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Carolina Panthers : What People are Saying

Published on September 23, 2010 by   ·   31 Comments

Carolina Panthers

Image by Thadkrgr
Green Bay Packers Vs. Carolina Panthers November 30th 2008

Latest Carolina Panthers News

Panthers LB Davis Wishes He’d Worn Knee Brace
Carolina Panthers Linebacker Thomas Davis Thinks He Would’ve Avoided A Second Torn Knee Ligament If He Was Wearing A Brace During His Rehabilitation But Davis Vows He’ll…
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Panthers need to find offensive weapons with Clausen starting
While the winless Carolina Panthers hope rookie quarterback Jimmy Clausen can spark a stagnant offense, it would help if he more than one receiving option.

Carolina Panthers to start rookie Jimmy Clausen at QB Sunday
Carolina Panthers coach John Fox said Monday that Jimmy Clausen will start at quarterback Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals.
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Carolina Panthers Reader Q&A

Question by Chris: Carolina Panthers?
How many wins do you predict from the “new look” Carolina Panthers in 2008? I say 10-6 and win the NFC South


Answer by Jam B
Prob 9-7 or 10-6, finishing second behind Tampa.

Answer by Schuy7
I agree with 10-6, but I dont think it’ll be good enough to win the division, I think New Orleans will win the division at 11-5 or 12-4. Carolina won’t make the playoffs, the Eagles and Giants will have the wildcards.

Answer by /Y\ickey
I think they are gonna do a WHOLE lot better than everyone thinks they will…. They have the same, if not more, talent than their Super Bowl Team.
I have no doubt they will be a playoff contender.

Just checked their schedule, and I think they can go 11-5 (their record for Superbowl and the 2005 NFC championship)

I do believe they can win the division, but Tampa and New Orleans will be tougher to beat this year.

Here’s what I think it will look like:
Carolina: 11-5
New Orleans: 9-7
Tampa: 9-7
Atlanta: 4-12

PS: the only reason they aren’t high in the power rankings is because Pat Yasinskas of ESPN hates the Panthers…… Every single article he writes is bashing them in some way. He has always done that, even when he lived in Charlotte and wrote for the observer.

Question by panthers61900: Who’ll the Carolina Panthers get during the NFL Draft in 2010 and during the Free Agent market?
Carolina Panthers are in needed of a new QB and maybe more!


Answer by Paul T
A quarterback

Answer by =WCU= Nickname
They will likely pick up whoever the best QB is in the 2nd round, which will likely be either Tony Pike or Colt McCoy (Clausen and Bradford will probably go in first round, possibly Tebow as well).

Look for them to possibly pickup a new WR as muhammed is getting older and lets be honest, Dwayne Jarrett isn’t working out for them. A new RB would be a good move in case Stewart or Williams go down due to injury. Finally a new TE would be nice because King and Rosario have only been mediocre.

Finally, the panthers badly need a new DE because Julius Peppers isn’t putting up the numbers he needs for the $ he is getting.

Answer by Jonnieb
Well we are set at defensive lineman and the back-up offensive linemen are getting experience now. I would like to say that the two areas of need are wide receiver and Quarterback. I have a good feeling that Fox and friends will still be here. So we will try to sign an experienced QB and draft two wide receivers. Remember that we have traded most of our draft picks away.

Question by randy c: What wrong with Carolina Panthers that Dan Morgan and Mike Wahle cut?
How much I miss Dan and Mike to play for Carolina Panthers! Remmy Walls! I missed him too.I think that Carolina Panthers staffs are crazy to cut them! Bet u that Carolina never win SUPER BOWL!


Answer by Defending NL Champs
Dan was so injury prone though. He spent as much time on the DL as he did on the field. And Wahle? He’s lost too many steps. It’s the problem with running the business. Whos stronger and faster?

Answer by dlynch357
I know Dan Morgan was consistently getting concussions, and cutting him was probably the best thing the Panthers could do for the team as well as for him. If he’s not careful he’ll end up a vegetable, some guys are just more head-injury prone than others. Wahle can play but that’s all about the dollars, time to start moving towards someone younger and cheaper. He isn’t good enough to justify taking up a lot of cap space and obviously not good enough to bring anything back in trade, so out he goes. He’ll get a shot to play elsewhere, though. I don’t know about Carolina never winning due to these two moves, though; these are actually the kind of “trimming the fat” moves that keep teams in contention. Morgan and Wahle are not guys that will get them over the top, believe me.

Answer by emiller1998
Morgan is always hurt. You cant be truely great when you are hurt 12 games a year and great 2 games a year.

Carolina Panthers Video of the Day

Carolina panthers amazing plays throughtout the season song-amazing by kanye west ft young jeezy i got my videos from so they dont belong to me i just put them together..

What do you think? Answer below!

