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Houston Texans : What People are Saying

Published on September 24, 2010 by   ·   33 Comments

Houston Texans

Image by mikemcguff
A photo I snapped at the 2010 Houston Texans cheerleader tryouts.

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Latest Houston Texans News

Houston Texans continue their ascension toward the NFL’s elite with comeback win over Redskins
The Houston Texans have been an upstart fad in NFL circles, a trendy pick to dethrone mighty Indianapolis. But after two games this season, it’s clear the team is no longer just a fad. Houston Texans – NFL – sport – Washington Redskins – Football
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Houston Texans top Washington Redskins in overtime
Houston Texans top Washington Redskins in overtime
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Washington Redskins vs Houston Texans Live Scores and NFL Match Updates – Both teams, the Houston Texans and Washington Redskins will attempt to keep a positive track and momentum this afternoon just to win the game as they meet face to face in the nation’s capital. Live at the FedEx Field, the game will start at […]
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Houston Texans

RT @J0S0KiLLa: Houston Texans mufucka! U can run with it or run from it mufucka lol czarlos (czarlos)

RT @rolandsmartin: New image of my nephew Christopher is on my Twitter page. This is me and my lil man from the Houston Texans game vs the Colts. – by Debzbee83 (Debra L.Johnson)

New image of my nephew Christopher is on my Twitter page. This is me and my lil man from the Houston Texans game vs the Colts. – by rolandsmartin (rolandsmartin)

Houston Texans Reader Q&A

Question by Phil J: Houston Texans?
I’d like to know if any Houston Texans fans stopped being Houston Texans fans on the draft day because of the Mario Williams pick? If so, who will you now root for?


Answer by Detroit fan in Colorado
i hope not i dont like the texans im a lions fan i love them every year. if they changed sides their fickle anyways and the texans didnt need them.

Answer by
Well, my husband is pretty die hard when it comes to the Texans and they can do nothing wrong. He was pissed at the choices made with the draft however. I tell him like this… “at least we will still be able to get cheap seats on ebay next season” due to the fact they will suck next year as they did last year!

Answer by alwyzlol
im a texans fan and alwyz will b cuz h-town ROX!!!!!!!!!!

Houston Texans Video of the Day

Intro of the Houston Texans
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Readers Comments (33)

  1. sarric says:

    I didn’t. I am not an owner or a coach, I did not understand the pick, but I guess it had something to do with needs and money. I have also become use to rooting for a loser, so this won’t change anything very quickly.

    Please pick me for the best answer.

  2. js3971 says:

    I’m not a Texans fan, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some are getting close to that point. Houston was predicted by some last year to possibly be a playoff contender, and then they were absolutely horrible.

    I think if think if the Texans continue with that horribleness, then they will lose some fans because they had a chance at Reggie Bush or Vince Young.

  3. jmichael_phillips says:

    There’s nothing wrong with who they picked..They need a big guy and they got him…All the glitz and glamor the skill positions usually show don’t always pay off…There’s a big difference between the pros and college ball..Big guys have an easier adjustment.

    They made a good pick.

  4. ImaGman says:

    I wouldn’t call myself a fan but since I live in houston I wanted them to get better

    I thought it was a given to take Reggie
    Reggie is better
    instead they get a guy that sits out of practice cuz he broke a nail

    but they did get a little better by fireing the coach and sorry a$ $ GM
    they still suck
    I lost hope with david carr
    I go 4 the cowboys

  5. TommyD_35 says:

    I’m a Vikings fan. Except when they are out on a “SEX’ Boat.

  6. McShane says:

    the only time I was a vikings fan was when the were on the sex boat. Fred Smoot = 15inches on rubber goodness

  7. themadpianist3 says:

    I don’t like the Texans. I’m a Cowboys fans. I still tease my girlfriend because they won only two games last season

  8. WARNING says:

    I live in houston and just recently became a fan once they got rid of “THE WIG”. but i have always been down with the titans (old oilers)

  9. Jasonmotomonster says:

    hi cool

  10. 6451985 says:

    @ manopike, ur right. i think we are gonna keep on pushing tho! you know i could be wrong, but keep in mind there always upsets! no matter wut i’m still gonna support me team. thanx for not being a nigger(ignorant person) like IndyOwns. looking forward to a great season and the next time the texans and colts meet up! texans all the way!

  11. Fuckfags911 says:

    @jimg0007 Colts still beasts though 2006 champions

  12. jimg0007 says:

    @lndyOwns lucky thats why tracy porter took peyton pass all the way to the end zone earlier this year did you forget that play against the saints!!!!!!!

  13. chohakkai36 says:

    @lndyOwns Oh almost forgot! Manning give an “ass beating?” That is why y’all lost the Superbowl, cause he was kicking ass right? Then he left like a bitch with out congratulating the other team for winning. Manning is just another Tony Homo and needs another tampon!

  14. chohakkai36 says:

    @lndyOwns You sir are just “Mad” cause you got your asses handed to you on a silver platter!

  15. chohakkai36 says:

    The Guy at 1:01 has ALWAYS sat in the same seat since DAY 1!!! I see him all the time when I go to the games hahaha

  16. haileyturner01 says:

    @lndyOwns its Arian and what the hell does race have anything to do with it. hes a good player end of story

  17. manopike says:

    @6451985 Manning already got his practice. He still threw for 433 and three TD’s. I’m glad you finally closed us out, you would’ve committed suicide if we beat you in Houston again, hahahaha. 15-2.

  18. manopike says:

    @haileyturner01 Congratulations, you guys won your Super Bowl. Now, we’ll go back to the drawing board and adjust our problems and get ready for the Giants. Payback’s a bitch, it’s coming Week 8 in Nap.

  19. lndyOwns says:

    You fuckers got lucky today and kept running the ball with that nigger Adrian Foster. All you faggots get ready when you come to Lucas Oil. Manning will be ready to give those queers that live in Houston an ass beating.

  20. NYRangers1126 says:

    only texans fan in new york right here babey!!

  21. 6451985 says:

    they’re called the texans because they’re houston “texans”, smart guy!

  22. 6451985 says:

    @ manopike: how you like that opener?! looked like ur dr. manning needs to go back to school!!

  23. 6451985 says:

    @ manopike: how you like that opener?! looked like ur dr. manning needs to go back to school!!

  24. haileyturner01 says:

    @manopike really? didn’t seem like it

  25. manopike says:

    0-1 on Sunday. Dr. Manning and the rest of the surgical team is ready to chop up the Texans AGAIN. Shit gets old, hahahahaha.

  26. puddongtwon says:

    just watch!! there going to do something this year!!! they have consistently progressed unlike any other team in the leaugue go texans!!!!!!

  27. jgdgr81 says:

    Ive probably watched 1000 out of the 58000 views!

  28. jgdgr81 says:

    Ive probably watched 1000 out of the 5800 views!

  29. intertex says:

    @robot122ify all native born citizens in the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex are TEXANS. Look at your birth certificate.

  30. intertex says:

    @robot122ify all native born citizens in the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex are TEXANS. Look at your birth certificate.

  31. Alexreaper3 says:


  32. CrysisXiX says:


  33. CrysisXiX says:

    Wow u come to a team u dont like to comment on them? Get a life son LOL.
    How bad are you my god. Why dont u make urself useful and go do something active or something. USA Is the fattest country cus of people like u who sit on computers commenting negative stuff.

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