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Cleveland Browns : What People are Saying

Published on September 19, 2010 by   ·   25 Comments

Cleveland Browns
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This was the information board about the current Cleveland Browns. This had stats and a brief history of the team.

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Recent Twitter Posts about the Cleveland Browns

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Cleveland Browns Reader Q&A

Question by King Of NJ(FIBA Gold Champs!): Who wins this game of bottom feeders this Sunday: Cleveland Browns at Detroit Lions?
Me I got the Detroit Lions winning 24-10. The Browns offense is just terrible and the Lions at least have something going on offense.

I think the Lions get their 2nd win of the year.

Who wins this game of bottom feeders this Sunday: Cleveland Browns at Detroit Lions?


Answer by ~Nikky~ (6-3)
I got the Lions to win in a very low scoring game. 7-3 Lions

Answer by T-Bone 1246

Answer by igspit
I’d take the Lions because they have a couple of offensive weapons and the Browns have nothing on offense plus their inept coach sucks.

Question by colin w: What are the chances for this happening for the Cleveland Browns?
With the third pick in the 2007 draft the Cleveland Browns select Adrian Peterson

TRADE: Browns send C. Frye, B.Edwards, and B. Pool to Tampa Bay
Tampa sends 2007 1st round pick to Cleveland

With the fourth pick in the 2007 draft the Cleveland Browns select Calvin Johnson.
OK for all u saying Braylon is to valuble he is trying to be traded by the broens

he is critizizing everyone ivolved with the team and was late to 5!!!!!! meetings this week so if the Browns can trade him for Calvin Johnson they would

And we can still get a quarterback instead of AP but wat do u think about the trade


Answer by Pal G
pretty good

Answer by NetsKidd5

1. With the 4th pick they could possibly land I solid QB like Quinn
2. Edwards would be a nice addition and pool Ok but Frye can not be the QB for ur team. I dont see that trade appealing to me.
Maybe add in a 2nd rounder . Then we got talks. But they can possibly land Quinn whos young. Frye is not the QB u want on ur team. No offense to Brown Fans and Frye.

If ur talkin draft picks peterson suffered a injury and is Very Risky to take.
I take a Qb a QB Starts a franchise

Take Quinn for the 3rd Picks since possibly Troy Smith will be gone

Answer by MikeAwesome
Browns wouldnt do that. Braylon Edwards is too valuable. Browns dont need a RB, they need a good QB. Brohm, Quinn, Stanton come to mind.

Cleveland Browns Video of the Day NFL Week :1 Cleveland Browns 17 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14 – Full Highlights

What do you think? Answer below!


Readers Comments (25)

  1. Ed Hochuli says:

    3-3 OT

    Tie Game

  2. GA says:

    The Lions. I’m shocked the Browns have a win on their record, and I seriously doubt they’ll get another one.

  3. THE PANTHERS FAN,4-5,Watch Out! says:

    There is no way I see Detroit scoring 24,I don’t care if there playing a high school

    I got more like 10-3 Lions.

  4. elkgond1 (Brady is back) says:

    Browns win 6-5

  5. AD says:

    To watch, play, own, or coach these teams guarantees nobody “wins”.

  6. Earle of Bruce says:

    No one is going to win this game, the Browns are going to lose it more, so the Lions will get the W by default.

  7. Rob K- GET SOME says:

    I’ve actually got the Lions here in a blowout. We know the Lions can atleast move the ball at times. We’ve yet to see the great Browns move the ball against anyone; I’m not even sure they could against a CFL team.

    Sunday will be the day any fantasy football owner who owns Calvin Johnson has waited for all season. Cleveland is the worst team in the NFL.

    Lions 28 – Browns 9

    Browns STILL don’t score an offensive touchdown this Sunday.

  8. Dan the TEA Man says:

    Universal ineptitude!

    I would say Lions 14-3.

    Will the network even bother to carry this game? Pew!!

  9. ~♥˜LI'L TsUnaMi™˜♥~Bolts 6-3 says:

    Detroit win 13-10

  10. BeAsT n' tHa WiNteR FleeCe says:

    god i hope the Lions get this win……

    i cant take much more of this…..

  11. 2 legit 2 quit says:

    I’ll go with the Lions 20-16.

  12. Jenn Brewers ∂ Packers Girl says:

    People say this game has no significance, but the Browns and Lions fans would have to disagree. Neither one wants to be crowned the worst team of 2009.

    The better of the worst are the Lions

    Lions 14 Browns 7

  13. YSIC says:

    I’m taking the Lions as well. They will be at home. They will be playing the Browns. No one loses in that situation!
    I think even the Raiders could pull that off. LOL

  14. The Mick "7" says:

    Based on what I witnessed last night, the Lions should have a cake walk. The Browns are terrible and getting worse.

  15. Frederick S says:

    The Lions should win. They’re at home, and the Browns look like they have given up the season. I’m sure many players are really unhappy with Mangini for basically getting Josh Cribbs hurt on the last play.

    I was willing to give Mangini another season, but the situation looks irreversible each week. The lousy trades, the team giving up on the coaching staff, the horrible offense, the mishandling of QB’s, etc… This is like a company that hires the wrong CEO. Time to cut ties.

  16. 123(The Degenerate Gambler. FML) says:

    Lions. WOOHOO. We have our 2nd victory of the year!

  17. Jim Morrison says:

    if there is any mercy the Browns will win.

    What team do you play for King of NJ?

    Browns 3-2 they will give up a safety but will get a field goal when Cribbs runs one back to the 10 and they can’t get a first down. Sad to say that would be an improvement.


  18. ★Kimmiepants★ Theee Yankees WIN! says:

    The Browns are ALL TIME bad, They are a TERRIBLE team, with a TERRIBLE coach. Last year, the Lions were bad, but their Coach wasnt bad, he just had NOTHING to work with on defense. but The Browns are Bad on Both Sides of Ball and Their Coach is awful. Lions 27-0

  19. TexHabsfan says:

    like in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off my pick is Da Bears.

    OK my serious answer eh .. Lions 21 and Browns 9.

  20. Ray M says:

    ok, adrian peterson,when healthy, can be a franchise back. however, since nearly winning the heisman as a freshman, he’s proven to be quite injury prone. also, why the HELL would you trade a young receiver with loads of potential like braylon edwards for the third pick in the draft? if you they do that, they’ve just traded a conerstone for their team and will be back at square one. with that said, they will NOT trade up for the third pick in the draft. but i like the sound of trading up for calvin johnson! that guy’s a beast! they could trade their first round pick, plus a couple of late round picks.

  21. 412 KiD says:

    They’re still never going to the superbowl. My Steelers suck and they’re still better than Celeveland on their worst day!

  22. Tre says:

    The browns can have the best skilled players in the game and still wont make it to the playoffs. Steelers sucked this year, but we still got 5 rings!!!

  23. Nathan P says:

    I doubt it will happen because the team has stuck by Charlie Frye. They may get rid of Edwards however but I doubt if Tampa Bay would give up a 1st round pick for him.

  24. brotha6ft4 says:

    Trading Braylon would be stupid. We need a quaterback that is mobile and effective while we get the offensive line together. (troy smith) No need to waste a 1st round pick on a WR when we cant get him the ball. 2nd round we need a damn playmaker on “D” a cornerback.

  25. ric j says:

    I want the Browns to do something they should have done in at least their first three drafts, TRADE DOWN. What good is Adrian Peterson or Brady Quinn if they have no one to block for them? Plus our rush defense ranks 30th.

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