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Golden State Warriors : Latest From the Web

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Golden State Warriors

Image by mayorgavinnewsom
Mayor Newsom welcomed the new Power Forward/Center Golden State Warrior, David Lee, to San Francisco by giving a tour of the Mayor’s Office and proclaiming it David Lee Day.

Latest Golden State Warriors News

Golden State of Mind: Are the New-Look Warriors Prepared To Shine?
The 2007 season was the last time the Golden State Warriors managed to qualify for the NBA playoffs, but to the legions of fiercely loyal Warriors fans, those three years seem like an eternity. It’s a good thing that postseason included a historic first-round¬†upset of the top-seeded Dallas Mavericks. At least it gives weary fans a positive memory to help erase some of the anguish from the more …
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The GSOM Golden State Warriors Season Tickets Have Arrived!
When I got home today, I opened up a package from FedEx and was happy to see a package from the Warriors. Inside was a present for the 8 year old version of me – a lunchbox. Yep, a Warriors lunchbox. Find out what else was in the package.
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W. Volleyball. Undefeated No. 8 Golden Bears Open Pac-10 Play
For the fourth time under head coach Rich Feller, the Golden Bears will play their first Pac-10 match of the season with an undefeated non-conference record. Cal’s 10-match winning streak to open the year is its best start since 2006 when the Bears went 11-0 before dropping a contest.

Recent Twitter Posts about the Golden State Warriors

Golden State of Mind: Are the New-Look Warriors Prepared To Shine?: The 2007 season was the last time the Golden S… lovewarriors (Warriors Rule!)

Golden State of Mind: Are the New-Look Warriors Prepared To Shine? WarriorsFanZone (WarriorsFanZone)

Golden State Warriors Reader Q&A

Question by Ky: What is the Golden State Warriors and the new timberwolves jersey fonts?
I am wondering what font the Golden State Warriors and Minnesota TImberwolves(new jerseys) and the Sacramento Kings(new jerseys) use for their jerseys


Answer by Joshua B
are u saying the timberwolves are new cuzz KG is gone

Answer by JC-Ice612
In response to the first response… No. He’s saying they got new jerseys this year. And in response to the original question. I don’t know. Sorry.

Question by ncampil: What is a basketball signed by the Golden State Warriors worth?
I have a basketball that was signed by the Golden State Warriors from what I think was the mid-90s. At that time it’s value was $ 300. I am downsizing and want to sell it and can’t find anything similar online. Any websites you know of that can estimate its value? Thanks.


Answer by JR

Answer by agnes l
If you are a collector/ DO NOT SELL IT
it will be very valuable in the future

If you are looking for some fast cash, try a sports shop or a collectors store

Answer by Eric c

Question by flipperr: Why do the Golden State Warriors have such a great fan base?
As bad as this team has been over the past 15 or so years, they seem to have very loyal and die hard fans. People in the Bay Area love this team and people cheer like crazy at their home games.

I’m just curious. What is it about this team that people in the Bay Area love so much? Why do the Golden State Warriors have such a great fan base?


Answer by 3point Basketball
They do that because they are not bandwagonners, and also they just love the game of basketball.
I think its because everyone around the bay area in California is so relaxed.

They dont have time to hate the Warriors.

Hope this helps you man.

Answer by nba_gsw
I guess failure makes the fans stronger and hungier each year.

I personally can’t explain it myself. All I have come up with is that there is a lot of great fans in the Oakland region which is where the Warriors play and overall the Bay Area are dominated by die hard fans. Once again, I cant explain it myself.

I have been a Warriors fan for 10 years and they have gotten to the playoffs once and gotten above .500 twice. But I treat each start of the season as if I truly believe they can win a championship.

Answer by mmmisthatright
Because its better than rooting for the Raiders

Golden State Warriors Video of the Day

First-year Warrior Dorell Wright immersed himself in the Bay Area on Sept. 9, visiting a popular radio station, speaking to students at a school and welcoming tourists to San Francisco, all while distributing gifts throughout the day. For more exclusive coverage of the Warriors, visit

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Readers Comments (11)

  1. #33 iNDYGO says:

    not everyone has to cheer for and bandwagon the lakers or the heat i think its good that they are loyal they have real fans. as soon as the lakers have a losing season they will be booed like hell by some.

  2. Im So Chris P says:

    because they got fans like me

  3. marcGEEZY24 says:


  4. lebroncash23 says:

    Welcome to the Golden State Warriors!!!

  5. mannyphresh1 says:

    So funny these kids are like who’s this tall dude?! I could have walked in with that Jacket and they would have thought I was a player!!! Great to see professional sports players with good hearts and attitude. Welcome to the Bay Dorell!!!

  6. aijewelz3 says:

    D-Wright seems like a really cool laid-back dude, I hope he brings it this season though

  7. MrJeckel says:

    The heat turned dorell wright and daquan cook into lebron and bosh. true story.

  8. Emron925A says:

    this team is looking great

  9. 415balla says:

    Lol, dorrell wright is working for Hornblower Cruises now too? They giving out free tickets to preseason games lol

  10. HayabusaRyu says:

    I like D Wright when he had his first interview and I like him so much more now.

  11. Kevat13 says:

    d wright!!

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