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Chicago Bears in Review – A Look Back

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Chicago Bears

Image by soneshk
The success of the Chicago Bears inspired Businesses along the lake to show their bears pride.

Latest Chicago Bears News

Bears Beat Cowboys in Dallas
Chicago Bears move to 2-0 after 27-20 victory. Chicago Bear – NFL – Football – Sports – Monday Night Football
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Chicago Bears Make an Early Season Statement in Dallas
To say this was a big game for both teams would be putting it mildly. The Bears wanted to vindicate their opening game performance by proving it wasn’t a fluke win against a bad team, at home, with a huge call going their way to pull it out. A win in a big conference game in a hostile environment would go a long way to doing that. The Cowboys were trying to avoid going 0 and 2 in their home …
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Chicago Bears make adjustment to slow down DeMarcus Ware
ARLINGTON, Texas — Bradie James thought it was only a matter of time before DeMarcus Ware and the Dallas Cowboys finished off Jay Cutler.”I thought he was going to lose his cool and he didn’t,” James said.Led by the unblockable Ware, the Cowboys unleashed a vicious pass rush that overwhelmed the Bears’ offensive line and threatened to consume Cutler. The Bears’ quarterback was sacked by …
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Chicago Bears

Congrats to the Chicago Bears. Big WIN today. – by KStapes11 (Kyle Stapleton)

Chicago #Bears Defeat the Dallas #Cowboys (Called by a Certain Person): Rant Sports RantSportsNFL (RantSports NFL)

Chicago Bears Reader Q&A

Question by cherokeekid: who was the middle linebacker for the Chicago Bears in 1965?
He played his NFL career with Chicago Bears as the most feared middle linebacker in his day. In the 60’s.


Answer by Tony
Dick Butkus

Answer by Terry

Answer by cavaliers fan
urlacher. lol

Question by Chang: Where can I find or download the Chicago Bears font?
I would like to be able to download the Chicago Bears font for free and be able to type letters and numbers.


Answer by sportsfan89b
I have no idea, but try

They have a big free selection.


Answer by sychly

Question by K Yo: Do you think Adrian Peterson of the Chicago Bears is going to succeed?
Not the Adrian Peterson on the Vikings but the one on Chicago Bears. Do you think he’s going to do good? Cedric Benson has sucked so far into the season and I’m glad he’s out. Do you think Peterson is going to be able to do what Benson couldn’t? Also, What do you think about Garret Wolfe being the 2nd backup running back? Do you think he’s going to have tough time running against NFL teams considering his size?


Answer by highlinebenzdlr
No doubt he’s a great talent. But, the reason no one else was high on him in the draft is the reason he will not succeed in the NFL…..he’s too injury prone! Sorry.

Answer by hersheba
Ah, only toothless bird sucks seeds!!

Answer by Storm
perhaps he is an amazingly strong runner and has some speed i think the bears should be fine

Chicago Bears Video of the Day

a cool video of chicago bears and a cool song that goes with the video with big hits and defensive plays from the bears THE SONG IS: WE DA BEARS ARTIST:Big Hit Buda n Tha Brown Pound
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Readers Comments (45)

  1. josiah b says:

    Dick Butkus in His rookie year!!! (notice the capital H in His for royalty)

  2. Knowledge Wizard says:

    Mr. Butkus, of course. That would be Richard Dick…

    Go Bears.

  3. Fake Kate says:

    Turner Gill

  4. Mister Football says:

    51 dick butkus!

  5. Jesse says:

    dick b…. of course every 1 knows that

  6. smokin joe bobo says:

    dick butkus

  7. Jasmine says:

    Is Chris Leap…still on the Bears…I think that they are going to do good…

  8. The Postman says:

    Playing on his own, probably not. In a two back rotation, most def.

  9. Renegade says:

    Usually, when a running game has sucked continuously for so many games, it is the result of a bad offensive line.

  10. a1dude says:

    toss up

  11. gwm7007 says:

    No he is a smaller back than Ced and his style of running does not fit the bears o line. He can however be used to catch the ball on short yardage downs and goaline situations as a decoy. The bears should have never traded Thomas.

  12. maur911 says:

    Lots of talent! No problem!

