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Colorado Rockies in Review – A Look Back

Published on September 3, 2010 by   ·   30 Comments

Colorado Rockies
Image by drocpsu
View of the Colorado Rockies from Winter Park Resort

Winter Park, Colorado

Latest Colorado Rockies News

Colorado Rockies’ Chris Iannetta leaves with strained right calf
Colorado Rockies catcher Chris Iannetta has left Sunday’s game because of a right calf strain.
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Colorado Rockies Keep the Pressure On, Win Again
The Colorado Rockies continued their climb to the top of the standings on Saturday night, but it didn’t come the way most probably thought it would. The result, however, is the same for the Rockies, who came from behind in the late innings to win 2-1.
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Colorado Rockies Keep the Pressure On, Win Again
The Colorado Rockies continued their climb to the top of the standings on Saturday night, but it didn’t come the way most probably thought it would. The result, however, is the same for the Rockies, who came from behind in the late innings to win 2-1. With Ubaldo Jimenez taking the mound against Rodrigo Lopez, who came into the game with an ERA in the mid fives, it looked like the Rockies should …
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Colorado Rockies

Funny to hear that "Mile High Magic" now refers to the Colorado Rockies in September/October. – by pvkukreja (P. Kukreja)

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Colorado Rockies Reader Q&A

Question by Sarah: Colorado Rockies?
Does anyone know why there is a dog in the front row, behind the plate at the Colorado Rockies game? How is he allowed there? Is he always there?


Answer by pricehillsaint
Homeplate Umpire’s seeing eye dog!

GO PADS! 8-6

Answer by knack_at
Well San Diego just hit a home run to go up 8 to 6. Guess there’s always next year for Colorado.

I was rooting for them too.

Answer by J.S.
yes! he is allowed,they will need something to kick when they choke,he is only there tonite.,,I have to retract that statement,the Home plate ump definitely needs him as a see eye dog.That run shouldn’t have counted,worst call i have ever seen,he never touched the plate.I hope this isn’t going to set the trend for the upcoming play offs.

Question by magsb18: Why were the Colorado Rockies sitting in the first base dugout?
In basebell, the visiting team usually sit in the 3rd base dugout. However the recent series between Colorado and the Dodgers, the Rockies were sitting in the 1st base dugout, why was that?


Answer by J Dubs
Though more teams use the 1st base dugout at home, this isn’t always the case. Only 18 of the 30 MLB teams use the 1st base dugout as their home dugout and clubhouse.

The Dodgers are one of the teams that use the 3rd base dugout as the home dugout, therefore, the Rockies were in the 1st base/visiting dugout.

Answer by sk82survive
Every field has its own sides in which the teams sit in. But most of them are the same

Answer by utterchaos99
For some reason the Dodgers use the third base dugout for their home games. It has been ever since they moved from Brooklyn. There are other teams in the majors that do that as well.

“Jonathan Light in The Cultural Encyclopedia of Baseball (1997) wrote, ‘It (the [home team dugout’s location] is sometimes based on the whim of the owner, in part depending upon where the owner’s executive suite is and whether the dugout can be seen from that vantage point.'”

Colorado Rockies Video of the Day

A preview of the upcoming season and our path to being World Series Champions. Jim Tracy will lead us to the promise land! Go Rockies! All rights go the Major League Baseball with the highlights. The songs are: Top Gun Anthem, No Easy Way Out, and Going the Distance.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Readers Comments (30)

  1. Wounded Duck says:

    He buys a ticket!

  2. Alex W says:

    well J.S., atkins homerun should have counted, guess its even

  3. Bobby D says:

    J.S. is a typical fan. Had Colorado lost that game our fans would have been crying foul about the homerun that was taken away. Like the dude above me said, guess we are even now. Make up call maybe? It doesn’t matter though, Colorado would have won that game without Holiday scoring that run. Who gives a shit that he didn’t touch home. That game should have been over in the top of the 9th had it not been for that blown call. Hoffman is a bum and It is great that San Diego lost the same way that they won a ton of games. Welcome to Colorado BITCHES!!

