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Detroit Pistons : Latest From the Web

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Detroit Pistons
Image by cseeman
Detroit Pistons vs. the New York Knicks on November 21, 2007 at the Palace at Auburn Hills (Michigan). Detroit won the game 98 to 86 over the Knicks.

Latest Detroit Pistons News

Pistons part of Detroit food drive
The Pistons will team with Quicken Loans and Fathead, with help from Gleaners Community Food Bank, in providing all 1,200 kindergarten through ninth-grade students at Detroit Edison Public School Academy with a weekend bag of nutritious food and school supplies.
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Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert favors Ilitches to land Pistons
Who would Dan Gilbert like to see purchase the Pistons? That’s easy. “I’d like to see the Ilitches buy the Pistons, you know, and put that new stadium in Detroit,” Gilbert told Free Press columnist Tom Walsh in an interview this past week at Quicken Loans’ new downtown headquarters.
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Pistons part of Detroit food drive
The Pistons will team with Quicken Loans and Fathead, with help from Gleaners Community Food Bank, in providing all 1,200 kindergarten through ninth-grade students at Detroit Edison Public School Academy with nutritious food and school supplies.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Detroit Pistons

I don't think so……he's got no game….Strangely, Erick Dampier Is the Key To Detroit Pistons' Credibility… Agridome (Philip Shaw)
Joe Dumars Interview (CRO) – by basket_news_it (Erik Poleis)

Detroit Pistons Reader Q&A

Question by SGinnEngineer: detroit pistons?
if it is the detroit PISTONS, why does their logo have a horse? Is that supposed to mean horsepower (as in an engine) or something since its Detroit?


Answer by coolman_48413
Horse power that is right like Pistons in an engine. Actualy there Logo used to be the center court logo they changed it in the early 90’s to a horse with teal and red there was so much fan backlash and hate for the new logo and colors that when Joe Dumars became Team president he imediatley swichted the colors back to red white and blue and redesinged the logo to merge the horse with the basketball.

Answer by Dirt Nasty
you just answered your own question, buddy.

Answer by Mateen Cleaves
what you said was correct

Question by PokePoke O: Detroit Pistons?
Who is the best player on the Detroit Pistons???


Answer by Mastermind

Answer by buckeye626
Rip Hamilton he is a great shooter

Answer by Capped
Billups is the best pistons player because without him in the lineup they are struggling against good teams. Their offense don’t flow well without him in the lineup. He is like the nash of the suns in the Eastern conference.

Question by Detroit Basketball 09-010 18-33: Detroit pistons?
pistons taking a look at maggete could this work out for the pistons


Answer by Detroit Spurs
Detroit is not signing banged up Corey Magette.

Answer by Tony R
For now they are just rumors.

Answer by AllStar
just rumours, i dont think detroit needs him, id rather want them to trade their real old guys for real good young players cuz rodney stuckey is not enuf

Detroit Pistons Video of the Day

Detroit Pistons introductions when Ben Wallace was with them
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Readers Comments (37)

  1. Bob O says:

    it means that the pistons have high adrenaline and that they will run circles around you

  2. alan b says:


  3. thewilds01 says:

    they are all team players and one can be the best at any time. great group of players.

  4. carson palmer says:

    Def. Chauncey Billups

  5. Ben I says:

    Dumars – he put it all together

  6. draomni says:

    billups with RIP not far behind

  7. Lupe says:

    It would have to be Billups. He spreads the floor with his dangerous three point shooting, he averages close to 40% the past few years. He is an awesome defender, he has size(around 6’3-6’4) and bulk(200 lbs.) to hold his own against any poiint guard and some shooting guards. He is a great floor general, with a 3.5 to 1 assist to turnover ratio. The pistons don’t average many turnovers because he takes care of the ball so well. His stats don’t show his true value because he is on a balanced team. Also when he went down in January, the team lost every other match. He is their most vital player because he is one of the only point guards in the nba who is considered a “triple threat.” Spread the enemies D with three point ability, run the offense while generating some of his own, and he plays defense. Top 5 pg, hands down.

  8. says:


  9. Michael says:

    I highly doubt he’s coming to Detroit. There are many teams including the Warriors and Celtics talking to him, and he seems interested in Boston’s offer the most right now.

