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Florida Marlins : Latest From the Web

Published on September 17, 2010 by   ·   32 Comments

Florida Marlins

The Florida Marlins statue stood outside 150 Broadway. Image by wallyg

Latest Florida Marlins News

Florida Marlins’ Stanton back on a productive run
Florida Marlins right fielder Mike Stanton leaps for a double by Philadelphia Phillies’ Raul Ibanezin the second inning of a baseball game on Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2010, in Philadelphia.
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Investment protection: Florida Marlins Josh Johnson’s season over
Florida Marlins pitcher Josh Johnson throws in the first inning of a baseball game against the Pittsburgh Pirates in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2010.
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Plate discipline paying off for Florida Marlins ‘ Logan Morrison; he leads rookies in on-base percentage
Plate discipline paying off for Florida Marlins ‘ Logan Morrison; he leads rookies in on-base percentage
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Florida Marlins

rt @CraniumFitteds New Product Up !! Florida Marlins Teal and Gray 59FIFTY – Please RT 😀 – by the23kid (23kid)

Florida Marlins ;P Phillies Halladay gets 19th win – by Eleonoravbg54 (Estella Flores)

Florida Marlins Reader Q&A

Question by Beau M: florida marlins?
hey my name is beau. and i was wondering how can you download florida marlins high light videos? into windows movie maker. like for ex. cabrera’s 3 run homer.


Answer by Andrew T
go to youtube and take the embed and if that doesnt work you could add the page to your favorites and quickly look at the highlights whenever you want. I put a link below to start your collection

Question by A Real Class Act: What are the chances that the Florida Marlins make the playoffs in your opinion?
The Marlins are .500 and currently third in the NL East and 6th in the wild card race. Basically our only chance of the playoffs is miraculously winning the NL east.

So what chances do you give my Florida Marlins in making the playoffs?


Answer by Doyle
Two words Roy Halladay. Vegas say’s there 20/1 to win there division championship-

Answer by KYLE
slim, but not impossible. i agree that they’ll have to win the division. i think the marlins can be compared to the rockies from a couple yrs back. young, talented, but untested. i think josh johnson is the second best pitcher in the nl behind jiminez. and of course hanley, cantu, and gaby sanchez are great too. i think if anibal sanchez and chris volstad can both start throwing like they are capable of, and a offensive player (coghlan/maybin) heats up then look out nl. they would be tough to beat in the playoffs with johnson and a hot volstad and sanchez.

Answer by Chaos
1/5, like all the other teams in the NL east since it’s still pretty much even and no one have ran away with the lead

Question by Oscar: Florida Marlins?
Do you think the Marlins make the playoffs this year? What will their record be (w,l)???


Answer by Astros Fan! (boom)
I highly doubted.
they have no starting pitching what so ever
and their hitting won’t maintained them all year.
plus if they don’t hit they don’t win games just as simple as that.
look at the series against the Rays last weekend.
they won one game and that was because they went on a tear offensively .
if they go through a team wide slump they will crash and burn because the starting pitching isn’t good enough to maintain a weak offense.
plus their division is stacked.
and the Phillies or the Mets or even the Braves might win the division. The Wild Card is in doubt, but somebody is going to snatch it away and it could be Milwaukee or New York.
overall I think their record will be around the range of.



Answer by noypi_sapien
Not likely. They’ll finish 72-90.

Answer by forgotten_glory
I’m a Braves fan, so I see a lot of the Marlins. I am honestly very surprised that the Marlins are doing as well as they are. Before the season started, I predicted them finishing last in the division. Their pitching is not that great, and their fielding is hideous, but they still seem to win. Uggla is having a great year. I always hate when he steps up to the plate against the Braves. He’s a good player. Besides him and Hanley Ramirez though, I am surprised anyone is putting up any numbers at all. I don’t think they make the playoffs because they need a little better pitching and a lot better defense. Mainly, if they didn’t commit so many errors, they would have a much better shot.
They’ll finish with a .500 record or a little below probably.

