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Detroit Lions : Latest From the Web

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Detroit Lions
Image by trainman74
Lions 37, Buccaneers 10.

Latest Detroit Lions News

Shaun Hill starts for Detroit Lions at QB for injured Matthew Stafford
The Detroit Lions will start quarterback Shaun Hill in Sunday’s home opener against Philadelphia as Matthew Stafford recovers from a shoulder injury.
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Lions coach Jim Schwartz: It was a catch
The Detroit Lions thought they had their first road win in three years Sunday against the Chicago Bears. Instead, there was only more frustration. Calvin Johnson had an apparent touchdown catch ruled an incompletion, and the Detroit Lions lost their opener 19-14 to the Chicago Bears on Sunday.
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Lions will start hill in place of injured QB Stafford
ALLEN PARK, Mich. (AP) — The Detroit Lions will start Shaun Hill at quarterback in Sunday’s home opener against Philadelphia as Matthew Stafford recovers from a shoulder injury.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Detroit Lions

RT @LionsMLive: Why Detroit Lions' fans should still be steaming about Calvin Johnson's 'incompletion' chemekimmi (kim s.)

@Nalls_from_BR that's your* not you're & I just assume award you the Cream Puff or 2008 Detroit Lions Paper Bag for zero wins on the season. – by LSUguy (Parker Wishik)

RT @TomKowalski36: Why Detroit Lions' fans should still be steaming about Calvin Johnson's 'incompletion': ALLEN PARK – Ju… MattAdler (Matt Adler)

Detroit Lions Reader Q&A

Question by Tigerwoods?: How can I watch every detroit lions football game since barry sanders was drafted?
Looking to watch every single FULL game of the detroit lions since barry sanders was drafted. How would I go about this?
I’m from detroit so that means i like the lions automatically for life.

I gotta see the transformation the debacles everything man. Thats lions football. We love it.


Answer by JaMarcus Russell
Just to let you know after B. Sanders retired you dont need to watch the full games. The outcome never changes after that. The lions get beat like they owe teams money.

By the way who would want to watch the lions? I would rather starve myself then do that. Thats saying alot

Answer by Lovemarry
Enjoy your sports on your time – Watch what you want, when you want! Get Instant Access to all sports channels over the Internet.

Question by Bullwinkle BILF: How badly will the Detroit Lions NFL football team embarrass Detroit fans today?
For those who are unaware, the Lions have not won one game yet and are not expected to change that string today either.

I sincerely wish the Detroit Lions would start winning, unless they play my Chicago Bears. LOL Then it is ok if they lose.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone


Answer by dolphfr1975
It’s not embarassing at all. I hope they get killed. That way you can all give thanks that you don’t have to watch the lions all year long.

Answer by Ozzy fan
Titans will win by at least 21…. I predict 42-10.

Answer by The Man
Who knows? Maybe Culpepper and Calvin Johnson will have huge day.

They have nothing to lose being such huge underdogs.

Detroit Lions Video of the Day

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!! A Calvin Johnson video. With film all from the Detroit Lions.
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Readers Comments (34)

  1. jc says:

    happy thanksgiving
    they have no luck. embarrassed was 4 weeks ago

  2. Joe the Plumber says:

    What a freakin coincidence. I am also a Bears fan, and the I REALLY want the Lions to win (not today, though) for three reasons:

    1. They have great wide reciever and qb.

    2. They have to beat the packers and vikings, and should have beaten both this year.

    3. They are really not as bad as the 07 Dolphins.

  3. PAUL P says:


  4. Joel D says:

    This is also the Lions first sellout at Ford Field in recent weeks. Their last 3 home games had been locally blacked out, and I was surprised to see that this game sold out.

    I can’t believe that there’s a good number of Lions fans who think that they can actually pull off the upset. I live in the Detroit area, and I was listening to a local radio station the other day. People were calling in saying that it would happen. Here’s what I think: NOT A CHANCE. The Lions will be truly embarrassed after today’s game. It won’t even be close.

    Prediction: Tennessee 31, Detroit 10

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. RichDizzle (8-3) says:

    They can’t embarrass the fans or the city of Detroit more than they are already. What a crappy team to root for.

    Take heed Lion fans…if you lose them all at least you will be the ONLY team to go 0-16 in a season. But I’m sure, in true detroit fashion, they will win one game and show that they can’t even suck the best.

  6. duct tape wanna feckalot too says:

    lmao, yea my team is a mess this year too. Go eagles<<<

  7. Happy Enzyme says:

    It will be a real turkey of a game.

  8. Justice says:

    Pretty badly… but I’ll win some money. And, uh…I think everyone is aware…

  9. Kitty 2 says:

    Very very bad cause they wont beat my Titians for sure. Been watchin the game. I got bored and came to my pc..

