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Florida Marlins in Review – A Look Back

Published on September 18, 2010 by   ·   32 Comments

Latest Florida Marlins News

Cubs’ Dempster shuts down Florida Marlins
Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Ryan Dempster (46) throws in the first inning during a baseball game against the Florida Marlins at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens on Friday, Sept. 17, 2010.
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Chicago Cubs still seeking manager; Florida Marlins ‘ ex-manager Fredi Gonzalez reportedly declined to interview for job
Chicago Cubs still seeking manager; Florida Marlins ‘ ex-manager Fredi Gonzalez reportedly declined to interview for job
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Cubs vs. Marlins Preview, Friday 9/17, 6:10 CT: A New Team To Dislike
The Cubs visit Florida to play the Marlins, a team we can all love to hate.
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Retweeting: The #Cubs (66-81) take on the Florida Marlins (73-73) at 6:10 CT this evening at Sun Life Stadium in M… cubbies (cubbies)

Florida Marlins MLB President Series Watch from Game Time babydanceDD (ladysmile)

Florida Marlins Reader Q&A

Question by hamster7777: How much cash could the Florida Marlins get for giving Miguel Cabrera and Hanley Ramirez to another team?
The reason I am asking this is because the Marlins could definitely use some money to fund the financing gap for a stadium in South Florida. As much as I admire these guys, there is no way the Marlins could sign them long term anyways, so if we could get a stadium deal done as a result of this trade, I think it would be worth it.

Cabrera and Ramirez, who are undoubtedly two of the best players in the world, should get a pretty high price. If this could be done, what do you think these guys would fetch, given their current contract status? And I’m not talking about trading for another player and some cash–I’m talking just a cash deal only.

Or can this even be done? I don’t remember seeing any deals like this recently.


Answer by GoBravos321
THey would get TONS of money for those two Superstars.

Answer by butterlover55
All I know is that Hanley Ramirez deserves to win the MVP award in the National League.

Answer by ryansraysrule
a ton of money but it wont happen. those 2 are the superstars of that team and i predict hanley ramirez to be the next 40/40 guy.

Question by habitant: Why should the Florida Marlins even be in Major League Baseball when they dont spend money to improve themselv?
Why should the Florida Marlins even be in Major League Baseball, they have an embarrassing payroll, nobody good on their team, the fans are indifferent about the product down there, and Both Florida teams need “New Stadiums>


Answer by ~Kauai Girl~
They look better than the Mets!!

That’s why their going to sweep the Mets out of a playoff spot for the 2nd Straight year!

Answer by Tortuga
Even with revenue sharing, clubs like the Marlins, Royals, and Pirates can’t compete with the big boys. If you owned Pittsburgh for example, could you boost your payroll from $ 20 million to $ 100 million, sure, however, you’d probably lose about $ 60 million a year. People who have enough money to own baseball teams probably didn’t get rich by owning businesses that lose that kind of money. It’s just a matter of dollars. Another example of why they can’t compete. The radio contracts alone, RADIO, that the Yanks, Red Sox, and Dodgers have, probably generate more revenue than the TELEVISION contracts of the Rays, Royals, etc………….

Answer by Doug K
they spend money and win and then promptly give all of them up 1997 and 2003 world series world series champions but the 1998 and 2004 marlins were two of the worst teams in baseball history. Although they do need a new stadium and tampa’s stadium is only 10 years old so they don’t need a new one yet.

Florida Marlins Video of the Day

clip from the 2003 world series dvd
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Readers Comments (32)

  1. yo says:

    They would get a couple million, but they’d also get amzing young players if they made that trade.

  2. Max says:

    In baseball Cash for players ussually apply to prospects.Mostly in the player to be named procces.Hanley is still way too cheap and miguel is as well.Those 2 players are due to be payed in seasons to come.So they are saving the money Needed for the ball park Already.

  3. cbyzsportzfan says:

    miguel and ramirez are not even in there prime yet. they have so much more in them and in 2 or 3 years i could see them hitting 40 or even 50 homers. they could get so much money off them , but it wont happen, because the marlins need them to score runs and win games. they can find the money elwhere. the marlins need them though as the face of the team. ramirez has alot of talent and is a great hitter like cabera. the marlins have alot of talent, and it should show in a few year. the devil rays are also a little like the marlins, just a few years behind. they have so much talent that in 5 years it will show. the rangers also are who also have alot of young talent. ok in 5 years blake beavan will be pitching for texas (blake was texas 1 round draft pick. also all the young players they got in trades. i expect in 5 years that the marlins, the devil rays, and the rangers will have very good teams.

  4. bubba says:

    I bet cabrera could bring in about 8 mil, and ramirez could max out at 4.5. However, Florida would not only lose two amazing players off their bench, but the heart of the team. It doesn’t matter how many superstars you have, if there’s no chemistry, you won’t win games.

  5. Ringo says:

    The Pirates are the ones that need to make their team better. I’m tired of the Cubs getting 20 easy wins a year.