  13. Leff_NutZ says:

    I don’t think he’ll do that good. He was a third stringer most of his short career. Not that Benson is out, AP will have to try to run, but CHI will be getting outscored and have to go back to the pass.

  14. Derek F says:

    I know there is a lot of hype about this week. Every article you read about fantasy football, they say to pick him up asap! so with those implications, you never know

  15. daniel radcliffe says:

    things like this usually depend on the coach. the vikings coach trusted adrian over chester taylor and it payed off. i think that if the bears coach will give adrian almost all the carries- it will pay off and the NFL will have 2 stars named adrian peterson.
    as to garrett wolfe, since his speed is over lightening speed, size probably wont b the difference. ask maurice jones-drew if u dont believe me.

  16. chrstnwrtr says:

    He will struggle but I think he has a chance.

  17. mitsoma97 says:

    Yes Peterson is one of the Hardest working players on the Bears team. Every opportunity he’s had he put up positive yards. He’s quick and has alot better vision then Benson (he’s fragile!) And can take a hit and use it to motivate himself. He might even get 100 yards against the Giants if the Bears don’t get behind and Trainwrecks coughs up the football.

  18. Craig H says:

    He will have the same issue Benson had. No team is in any way afraid of the Bear’s passing attack… Defenses will continue to run blitz and stack up on 1st down and shut him down as well…

    Bears, please seek a reliable option at QB.

  19. basictheory2000 says:

    AP, no dubt, figuring he couldnt be any worse than Benson! As far as wolfe, he has great speed and with his size, he will be able to do alot of hiding if you wil to get away from would be tacklers. The just need a QB worth a damn.

  20. emiller1998 says:

    That Adrian Peterson is a career backup who has bounced around the league. I doubt he will do anything either.

  21. BishopRealTalk98 says:

    Duhh Bears suck!

  22. cod1234567xx says:

    Hi bears rock

  23. flako0721 says:

    and yet we lost superbowl 41

  24. Tenjin05 says:

    Vickings Suck bro……2bad so sad. face it

  25. Koolaid3961 says:

    were devin hester in this vid

  26. Jarhead362 says:

    THE BEARS ARE THE BEST 6:50 in slowmo the tackle from brown was amazing and bears vs panthers 8!!!!!!!!!! sacks haha

  27. RomanSupreme says:

    loooool wie der am anfang halt abgeht how called the player who runes in the beginning the td

  28. MiiDwAyMoNsTeR says:

    DUDE. i effing need 4 bullets.

  29. jekmertin199 says:

    I know this guy he is awesome I got a couple of his albums 2

  30. Rochabp says:

    @KAIZER1987haha serbia, Awesome bro. Im in california

  31. KAIZER1987uf says:

    I am from Serbia and i love BEARS they are the BEST i just started to play football 🙂 american football is the best game on the WORLD!!!

  32. VikingsOwn18 says:

    @ridiculousnoble Its OBVIOUS

  33. ridiculousnoble says:

    @VikingsOwn18 Hey you can try and predict the future but I am stating fact !!

  34. ridiculousnoble says:

    @inedibleshit LOL

  35. doonthis says:

    6:25 was fucking crazy. i wish nathan vasher would go back to hiss old ways

  36. VikingsOwn18 says:

    @ridiculousnoble they will before the bears do again!

  37. ridiculousnoble says:

    @VikingsOwn18 The Vikings never won a Superbowl, how about that?

  38. ridiculousnoble says:

    Yeah I remember when Vasher was good…….and Brown was healthy.

  39. launchsystem says:

    me likey

  40. wwefan53500 says:

    FUCCCCK VI-QUEENS and the cheesy ass Fuckers and the Lions already know not to start they str8 shit

  41. Rochabp says:

    @VikingsOwn18 i like them both i dont have anything againgst either team i just like bears more cuz my bro is a big bears fan even though we live in CA. but both are kool, i was kinda mad wen vikings lost to saints

  42. VikingsOwn18 says:

    @Rochabp they are better than the bears you should like them more

  43. Rochabp says:

    @VikingsOwn18 im from cali so i love me some SD chargers, i actually like the vikings a lil too.

  44. VikingsOwn18 says:

    @Rochabp what other teams do you like?

  45. Rochabp says:

    @VikingsOwn18 LOL im a Semi-bears fan

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