    It’s only logical, if the most money you can possibly get with any team is the mid-level exception of 5.8 million, then why not go to the reigning NBA champions?

    Hypothetically if he did come to Detroit, it would probably mean Tayshaun Prince would be traded and he is a fan favorite here..

  10. Ya itz me says:

    they are screwed now

  11. gemini6187 says:

    Maggete? Idk. But, a couple of years ago, the Pistons had a chance to send the Wallaces (Ben & ‘head case’, um Rasheed) to the Timberwolves for Kevin Garnett….um, I think that would have worked! Dumars gets a lot of props, but ask all his ex coaches what they think? If he showed as much loyalty to his coaches as he does to his ‘bone head’ players, they probably would hv made that deal, and Saunders would still be coaching them with a couple of rings!

  12. DETROIT KING says:

    There are so many rumors going on these days, you can’t believe anything untill it actually happens, but we don;t need a 6’6 player we need a big man to play the C and get rebounds and dominate the paint

  13. TheProdigiez says:

    Miss these days…

  14. tunas70 says:

    thats gay

  15. redwings82011 says:

    @swsnkwrules they are saying sheeeeeeed, they aren’t booin

  16. gloverja4 says:

    please get billups and sheed back =[

  17. gloverja4 says:

    i miss this team =[ it will never be the same again

  18. swsnkwrules says:

    why is people booing Rasheed Wallace

  19. devenking says:

    @ridn123 — it’s pathetic how soft the NBA has become! Remember when hand-checking was allowed and hard fouls were HARD FOULS (Kurt Rambis anyone)??? Ahhh, I miss the good old days…

  20. CrazyCubsFan10 says:

    Pistons suck!! Go Bulls!!

  21. playajake18 says:

    @willfucker wat da hell did u say about the d i bet its better than ur city wherever it is

  22. F1sTDaCuFFs says:

    well i guess we got to wait another 10 years before the pistons are back.

  23. willfucker says:

    @Shadow1981 “FIRE DUMARS” Is this the kind of thanks you give to Joe Dumars, a man that gave your god awful city two championships. Dumars gave Detroit his heart and soul when he played his whole career there even when you guys were losing.

  24. alarmsucks says:

    @willfucker dont fuck with the pistons or the pistons fans bitch…i dont think artest has the balls to step in the palace after wat happend to him…

  25. gabrizzle says:

    The lakers need to see if Mason is up for free agency..i think if i came out to this id want to run through a wall!!

  26. ridn123 says:

    im a laker fan, but i use to lov how the pistons were, never backin down from an opponent, even haven the balls to slam a sledghammer on the other temas logo, i think they would still do those types of things, but in todays nba where everybody gets fined 2 million for just critizing other team, thats bull (not chicago), thats wat made watchin the pistons fun, they didnt give a fuck who where playin. i miss those days

  27. Misteriosi81 says:

    @willfucker Ill kick the shit outa you Fag

  28. RockeyJesse20 says:

    wallace went to the celtics

  29. McGrady2Detroit says:

    @willfucker when did Kobe ever smoke us, in order for him to do it AGAIN? Last time I checked, Detroit beat him in the Finals in 5 games.

  30. willfucker says:

    @5552424876 Why? Artest and Kobe will just smoke the whole Detroit Pisasses again and Artest will kick the shit out of its faggotty fans.

  31. mjjl1707 says:

    man even if we don’t win the championship i would love to see our 5 guys together in detroit again. ill keep dreaming

  32. DEZEKER08 says:

    @Shadow1981 I understand how you feel, but Joe realized that Chauncey, Tay, Rip, Sheed and Ben would only get to the Eastern finals every year, then lose in 6 games. He wanted to trade Chauncey when he still had some value and then rebuild his team. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out too well. The Pistons need a superstar. Either Lebron, Bocsh or Wade.

  33. Shadow1981 says:

    The good ol’ days before Joe D had went completely stupid and traded OUR team away. FIRE DUMARS!!!

  34. johnnyflipp says:

    man.. this was when the pistons were in there prime!..

  35. lkzbd says:

    fucking awsome

  36. JajceBHF says:

    i want sheed and billups bak 2 so we can win another championship

  37. tennesseetitan10 says:

    i miss these bad boys

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