  10. TheRelocated says:

    Lions for Life =)

  11. ABH1297 says:

    @TheGiantsfan89 But u gotta give props to calvin. hes a beast

  12. headstrong420 says:

    nice windmill dunk by logan stefan at 0:44 xD

  13. austinCPA says:

    @bighottie221 man/woman your english is broken…..i maybe understood every other word in your last sentence…..

  14. ColdCutMolecules says:

    nice tribute man *goosebumps* that boy is a beast

  15. bighottie221 says:

    @austinCPA True Lions fan my ass…..Stay true to Lions man, Born and raised in the D my friend….Johnson needs to stay with us baby…..Fuck you Lion haters, you’ll see this year…and EAgles arnt ganand o shit, Suh is ganna stop you everytime

  16. TheGiantsfan89 says:

    @NEPatriots128154 Fuck you im a giants fan im just saying your QB is a bitch an is gonna get tossed around by the eagles if he plays

  17. NEPatriots128154 says:

    @TheGiantsfan89 Haha, look at the little Eagles fan trying to pick on the Lions! You know your team sucks when after a loss you go to pick on the LIONS

  18. TheGiantsfan89 says:

    lions do suck dick Eagles are gonna run all over you guys in ford field

  19. austinCPA says:

    i am a true lions fan but i feel like calvin is being wasted at detroit…imagine if he was playing under brady, brees, or manning…..

  20. ceeloshady3 says:

    @MrSouthphillyitalian You’re lucky your man VICK got some time back. He looked sharp, but I hope Stafford pulls out. We won that shit, though.

  21. MrSouthphillyitalian says:

    So happy you guys got robbed for that catch . EAGLES gonna kick ass next week

  22. zink407 says:

    Last season

  23. zink407 says:

    @darkphoenix5150 umm stats and skills go hand in hand smart guy lol u can’t produce stats in the NFL without having skills! Larry desean and Marshall get doubled pretty often with Larry 1 Boldin is in Baltimore 2 boldin hasn’t played a complete season in years because of injuries/hold out etc. so it’s been all on Larry and breaston isn’t very good celek and maclin are decent and Eddie royal didn’t do SHIT after his rookie season! eagles are a pass first team and broncos run game was sub par las

  24. Darkphoenix5150 says:

    @Troll4MoarLulz calvin didnt go to the pro bowl in 2008 because they lost every game, maybe you dont realize, but the probowl is a popularity contest look up calvin johnsons stats 2008, he had a better season than pretty much everyone.

  25. Darkphoenix5150 says:

    @Troll4MoarLulz Yes there are things such as workout warriors, but calvin is more like moss only bigger and stronger.

  26. Darkphoenix5150 says:

    @Troll4MoarLulz your a dumbass. stats usually dont mean shit when your comparing skill. is vernon davis better than antonio gates?? HELL NO, he had a better year. stats have nothing to do with skill double and triple coverage is what is happening, do fitzgerald, jackson, and marshall all get those coverages?? FUCK NO. they have other good recievers to open things up for them. Boldin and Breaston, Maclin, celek, and avant, and eddie royal, and an amazing running game.

  27. jwb864 says:

    4:22 absolulty redicules

  28. LayzeKiD23 says:

    @Troll4MoarLulz Is Derek Anderson a better player than Calvin Johnson? And do you really think Johnson puts up terrible stats? If you’re gonna play the stats game, then factor in team stats as well. Fitzgerald, Jackson, and Johnson put up similar stats their rookie years. Only difference after that is Johnson plays for the LIONS. Moss, Andre Johnson, Fitzgerald, DeSean all of had/have better QB’s, which makes a huge difference. Marshall also had Cutler for awhile.

  29. bibish1 says:

    if he was on a better team he would have the best statistics then any other WR in the league

  30. MrSouthphillyitalian says:

    lions fuckin suck ass… Eagles all day

  31. Troll4MoarLulz says:

    @ADR1991 You mean Larry Fitzgerald, Brandon Marshall, and DeSean Jackson aren’t better than him? At least they have all gone to Pro Bowls.

  32. Troll4MoarLulz says:

    @datdudedman A workout warrior is someone who is big, fast and strong but puts up terrible stats. Not necessarily a bust (even though some like Vernon Gholston are busts), but workout warriors are overrated and never play up to their lofty expectations. Some examples include Gholston, Darrius Heyward Bey, Jason Pierre Paul, Calvin Johnson, and Michael Mitchell.

  33. datdudedman says:

    whats a workout warrior?

  34. ADR1991 says:

    @Troll4MoarLulz Another fucking Stat junkie on our hands. Try watching some football rather than going to the stat sheets on Top 3 receiver in the league behind moss and the other Johnson. If you want to be successful at trolling people maybe you should leave it out of your name.

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