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Cincinnati Bengals News, Views, & Highlights

Published on September 14, 2010 by   ·   35 Comments

Cincinnati Bengals
Image by Bearman2007
This editorial cartoon by Bearman appeared at the website on December 18, 2008. It depicts Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis asking all reporters at a press conference to no longer ask any questions about the Bengals terrible season.

Latest Cincinnati Bengals News

Cincinnati Bengals Vs New England Patriots: Bengals Bungle in Season Opener
The Cincinnati Bengals were supposed to come out strong and have a hard fought battle with the New England Patriots .  It was supposed to be a close game from start to finish.  Instead, the Bengals found themselves down 24 to 3 after two quarters—despite having greater possession time. The first drive of the game had Palmer show some flair with a 14 yard-er after trying to light up the Pats on …
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Cincinnati Bengals: Seven Good Things From Game 1
The Bengals dropped Game 1 to the Patriots. They got beat in every facet of the game. They have a lot of work to do on defense. Tom Brady moved the Patriot offense up and down the field with ease. Oh yeah, and the special teams gave up a touchdown on a kickoff return. Instead of focusing on the bad, here are seven good things that happened. Begin Slideshow
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Self-promoting Bengals get pummeled
The Cincinnati Bengals were pushed around during a 38-24 loss at New England on Sunday that brought back memories of the bad old days when such things happened regularly. Their season opener was an eye opener for the defending AFC North champs.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Cincinnati Bengals

Baltimore Ravens Vs Cincinnati Bengals: Las Vegas Line & Pick Against the Spread – Associated Content: Baltimore R… grafigraf (no free insurance)

Great story about @OGOchoCinco Class act!!! – by H8RedSox (Kenny LeRoy)

Cincinnati Bengals Reader Q&A

Question by krysten p: Cincinnati Bengals?
Do you think the Cincinnati Bengals will make the playoffs this year


Answer by Peyton Manning
No, 9-7
Their defense is horrible

Horrible Run Game, only people holding them up is

Ocho-No Show, Carson Palmer, and that Houshmanzadeh kid

They can only throw

Answer by Friendly Stranger..
I don’t think they will make the playoffs. I think they will likely go 7-9. Here are a couple of things to consider. The first is their horrible defense. They haven’t done much at all to stop teams from putting up points or yardage on them. Secondly, you have to take into the fact that there were players such as Chris Henry and others who were recently arrested that caused a lot of distraction. Also Chad Johnson, he’s a great player but he talks too much and that causes distraction. One final thing to note is their division. For some reason I suspect it to be tough for them because they have to face the Steelers at some point, along with the browns. The Ravens won’t be much of a factor. But the browns and steelers will likely take the first two spots in the playoffs for the AFC north. The Bengals have some major rebuilding to do on defense if they want to have a shot at the playoffs, and constency is the key..

Answer by Carly “Elvis”
No i dont think so maybe o….7-1
in the end it’ll be the COLTS and another team other than the Begals

Question by PreMed: cincinnati bengals?
At school we are doing a homecoming hallway with the theme “Bengals”and I need pictures of anything bengals, we then are going to put them on an overhead and trace them onto paper. bengals logo, the players..Thanks!

thanks so much!


Answer by theguythathatesradiohead
A great place to go would be their homepage.

Go Bengals.

Answer by batta03
Try this link and click on the photo galleries towards the top of the page. There are all sorts of photos here.

And here’s another link to the Bengals Official Website and the fanzone that has tons of multimedia stuff you might be able to use. I would suggest using some of the Desktop Wallpapers that they have here, too!

Cincinnati Bengals Video of the Day

Highlights of the 2009 Cincinnati Bengals, AFC North Champions

Give your answer to this question below!

Readers Comments (35)

  1. Football says:

    They did,draft Keith Rivers, which shouldbe a huge upgrade to their horrible defense.
    8-8, not this year, but next year for sure they domake the playoffs

  2. Future NFL Analyst says:


  3. Money says:

    I doubt it. Imo Carson Palmer is overrated.

  4. Jayda A says:

    rarely can a team make the playoffs with a bad defense. the bengals are at best 7-9

  5. billyrayhombre09 says:

    They are a bubble team. If everything goes right for them they could make the playoffs. But they don’t have much margin for error.

    To make the playoffs, they need their defense to play much better. And Rudi Johnson needs to get his health back, or Chris Perry needs to play like the first round pick that was used on him, so that they will have a strong running game to chew up some clock and salt away some wins.

  6. Taylor B says:

    sorry but they lost chad johnson even with him their offense isnt good.
    their defense is pitiful.
    sorry but not this year.

  7. wolverines56 says:

    HAHAHAHA!!! oh wait this was a serious question. Even though i live in Cincinnati, i hate the bengals for one reason: well actually a lot. 1: their defense sucks. 2: Chad. enough said. I have more reasons but i won’t share them. overall prediction. 6-10. maybe 7-9 or 8-8 but certainly not playoffs.