  4. Gary N says:

    Not all teams use first base dugout as the home dugout…. not sure why

  5. dbacksfan#44 says:

    Some teams use the 3rd base dugout, as their home dug-out, why who knows, but i do know that the Arizona D-Backs, also use the 3rd base side as their home side.

  6. 3lordi says:

    GO ROCKIES!!!!

  7. B4NAN4S199 says:

    EPiC Catch by tulo

  8. kiasphnos says:

    @paintballer1231 YEA the Big CO good choice i live here love colorado!

  9. majrpwoner87 says:

    3:04 i was there

  10. paintballer1231 says:

    sweet video i live in chicago and a cub fan but i have given up on them so colorado is my team now i love the state and plan to move there go rockies!!!

  11. SuperColoradorockies says:

    just hope ubaldo wins the all stars go to my channel

  12. majrpwoner87 says:


  13. Lphalo3 says:

    Tulo fuckin gone but Herrrea doing very nicely good and barmes mad the red sox look like a bitch last night lol

  14. coloradosnum1jagsfan says:

    @mitchanddianna Agreed for now, however, I like what they’re doing with Dex. When he comes back up I expect him to take center again. Hes without a doubt one of the best defensive center fielders in the MLB and even tho Cargo is good, he is nowhere near Dex’s level defensively. He should be in left. Seth has been just ok since Dexter went down. Plus he’s tearing it up in AAA. Expect Dex back up before long.

  15. 20austinsmiley10 says:

    i was at that game when chris ianetta hit that 2 run homerun against the brewers it was awesome.

  16. mitchanddianna says:

    I have to say that although Gonzalez is good in left field it would be more beneficial to the team to put him in center and smith in left. Fowler is good dont get me wrong but he is just not producing at the plate.

  17. cutler623 says:

    @athletes3 His song is the nWo wolfpack theme

  18. athletes3 says:

    what is giambi’s at bat song this year?

  19. tstarr17 says:

    @coloradosnum1jagsfan spilly is loved in the locker room, and is a solid player. he’s also got a great sense of humor. i was even at the rockies game last wednesday. he almost signed one thing of mine, but had to go but he said it nicely.

  20. coloradosnum1jagsfan says:

    For those who wish to post comments about Spilly, please refrain as he is a queer and will never be placed in a video of mine other than in degrading fashion.

  21. eastcoastprodigy3234 says:

    I’m a yankees fan, living in NJ, but damn, do these rockies know how to play. my favorite NL team, they can only get better, and they’re all so young(sorry Helton). future looks bright for the mile high team

  22. manningfan18x says:

    nice video man. You forgot Spily though, always a big contributor

  23. MrRCOLA says:

    GO BRAVES!!!!

  24. SeahawksFanUK says:

    Really sweet vid, man! It must have taken a while to put this together, so thanks! Can’t wait for the new season, we have so many weapons and ways to put up runs, as well as some awesome potential on the mound. GO, ROX!

  25. Swood44 says:

    what about spilly? and his walk off grand slam? whatever, GO ROCKIES

  26. shosta23 says:

    4:34 I was at that game

  27. cgb0184 says:

    Awesome video…it’s cool to remember exactly what you were thinking when some of these plays were going down as they went down. I’m headed to Spring Training in 2 days to get an early start on cheering for the 2010 season. GO ROX!!!

  28. elkslayer35 says:

    i was totally waiting for the danger zone; kenny loggins, but rocky is cool too. haha

  29. coloradosnum1jagsfan says:

    6:24 = what happens when you hit one in the direction of the gangsta man

  30. RoidRage1986 says:

    The Rockies have the best defensive team in the league. I am pumped for this season. The Rockies may be the favorite in the NL let alone the NL West. We had the Phils beat until Street choked.

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