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Florida Marlins News, Views, & Highlights

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Florida Marlins

Image by wallyg
To celebrate the 2008 Major League Baseball All Star Game, which took place in Yankee Stadium, in its final season, on July 15, 2008, Major League Baseball launched “Statues on Parade.” Forty-two replicas of the Statue of Liberty were stationed around the city leading up to the game–each uniquely designed with bold graphics and colors featuring each of the 30 Major League Baseball clubs, the Brooklyn Dodgers, the New York Giants, the American League, the National League, four All-Star statues and statues commemorating the final season of Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium. The 8½ feet tall, 250-pound statues are made of resin and rest on a 530-pound cement base.

The Florida Marlins statue stood outside 150 Broadway.

For other statues from Statues of Liberty on Parade, check my tag StatuesofLibertyonParade

Latest Florida Marlins News

Florida Marlins pushed to brink of elimination after loss to Brewers
Brewers ace Yovani Gallardo probably didn’t recognize most of the Marlins hitters on Thursday night at Miller Park, so much had the lineup changed from June 2 when he faced it the first time.
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Marlins SS Ramirez May Be Done For Season
Florida Marlins Shortstop Hanley Ramirez May Be Done For The Season Ramirez Is Receiving Treatment For A Sore Left Elbow And Manager Edwin Rodriguez Says It…
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Brewers 8, Marlins 3: Florida’s Anibal Sanchez hits milestone in loss
Brewers 8, Marlins 3: Florida’s Anibal Sanchez hits milestone in loss
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Florida Marlins

Did you see Pitbull, DJ Laz, and Fat Joe Perform at the Florida Marlins Game? Check it out carcanstudios (Carcan Studios, Inc.)

Hensley thinking like a closer these days… #MLB #Florida #Marlinsby 305Fans (Miami Sports Fans)

Florida Marlins pushed to brink of elimination after loss to Brewers – mydailylog (Dila)

Florida Marlins Reader Q&A

Question by Snow: What do I do with my Florida Marlins paraphernalia when they become the Miami Marlins?
When the Florida Marlins move to their new stadium in 2012 their name will change to the Miami Marlins.


Answer by cheezy
keep it. it could be worth more later in your life. it’s still fine to wear it.

Answer by ctina2277
Keep it, frame it, build a shrine to it. I’m keeping all of mine and am definitely still wearing the clothes that I have. The posters, plaques, and anything else you might have will surely be worth something one day. Either of sentimental value or perhaps even monetary value.

Answer by David U ( Marlins fan for life)
Of course I’m going to keep it, even though they are going to change names,and stadiums I will always remember my Florida Marlins 16 years of baseball and hopefully many more as the Miami Marlins. Keep it for yourself and frame it if you want.

Question by DXTRCHN11: Why does Florida Marlins had the largest attendance in the playoff and World Series?
Florida Marlins are the lowest payroll team as have the smallest attendance during the regular seasons as average more than 20,000. Florida had more than 67,000 people attend a game in the playoff and World Series in 1997 and 2003.

Dolphin Stadium has 75,000 seats for football but Marlins has more than 67,000 people to attended the playoff and World Series.


Answer by Ski Dawg
That’s a good question. Each time the Marlins won the World Series (1997, when I graduated high school, and 2003, when I got my bachelor’s degree), they’ve sold off all their good players the following year. Winning is the best marketing strategy in sports, but you’ve got to keep some of your good players around for the fans’ sake, and I think that’s why attendance is consistently down in Miami.

Answer by Sam N
I think you’re asking why the Florida Marlins, the team who usually has a lower attendance, have the highest attendance in the post season. As you said, the stadium, when set up for baseball, holds about 67,000 people. Let me assure you, that is more than any other stadium in baseball. So it has the most people during the playoffs because it can hold the most. Simple as that.

Answer by melky
well your question doesnt really make sence but they have the largest because there are so few games played there in the post season ( small sample size) its a football stadium , in 2003 almost the whole place was fulll of yankees fans , and ppl in florida want to see playoff baseball because they are fair weather fans that wanted to see a good game , also the marlins are in miami which is a hot touristy area atracting out of towners and celebritys

Florida Marlins Video of the Day

The scene was Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami Florida. The date was Oct. 26, 1997 and the 7th Game of the World Series. The narrator is Dan Lunetta, Director of Minor league operations for the Florida Marlins and a Jamestown NY native. The Marlins win their first World Series in only their 5th season. Many heroes but the movie speaks for itself.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Readers Comments (26)

  1. Brandon says:

    They have the largest stadium capacity of any other MLB team’s ballpark…so obviously they would have the highest attendence in the WS.

  2. f22cool says:

    @thesportsdude90 actually the 2003 nlcs bartman was worse GO MARLINS


    i will be a Marlins fan till the day i die.

  4. thesportsdude90 says:

    Horrible. My Indians choked like no one has choked before. This was the worst choke I’ve ever watched,

  5. chrislykk says:

    @PixKidz that team was amazing

  6. valoguy says:

    As a Braves fan I was especially happy with this outcome. Yeah, Florida beat us in the NLCS, but I was happy for Jim Leyland after what happened to him in 90, 91 and, 92 with Pittsburg.

  7. driver8train says:

    I loved how the Marlins tried so hard to repeat as champions in 1998. Hell of an effort. One of the most forgotten teams to ever win it. That team represented everything that is WRONG about professional sports.

  8. f22cool says:

    @ILBaller20 hell always be considered a florida marlins even if hes with another team

  9. ILBaller20 says:

    lol as a Brewers fan…i love seeing Craig Counsell coming through in the clutch…he hardly plays anymore

  10. f22cool says:


  11. SIBOUNDSTHE4 says:

    when bonilla goes to the plate in extras @5:06, someone tell me the song played in the background…

  12. f22cool says:

    @morrieswigs dont be exagerative

  13. morrieswigs says:

    @f22cool i do. watch the highlights, there are more hot dog vendors than fans

  14. f22cool says:

    @morrieswigs like you yeah we know xD hahaha

  15. f22cool says:

    @morrieswigs at least go to a game

  16. morrieswigs says:

    @f22cool no they dont

  17. morrieswigs says:

    marlins blow

  18. f22cool says:

    @scottof83 who the marlins or the indians

  19. f22cool says:

    @yankees032778 who said die hard ans yes they do sell more than 20,000 tickets every friday saturday and sunday

  20. yankees032778 says:

    It’s weird to see these supposed “die-hard” Marlins fans when they can’t even sell 20,000 tickets a game now

  21. f22cool says:

    @KenM66 yo bitch you hear me watch the entire 9th inning bloop hits tie game they didnt use no shitty corked bats dont talk shit when you dont know shit or havent seen shit

  22. f22cool says:

    @KenM66 have you even watched the entrie 9th inning bitch all their hits were bloopers dont alk shit if you havent seen or known shit

  23. KenM66 says:

    @f22cool they all started to panic because they were about to lose so they got out their corked bats to hit the ball harder to tie the game up.

  24. f22cool says:

    @KenM66 curses dont even exist your just sad cuz the indians lost 97 on top of that you said that the marlins cheated how the hell did they cheat ??????

  25. KenM66 says:

    @f22cool 2010 Champions my ass. The Marlins are 8.5 games back and not even at a .500 record. The Marlins had two fluke seasons which they won the world series by getting passed two cursed teams.

  26. f22cool says:


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