Florida Marlins Video of the Day

washington nationals baseball player Nyjer Morgan charged the mound after a pitch ball was thrown behind him by pitcher Chris Volstad. Florida marlins player Gaby Sanchez closelined Nyjer morgan forcing him to the ground.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!


Readers Comments (32)

  1. ninja (Go Celtics) says:

    No, they don’t have the pitching and hitting to get in it. Eventually, I’ll be suprised if they make it. But if they get in which I doubt they will, they’ll probably get sweeped.

  2. you have sixty seconds to die. says:

    without pitching and hitting you cant win nothing the marlins are missing pitching which is a big thing if you want to make the playoffs or all the way to the series and be the champions.

  3. Frizzer says:

    They are doing very well right now but I believe it will be an uphill battle for them to make the playoffs. They play in a tough division and I can’t see their pitching holding up throughout the long season.

  4. Edgar The Rockin Genius/Cubs Fan says:

    I highly doubt they’ll make it. The Phillies will take the NL East. But I still think will end up with 85 wins.

  5. Sick Skill says:

    Their record will be something like 97-65 and yes they will make the playoffs because they have a fairly good hitting squad and their pitching is ok. As long as they keep their cool and stay positive, they MIGHT have a chance of going all the way. But for now we’ll just what and see.

  6. Sho says:

    The biggest concern is starting pitching.

    Josh Johnson is coming off the DL soon, Anibal Sanchez (Threw a no-hitter rookie year), and Sergio Mitre are also coming back by the end of the year, probably around the All-Star break.

    Andrew Miller has had some great outtings, and others that were struggling. If Andrew throws like he can in all of his starts then he will without a doubt be a great pitcher.

    Scott Olsen has the talent to pitch great, he just needs to stay calm and work quick out on the mound.

    Ricky Nolasco, who pitched yesterday and went 8.2/3 innings striking out 12, allowing only 2 runs against a red-hot Devil Rays team, is becoming the ACE. That is a bit scary, but if he keeps doing what he is doing then how can you argue with it?

    The bullpen is in a bit of a slump right now, but as we saw early in the year they were absolutely dominate. They also have some injuries out of the pen.

    The line-up is solid.

    Hanley obviously is a great player, needs some defensive work, but all in all, an All Star SS.

    Uggla went on a tear in May, Jacobs has serious pop, Jorge Cantu has played outstanding as of late, Cody Ross is clutch with homers. With Willingham injured, Gonzo has stepped up and played consistently, which is pretty impressive since he is 40.

    Once the Hammer (Willingham) comes back into the line-up, and they get the starting pitching back…. well… the doubters will still say it cant be done.. but i’m pretty confident it will be done.

    I AM a Marlins fan, but honestly didnt think they had a very good shot the past few years… this year feels different, and I think that it will happen.

    Idk about the record though.

  7. samdugan says:

    No, 68-94

  8. Cubana4Lfy says:

    Exactly So If Morgan Wouldnt Have Done That Nothing Would Have Happen Volstad Would Have Juss Calmly Left

  9. kenne210 says:

    Yeah because Volstad hit 3 people before this pitch.

  10. LAblinkkings says:

    the pitcher was bout to be thrown out if morgan didnt charge the mound. look at the ump after the pitch was thrown

  11. Cubana4Lfy says:

    If You Would Have Watched The Game Were he Tackled Down Hayes (Malrins Catcher) They Talked About Nyjer Morgan He Use 2 Play Hockey I Think If His Goin 2 B Playin Wit That Aditude And Wanting 2 Hurt Ppl He Needs 2 Go Bck 2 Playin Hockey!!! There Was No Need 4 Him 2 Do What He Has Been Doing The Past Games

  12. elvishskills says:

    Gaby Sanchez uses the boost to get through.

  13. BFMV698 says:

    i dont think the marlins beat his ass hard enough, cant wait to see them do it agian when they face each other.

  14. 1macboo says:

    @1000rtodd Yes, I thopught Braden had a valid point. My only point is that whwn you are down several runs you don’t take chances getting one back, you simply try to get a rally going, get men on bases, etc. You don’t take chasnces. Not to say you can’t or that it can’t work but the general rule is to be smart about things. Please…try not to be so rude. We love baseball, right?