Readers Comments (31)

  1. Bengals And Ohio State Rocks says:

    NFC south
    Saints 11-5
    Bucs 9-7
    Panthers 8-8
    Falcons 4-12

  2. CMMFOOTBALL says:

    they got good players .. but they are rookies or unexperienced so.. i expect a 8-8 winning season finishing 2nd to New Orleans Saints

  3. He Can Swim says:

    you do realize that they aren’t even in the top ten power rankings… they are an 8-8 team

  4. Steelerfan says:

    Dan Morgan was injured too often, and the panthers are trying to move in a different direction

  5. halfwaytoeverywhere says:

    How many concussions does Morgan have to get before he becomes a veggie? He’s not doing you a lot of good spending most of the last 4 years at home on the couch trying to get that constant ringing noise out of his ears. As for Wahle, strictly a salary cap cut.

  6. Broncos Fan7 says:

    I think that they overpaid Wahle in the first place. He was a 30 something guard. He can be replaced in the draft by a cheaper and younger guy with more upside.
    I was sad to see Morgan gone, but you can hardly blame the Panthers for the move. He hasn’t been able to be on the field much because of concussions. They need to invest in youth and offensive firepower in the draft.

  7. kofan85 says:

    @SuperRedHead44 Im not done.

    3. Steve Smith is one of the few reasons we actually made the playoffs in 2005. He almost single handedly dismantled the Giants and the Bears. When we played a team who could actually stop us from running the ball and could triple cover Steve Smith, we got destroyed, aside from our one touchdown, by STEVE SMITH ON A PUNT RETURN!
    4. The fact that our passing offense has relied on him for so long shows how good he is. Ward wouldn’t do nearly as well.


  8. kofan85 says:

    Im so sick of seeing your fucking name everywhere where Steve Smith is concerned. Let me break this down for you.

    1. I have Hines Ward in fantasy. He had 0 points last week. 0! Not a single reception. I don’t think Steve Smith ever has had 0 fantasy points (aside from when he doesn’t play obviously)

    2. The fact that Ward has two Super Bowl rings has little to do with him being better than Smith. Roethlesberger played terrible in both games.

  9. kofan85 says:

    I want these Panthers back 🙁

    The glory days

  10. Muffinman3670 says:

    @SuperRedHead44 are u stupid u misspelled like 100 words in there not to mention that when u misspelled a couple of words it looks u said steve smith sucks. Man youtube needs spell check.

  11. owenfootball90 says:

    Steve Smith greatest Panther ever

  12. xxnikeshox10suxx says:

    @Dustfinger43 He’s A Tight End, Jeff King

  13. vaan104 says:


  14. Jtbman91 says:

    @Dustfinger43 and @dannytshi

    That’s Jeff King, tight end, throwing the block at 0:47

  15. PanthersStevieWonder says:

    yo this is such a wicked video of the beast of the south panthers

  16. PanthersStevieWonder says:

    yo this is such a wicked video of the beast of the south panthers

  17. dannytshi says:

    @Dustfinger43 My man that looks like a linemen i dont know

  18. Dustfinger43 says:

    55-around 1 minute #47 had a nasty block, i couldn’t tell if it was brad hoover or one of the linemen and i saw the number wrong but it looked like a devastating hit

  19. KingB704 says:

    @Exonor1000 panthers are a good team to be a fan of dude my uncle played for em they awesome

  20. KingB704 says:

    @SuperRedHead44 Racist fuck

  21. MySnip3rsEcho says:

    they are amaising

  22. SAMSATAN says:

    @SuperRedHead44 you wanna type some ignorant shit like that then call someone else an idiot.Makes alot of sense you’re the only idiot i see here.

  23. jis2cool says:

    @SuperRedHead44 ward was and never will be the playmaker smith is. look at the highlight videos you fuck

  24. kofan85 says:

    Ward has never been as fast as Smith, and Ive never seen catches from Ward like ive seen from Smitty, so fuck u

  25. truheelzfan44 says:

    @SuperRedHead44 yeah youre fucking stupid, the year we ran for 299 on them they were 9-3, same as us. DEE DEE DEE, do some fucking research before you act like you know it all you douche nozzle.

  26. dannytshi says:

    @SuperRedHead44 Racial comments? oh yea you’re done.

  27. SuperRedHead44 says:

    @truheelzfan44 You Know tampa bay only won three games right 299 yards easy to do against a team with no defence they could have walked to the end zone if they wanted to you fucing cunt

  28. SuperRedHead44 says:

    @dannytshi No idiot Wards Played for 12 Years So Subtract Three Years And That Makes 9 same amout of years as that little nigger steve. ward dosent need the trpiple crown He has 2 super bowls tell me ware in steve stats ware he has That .ward is making and creating record all the dame time you stupid idoit.

  29. dannytshi says:

    @truheelzfan44 Man I loved that game I loved the 2008 season so much especially games where both our backs had 100 yards!

  30. dannytshi says:

    @SuperRedHead44 You’re such an idiot because that’s still more games than smith….lol bring me back stats with the same amount of game since you like looking at stat. Bring back stat where Hines as won the triple crown and has returned multiple Kickoffs or Punt for TD.

  31. truheelzfan44 says:

    @SuperRedHead44 learn to spell you fucking idiot, its COMPARE*! try an education buddy! Hines ward has been in the league longer dumb shit.
    Hey danny, my favorite moment was running all over Tampa Bay on Monday Night Football for 299 yards. =]

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