n: What is the Boston Red Sox record for consecutive loses?
With Boston riding a 4 game losing streak I really need to know and I’ve looked all over the net and can’t find jack. Also, what is the Red Sox longest winning streak ever?


Answer by KinG ©
Well I don’t know your answer but I can tell you that I do know when the date was that they lost 5 straight games in one series. It was last year in August when the New York Yankees defeated the Boston Red Sox in a series 5-0. There was 5 games involved because there were 4 days played and one day was a double-header. Winning this series 5-0 brought the Yankees up 6.5 games from second-place Boston.

Answer by jft_24
Longest losing streak: 20 Games 5/1/06 – 5/24/06 (that’s 1906 not 2006 and they went 49-105 that year)
Longest wining streak: 15 Games 4/25/46 – 5/10/46

In Recent History:
Winning Streak: 12 Games 6/16/2006 – 6/29/2006
Losing Streak: 9 Games 8/25/2001 – 9/4/2001

Answer by Martino78
They are working on it right now lol!
Go Yanks!

Boston Red Sox Video of the Day

A tribute to the Boston Red Sox from the early days up to the World Series Championship in 2004.

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Readers Comments (28)

  1. red sox says:

    Ellsbury, Pedroia.

  2. yougoprobaseball says:

    actually only freddy prince jr

  3. Aman S says:

    what they siad

  4. Bostongrl778 says:

    @MisterHockeyman umm first its *RED SOX* not roid so learn how to spell.. arod sucks and jeter swallows !! lol tht stuff doesnt mean crap cause its not real all they use is staroids !!! so why dont u get ur facts straight before u open ur mouth …

  5. MisterHockeyman says:

    @Bostongrl778 Lets see umm… O YEAH!!!!! 27 world championships, defending world champs, first place in East. ROID SOCKS SUCK!!!!! ENOUGH SAID!!!!!

  6. Bostongrl778 says:

    @cltch1 shut up

  7. cltch1 says:

    Red sox suck dick end of story.

  8. pinypunx says:


  9. Bostongrl778 says:

    @RobinsonBEASTCano24 dont be hatein….

  10. RobinsonBEASTCano24 says:

    this is also an incredibly gay song…figures you dbags would all sing it together at games

  11. RobinsonBEASTCano24 says:

    “Boston Red Sox ~ 86 Years & Worth The Wait “..yea to bad you suck dick again faggots

  12. Bostongrl778 says:

    @MisterHockeyman tht doesnt mean squat!! at least we can get more than one championship in 10 years unlike the yankmees .. lol arod sucks and jeter swallows

  13. MisterHockeyman says:

    @Bostongrl778 Than Why are they the defending world champs?? 27

  14. Bostongrl778 says:

    @MisterHockeyman yankees suck ..

  15. MisterHockeyman says:

    New York Yankees ~ 8 years worth the wait

  16. cwhredsox says:

    @odoylerules1231 fuck ny fenway is the greatest park of all time win a ring without the highest payroll bitch

  17. odoylerules1231 says:

    fuck boston. got 27? play in the greatest city in the world? play in the best stadium in america? have a list of legends like ny does (mantle, jeter, dimaggio, ruth, jackson, rodriguez, sabathia, rivera…..)? no. no. no. and uh no.

  18. mariahmarx says:

    @BigDipper093 Either way, I’ll admit the Red Sox played a good season, considering the circumstances. As you can see, I don’t have any problem giving credit where it’s due if the person I’m debating with shows me the same compassion. I describe myself as a mirror, how you treat me is the reflection of how I will treat you, good or bad. And yes I too would like to be friends, or at least acquaintances for we do share something in common, baseball!

  19. mariahmarx says:

    @BigDipper093 I don’t think the Red Sox season is done just yet. Anyone who follows baseball knows it’s the most unpredictable sport and anything can happen. I learned that back in 2004! There’s about 30 games left and the Red Sox are only 8 games behind. Plus the Yanks still have two more series against Boston, the second being the last series of the season in general, (in Fenway mind you) so that could give the Red Sox the advantage they’ve been looking for, or maybe not, for my Yankees sake.

  20. BigDipper093 says:

    @mariahmarx you shouldnt apologize for anything, im the one who started it. by that i mean i started the racist comments. anyway the redsox season is over. unless they pull off a miracle like the 04 alcs which i doubt. I’d like it if we could be friends on here and talk about baseball though even if its arguing. its hard to find anyone on here who likes sports as much as you.

  21. mariahmarx says:

    @BigDipper093 By the way, thank you for the compliment. I only hope to come off as having at least some form of intelligence. And I apologize for the mom insults, I was only trying to make you feel as bad as you were making me, although there’s really no excuse for me to behave like that. For that, I am sincerely sorry. I am actually a sweet person in real life, I’m only this competitive when it come to baseball. From April till October hopefully November,my life revolves around 1 thing YANKEES

  22. mariahmarx says:

    @BigDipper093 I was raised around racism but I was fortunate enough to not let it rub off on me. My mother has had some bad experiences with certain races and now is forever traumatized. I feel bad for her and your grandfather. In my Dominican heritage, like yours, is strongly influenced by the older generations but I have always been smart enough to not place judgment on anyone based on their external factor. We can choose what team to root for but we can not decided our families origin!

  23. BigDipper093 says:

    @mariahmarx i know but some people will never stop being racist like my grandfather. the irish have a saying “its unlucky to go through one door and come out another. that means that its wrong to change your beliefs about things or people. Son of Sam was a wacko anyway, my grandmother never even went to visit him in prison and they were close when they were young Anyway you seem like an intelligent person. I should have just stuck to arguing about baseball instead of trying to be racist.

  24. mariahmarx says:

    @BigDipper093 I’m sorry to hear that you learn racism from your grandfather. But keep in mind, he was raised in a different time where segregation was considered normal. Nowadays, it doesn’t pay to maintain that mentality. We now live in a world were change is necessary for one’s own benefit. Imagine a world were we were all alike, how boring would that be! Why not embrace the different types of foods, music and cultures. With racism there’s only hatred to gain and friendships to miss out on!!!

  25. mariahmarx says:

    @BigDipper093 In my opinion, the problem is all these people who are having endless children and can’t afford them, and they come in all races. All these females who are having children and are using the system to sit on their lazy asses and all these males who get girls pregnant but then deny the child’s paternity. These are the assholes who are contributing to this country’s deficit… the octo-moms of the world who aren’t being responsible parents and providing the best for their children!

  26. mariahmarx says:

    @BigDipper093 You’re entitled to your own opinion but I don’t think the Mexicans are the problem. I mean, they’re willing to work for little to nothing just to try to better their lives here. Also they are willing to take jobs us Americans think we’re too good for and I know I’m not trying to work for minimum wage either. Not to mention, illegal immigrants don’t have social security numbers so they can’t apply for welfare. (after 9/11, they have made it almost impossible to jerk the system)

  27. BigDipper093 says:

    @mariahmarx it was pretty funny though when you said what do they have in common? all crazy white motherfuckers! again racism is stupid since your 100% right when you said product of the enviroment. im a product of racism since my grandfather taught me everything i know about hate and racism. honestly though i just cant stand the mexicans in USA because they are coming in illegal by the thousands every day and are a real burden. If your legal here? than fine, your equal but the mexicans are not

  28. mariahmarx says:

    @BigRedSoxFan You are my God? Most of your jokes were entertaining but that one was straight up, corny!

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