  15. 1macboo says:

    @1000rtodd I did see that game ( I live in the ATL region), and right after that I saw SF come from 9 down to tie Cinn, before losing to the Reds in extras. You CAN come back, but not by running yourself out of innings. I’m not sure what hockey has to do with any fo this?….It’s harder to come from 9 down in hockey I guess.

  16. 1macboo says:

    Hi, I’ve been watching baseball since 1972. I am not repeating anything a “commentator” said but rather what I was taught by coaches many years ago. You are young and rude (thus your language problem) and I can only assume your parents didn’t raise you to show respect or kindness to others. that is sad but it isn’t your fault…it’s theirs. (unless they would disaprove of your language)I do wish you well. peace and Go Sox!

  17. BloodTripProduction says:

    black guy would of died LOL lucky all those players decided to break it up

  18. domirules28 says:

    nyjer morgan=bryan cox of major league baseball…

  19. Cubana4Lfy says:

    I think that Chris did nothing wrong the ball he threw didnt hit Morgan and I believe Morgan is an idiot for thinking he hasn’t done anything wrong. Open you eyes loser you have been hurting people for no reason. Am a 16 year old girl and even I know that there is something wrong with what Morgan has done. Gabe Sanchez was protecting Chris. Am proud to say his on the Marlins. Morgan needs to go back to hockey

  20. YayForBeers says:

    Aaaaand… he just pulled his pants down to his knees in today’s game. This dude can’t stop doing stupid things.

  21. blackhighlander says:

    Go figure…another angry black man.

  22. bonersawerfic214 says:

    @caw24769 Ok your right. He should be suspended but not banned. ( the pitcher ) but Nyjer is just pushing it way to far.

  23. caw24769 says:

    @bonersawerfic214 thats one mans opinion. one could also say that a pitcher who throws at batters on 7 occasions in one game has no place in baseball. lets just agree to disagree.

  24. bonersawerfic214 says:

    @caw24769 No that means im talking about him…. Hes the most ignorant person playing baseball. he has no right to play… hes caused 3 problems in less then a month…. And for him to be cursing at a FAN of all things he deserves to be banned from baseball….

  25. gordo39432 says:

    @Fleury292929 yeah this vid will be taken down any minute now

  26. caw24769 says:

    @bonersawerfic214 perhaps you should take a diversity class or something, the “N” word is just hateful, and shows your ignorance. ignorant people like you think that word means “a black person” when if you could read, you would know the dictionary says “an ignorant person” so… youre talking about yourself when you use that word?

  27. caw24769 says:

    bonersawerfic214 has replied to your comment on Florida marlins vs washington nationals brawl when nyjer morgan charges mound:
    @caw24769 Maybe if this dumb fucking nigger knew how to fucking play baseball and not charge the fucking plate like a retard…. Go look up Nyjer Morgan unnecessary contact…. And then come back…. If this fucker screws up a catchers shoulder be better be ready to get hit by a ball or 2 or 3…..

  28. cutmerock says:

    @joselulz Gaby Fucking Sanchez

  29. SuperMrsnowman says:

    whyd he drop the bat?

  30. ThankGodImBlack370 says:

    @yeahimjohncorn You must don’t have the internet, history book, phychology or sociolgy book, or the internet. Or maybe you are a white dating a black or a black dating a white. If you knew what I was talking about I was DEFENDING from another person’s racist comments. Just because blacks don’t hang from trees and we mix (I have plenty of times) romantically doesn’t mean anything, that has ALWAYS happened. Try another black person with that I know the truth.

  31. ThankGodImBlack370 says:

    @RangRing68 Go Redskins

  32. ThankGodImBlack370 says:

    @RangRing68 That’s ironic because black people always relay sympathy towards the Native Americans. Maybe if we stormed yur lnad and made you the bad guys in our movies and racially used your likenessed on our athletic teams you would respect us more. But on a more personal tip forget you and anybody else that don’t like us. Unlike any other race we all have different personalities, you just fall for what is produced on your boob tube, chief dingdong

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