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Calgary Flames Nashville Predetors Brawl

Published on September 17, 2010 by   ·   25 Comments

A brawl between these two teams, with Kiprusoff and Vokun getting in a fight
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Readers Comments (25)

  1. theflamesfan12 says:

    cool flames rock

  2. boomerncheeze says:

    Penltay to: both teams for unexpected brawl

  3. lcreationsco says:

    i miss these brawls…involving the whole team haha they were funnn to watch

  4. TheRipperRypien says:

    @CaptainMazda Great, we go to the playoffs, for you Flames fans thats what happens after April.

  5. CaptainMazda says:

    How’s Luongo working out for you?

  6. BadReligion10 says:

    @CaptainMazda kippers a horrible fighter… but a epic goalie

  7. jimrawk2088 says:

    flames rullll!

  8. canucktheclown says:

    Goalies produce the funniest fights as they can’t fight worth shit most of the time.

  9. StepIntoMe says:

    Fuckin’ love when the goalies get involved.

  10. TheRipperRypien says:

    Kipper, can’t block a punch, can’t block a shot.

  11. mojo483 says:

    dumb ass flames your team sucks!!!!

  12. Don123q says:

    Calgary kicked ass in that fight.

  13. Dickyuth says:

    regher should spend more time boxing instead of shoving his fists in kiprusoffs ass.

  14. neilman0 says:

    That trade costed the flames the playoffs way to go Sutter.

  15. DannyLeigh9 says:

    well thats what you get when you unbelievably trade a young norris trophy candidate player for 4 toronto maple leafs!!!!!!! like what were you thinking sutter!!!! in 3 years this could go down as worst trade in the history of nhl

  16. mojo483 says:

    flames suck!!!!!

  17. flamesboy2008 says:

    Yea Man!!!! Fricken vokun wouldn’t even let kipper get his glove off! what a little bitch!

  18. flamesboy2008 says:

    dude, ur gonna have to take that dick outa ur mouth, we can’t understand you.

  19. norjak71 says:

    whats up now bitch boy. wings win 2-1 on your ice. whats that? oh… its jus the flames fillin up the gas in the golf carts for the offseason ahhahhahhaaa AAHHhhahha. cmon cant hang with the big boys. yer flames are a joke.

  20. norjak71 says:

    k im back after the game. 3-1 vancouver. lol…funny how you didnt send anything back lol. love it.

  21. xxpac4lyfexx says:

    wow. Come talk here after the game tonight buddy.

  22. norjak71 says:

    you know what funny dickhead…look at the standings and tell me whos in 8th now LOL. dumbass.

  23. xxpac4lyfexx says:

    so im guessing your a wings fan? must suck watching teams like the pussy flames beating you for 8th..

  24. norjak71 says:

    hahaha flames suck dick. wings are gonna oust them for the 8th spot. easily. they are a professional classy team the flames are just punk bitch pussies.

  25. Tye606 says:

    ya i hope they beat vancover

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