  6. SF Giants Fan 4 Life™ TL 4 CY says:

    They have a good team
    They just need to season a bit

  7. EDDY G says:

    Let me guess, your a bitter mets fan thats pissed off because your team got knocked out of the playoffs by the marlins for the second year in a row. Your team has a 200 million dollar payroll and cant make the playoffs and the marlins who have a 20 million dollar payroll have won the same amount of world series titles (2) since 1993 when they were created than your team since it started. Grow up you baby, the better team won, your team will go and spend more money and lose again next year. Oh yea and the only reason you have two titles and not 1 is because Buckner choked. Se be happy you have two cause the marlins should have more titles than you have. Maybe your team would be better if they had what the marlins have which is great scouting. thats why the marlins dont have to spend a bunch of money to find good players. Get some good scouts to find good players instead of going out and signing a bunch of allstars cause its really working for you guys. And Doug K, in 2004 the marlins went 83-79, if you think thats one of the two worst teams in baseball history, you obviously have never watched baseball before.

  8. kingike25319 says:

    @lopezgnestor i hope you know that you can’t buy free agents when in the early 1900’s players would often stay with there team because of binding contracts basically the owners would own you unless traded, And the yankees payroll was on par with every one until 2001 “26/27” . now that we won a world series it turned to “Brought.” stop being sore losers, you want them to just “give away” to sorry franchises like you, who gives up there core players lol. 2001 was heartbreaking 2003 was a fluke.

  9. Undertakerfan1986 says:

    @lopezgnestor the yankees are no arrogant…I will admit the fans are but not the players if u ask me…

  10. Undertakerfan1986 says:

    @lopezgnestor yup and traded away derek lee,lost pudge mad urbona to free agen see…it was basically another fire sale…

  11. lopezgnestor says:

    @Undertakerfan1986 Yes it hurts but the MARLINS manage to put a team back together and win.

  12. lopezgnestor says:

    @Undertakerfan1986 Of course anybody wish to have the ownership the Yankees have but the good thing is that the MARLINS did wonders with their little payroll and beat the arrogant Yankees in their own house.

  13. Undertakerfan1986 says:

    @lopezgnestor if that was the happiest day of your life then u really don’t have much of a life…

  14. Undertakerfan1986 says:

    @lopezgnestor Oh please…if anything u wish the marlins had the kind of owners the yankees do so they can get the best players and don’t even deny it.If u deny in then u are flat out not telling the truth…

  15. Undertakerfan1986 says:

    @lopezgnestor well in that case u don’t have much of a life if that was the happiest day of your life.

  16. Undertakerfan1986 says:

    @lopezgnestor Not as much as that fire sale back in the off season of 98 and during the regular season of 98 hurt u guys…lol

  17. lopezgnestor says:

    @kingike25319 The Marlins won 2 World Series. The Yankeess bought 27. That’s a big difference.

  18. lopezgnestor says:

    @Undertakerfan1986 haha it still hurts. Haaa…The Marlins beat they EVIL EMPIRE.

  19. lopezgnestor says:

    The Marlins beating the Yankees in their own playground is priceless. Definitely the happiest day of my life.

  20. AraArsenJan says:

    I will never forget this WS, just to watch my favorite player perform on the biggest stage of all, I remember how he hit that hr off Clemens which was the turning point of the postseason!! I’m talking about Miguel Cabrera, he was only 20 years old, he was just a kid, and he took a 7 time CY winner to school!! He’s a BEAST!! That marlins squade was loaded offensively and had a great pitching staff!! Cabrera was no doubt the hottest prospect in the majors that year!!

  21. lopezgnestor says:

    It was the happiest day of my life to see the MARLINS beat the Yankees in their own playground.

  22. Undertakerfan1986 says:

    @Konnerdad What curse….last year proved there was no curse…-_-

  23. pazzarelli26 says:

    dude when we won, all the cars near my house were honking as loud as they could lol true fiasco. It was the greatest night in my life watching these guys win a title

  24. Ernesto3054Life says:

    @navigator772 yup i love my marlins! go marlins!!! yes there are loyal fans who have been there since the beginning! whilei am atit go heat, dolphins and canes!

  25. navigator772 says:

    @Juvy29 2,000 people, are you kidding me? the Marlins are averaging about 18,000 people a game. i would cry if the marlins moved out of Miami i love em win or loose. just wait til that new stadium comes i guarantee at least 6,000 more people a game cuz it wont be so hot and humid.

  26. wwefanworld says:

    @sigu655 Thats how Cubs fans feel too. I personally expected Yanks to win too.

  27. f22cool says:

    @Juvy29 you stupid fuck were getting a new stadium MIAMI FOREVER YOUR STUPID INBRED

  28. Juvy29 says:

    South fl is definately not a sports town. When the team losing nobody shows up to games, when we wiining everybody jump on the bandwagon. They really should just ship the Marlins out of here, you’d be lucky if you get 2000 Marlins fans (not from the opposing team) at a game

  29. Konnerdad says:

    Doesn’t get any better beating the acursed Yankees on their home field infront of their fans =)

  30. ElFlacoAlto1 says:

    Yankees suck agreed yep


    @m2diggs and its all home grown beckett cabrera and many more players were all home grown

  32. Salvatore403 says:

    Hopefully the Marlins owner either sells the team to a better owner who will obivously keep them in Miami or simply drops dead, cheap ass mother fucker.

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