  8. badboys4life says:


  9. Jordan P says:

    I see the Bengals goin 10-6 and makn the playoffs..wit keith rivers to b a addition to the defense and that new tall recieviver to replace chris henry i see us having a good offense with kenny irons being healthy and being our running back and having houshmanzadeh run short routes and chad goin deep and then having another tall recievier to throw to theres no stoppn that offense

  10. name_unused says:

    “Their defense is horrible”
    what a well thought out answer as if the defense were one man that was always late to meetings and over weight.
    Their defense was bad. They lost almost their entire LB corp last season, so just having NFL LBs will help, and they got some. The secondary is in really good shape with talent and depth, they were just left out in the wind last year by the lack of pass rush. So if only the Bengals had gotten a WLB and a run stuffing mountain of a man (cannot teach size) in the draft and one of the best pass rushing DEs in free agency they might have a chance. What is that you say? They did those things? Well then I would have to say they are better already. Odom is an upgrade over Smith and Williams while good has not been the same since his injury.
    If they are healthy the offense is probably the best in the league this year. The line was badly hurt last year, as were most of the RBs. All that and no receiving TE and they were still one of the best offences. A little health and some Ben Utecht sounds just like what the doctor ordered.

    Am I sure they will make the playoffs? No. The schedule is brutal. But so is the rest of the divisions. It is gonna be tough, but not as tough as all of you with your irrational bias against Cincinnati think it’s going to be.

    But I will be bold and say yes they make it. The offense looks great. If they can get out to an early lead and force teams to throw to catch up that would be perfect. No team has more INT’s in the last 5 years than the Bengals. This year the defense will be better than that horrible one.

  11. DiaperBoy says:

    619doney Are you upset? Is it something i said?

  12. 619doney says:

    @DiaperBitch Hey, just fuck off, okay? you whatch your steeler shit and ill whatch my shit. you think your so mighty and shit and you get a kick out of every thing you say, you need to just go grow some balls and then just suck on the steelers. Okay??

  13. DiaperBoy says:

    619doney By now, you would think, attempting to Fuck with your MASTER is totally FRUITLESS. You must be a MASOCHIST to continue to HUMILIATE yourself in this manner. Anyone reading all this can plainly see, your in so far over your head when it comes to butting heads with your SUPERIOR, its beyond Laughable. Be my guest and continue to EMBARRASS yourself. How PATHETIC, you think in terms of winning division titles, We think in terms of SUPER BOWLS. OHHAHA

  14. DiaperBoy says:

    619doney One more thing, DONEYBALONEYPHONY. Aside from the Steelers, theres a team in our division called the Balt Ravens who happen to be Loaded, who will hand your collective PATHETIC asses to you, and will win the division if we dont. You do realize, we could go a number of years (not likely) without winning Jack shit, and still be LIGHT YEARS ahead of your LAUGHABLE, BAG WEARING FRANCHISE? In other words, till the day of Armageddon, you will NEVER come close to equaling us. How sad, huh? LOL

  15. DiaperBoy says:

    619doney Only a PATHETIC DUMB ASS would make a comment like you did only hours after his BUNGHOLES had their ass handed to them in Foxboro. What a fucking IDIOT! LOL LOL. Aside from that, Steeler Nation has been hearing this same old shit for over 40 yrs now, and STILL NO Lombardi. Its called, YADA YADA YADA. Hey DONEYBALONEYPHONY, heres a great idea for you- why dont you wait till you actually win your FIRST WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP before talking shit to your MASTER? Till then, We LAUGH at you. LOL

  16. 619doney says:

    @DiaperBitch theres a new time and the bengals will be winning the afc north now and shitsburgh can suck it!!!! steelers won back then, but now theres a new time and its the time of the BENGALS!!!!!!

  17. notoriousbigdrik says:

    Why do the Bengals continue to go get every teams problem child. They will never win as long as they keep that crap up.

  18. DiaperBoy says:


  19. 619doney says:

    @Diaperbitch hahaha you go on every single bengals video and complain! get a life you useless whore!!!! btw steelers are going to suck MAJOR cock this season! cant wait you dumb d bag! 😉

  20. 619doney says:

    @saydenus18 i now what a shame

  21. MetaLMunchies says:

    @torontobills and by that i don’t mean preseason…. but nevertheless bills wanted it more

  22. MetaLMunchies says:

    @torontobills not this season

  23. MetaLMunchies says:

    @masamune2984 twice went to the super bowl in the 80’s and lost to the 49’s both times 🙁

  24. MetaLMunchies says:

    i cant fuckin wait for this season!!!!!!!

  25. torontobills says:

    Bills Over Bengals 35 – 20

  26. coronamusician says:

    I concur. This year we will dominate the division, then the league! Hooday!

  27. saydenus18 says:

    man that would have been our year if we didnt lose Chris Henry

  28. 619doney says:

    Pittsburgh whatch out

  29. Lotz2wuv says:

    this is powerful and im from texas and im a bengals fan

    and always will be they”ll rise and take every obstacle down

  30. Lotz2wuv says:

    @masamune2984 dude thts powerful and me also being a bengals and from texas man

    there gonna do good this year and every year after that and claim that superbowl title man


  31. lue513 says:

    @rowland2110 so wise guy who do you think they should of picked cause our offense was shit last year so you tell me who you think we should of got

  32. TheIcecold1906 says:

    WHO DEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. rowland2110 says:

    “Division champions” means nothing. There is only one winner at the end of the season every year. And the bengals will never win a superbowl picking up these misfits like TO, and pac-man.

  34. chicagovoorhees says:

    I will bleed Orange and Black till the day I die. No, it isn’t always easy being a Bengal fan. But is it worth it? Hell Yeah. This is our time. Right now. Who Dey forever.

  35. bengalsrock23 says:

    I cant WAIT till next season. Its our year to prove the whole NFL wrong about us.

    Also great video and the Chris Henery part brought tears to my eyes. 🙁

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