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Inside the Arizona Cardinals

Published on September 10, 2010 by   ·   25 Comments

Arizona Cardinals

Image by Clintus McGintus
See the “Arizona Cardinals” video

My folks have season tickets and I try to make at least one game every year.This video was originally shared on by Clintus with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

Latest Arizona Cardinals News

Arizona Cardinals sign linebacker Alex Hall
The Arizona Cardinals signed free-agent outside linebacker Alex Hall to a contract Tuesday.
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Cardinals sign OLB Alex Hall; release 2 players
The Arizona Cardinals have signed free-agent outside linebacker Alex Hall. The Cardinals also released linebacker Cyril Oboizor (SEER-uhl, OH-bee-AH-zor) on Tuesday and cut linebacker Curtis Gatewood from the practice squad. The 6-foot-5 Hall was let go by the New York Giants on Sept. 4. He was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles last April after playing two seasons with Cleveland.
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Arizona Cardinals’ Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie talks food, fun
Cardinals extra: Outside the huddle with Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Arizona Cardinals

I just won this free auction: Arizona Cardinals Mini Shot Glass savannahsilven (savannah silven)

Raiders Travel to Arizona for Week 3 Match-Up with Cardinals #sf #newsby SFlocaljobs (JobShoots)

Arizona Cardinals Reader Q&A

Question by Bob Dogulas: Where can I buy the Arizona Cardinals jerseys with a high quality?
I want to have a trip to the EXPO hold in China, and my classmate Chou who is a Chinese. He is keen to the Arizona Cardinals team of NFL. If I see him in his hometown, I hope that a Cards’ jersey will be the best present for him.


Answer by Flame Bush
How lucky you have a Chinese friends! The official website of NFL always sells the high quality jerseys online. And the overbestmall will be the good choice.

Answer by Mira
You can buy Arizona Cardinals jerseys from

Answer by
I have found that at this web site in the past.

Question by Alyssa N: What are some good ways too make fun of the Arizona Cardinals?
My friends and I are making shrits for a superbowl party and we want some good jeers or taunts to put on the shirts making fun of the Arizona Cardinals. Can you help.


Answer by Ross C
The Birds are about to get their heads ripped off

Arizona Cardinals Video of the Day

Congrats to the 2008 NFC West Champion Arizona Cardinals!!! This is for the 25000 from the SDS days who were there always.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Readers Comments (25)

  1. IronMaidenDoD says:


  2. 69elpato6969 says:

    I WAS in the game too. A magical game, a wonderful game. A great memory of my teenage years, I was 17 years old and me and my family went to phoenix to see this game from Hermosillo, Mx. Nice Vid, thanks wa52lz .

  3. GreggJulian says:

    Where the heck did all those cardinal fans come from, and where did they go for the next ten years

  4. AROCnation13 says:

    That makes me feel like a kid all over again! One of the greatest moments in Arizona Cardinal history! Too bad the Bidwell’s released Jamir Miller, Lomas Brown, and Larry Centers, the greatest receiving back in NFL history, after the season… Those decisions sent us to the bottom of the NFL food chain for a decade…

  5. lukao81 says:

    classic game for cards fans

  6. nascarsignore says:

    lets go cardinals!!!! remember sb 43

  7. 602azcards says:

    i never seen a nfl team rush the field but come on it my arizona cardinals.. i always been a fan of the cards i even got 2 tattoos of the new and the old arizona cardinals bird…

  8. aguilanthony says:

    Great moment in Cardinals history.

  9. aleksiza says:

    This moment still makes me tear up…that along with the cowboys win, the tribute to Pat…and the trip to the superbowl..

  10. cehamlet89 says:

    Hate the cardinals, but love those jerseys. And Jake the Snake!!! Awesome

  11. pahrumpharrumph says:

    This is the last time I remember the crowd at an NFL game rushing the field. I was so happy for the Cardinals and their fans that day.

    Even though I’m a Packers fan (and the Cardinals beat Green Bay in the playoffs this year), I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the Arizona Cardinals.

  12. neoprankster says:

    Yes, this was an away game for SD.

  13. nobodysperfect06 says:

    this is an away game for the Chargers right?

  14. DuckMuck100 says:

    I remember Chris Jacke, he won a super bowl with green bay in 96.

  15. thebucszone says:

    damn cards takin our spot lol but great game anyways for kwamie lassiter with 4 ints

  16. bballbrenty says:

    funny how everyone says the cardinals have terrible fans… i’ve never seen fans of any other pro team rush the field after a big win.

  17. numberjuanchicano says:

    I was there! I rushed the field! True cardinal fan baby!!!!!!!!!

  18. DaAsianGuy47 says:

    Boy, I was so happy that the cards beat the boys in the wildcard round haha.

  19. wackymac28 says:

    i wonder why they didnt carry the momentum to the next season

  20. Rockhound6165 says:

    As a long time Cardinals fan, this is a beautiful sight. I was there. The only game I’ve been to in Arizona. Seen plenty of Cards games on the East coast but this is the first one I was at in Arizona. I’m hoping to make it next season when the Eagles come to AZ.

  21. AZspaceGUY says:

    A rare moment that I held hands with a man in public! What a great moment!!!

  22. lakerssuckballs says:


  23. PabloAZ1 says:

    I’ve never hugged so many strangers in my life.
    Nice to see Pat Tillman there at :19

  24. MCL21 says:

    People running on the field…wow, you do not see that happening now.

  25. azdude81 says:

    Great game to be at! Cards fans were as crazy jubilant as I’d ever seen. I especially remember something said by either Lomas Brown or Simeon Rice about Chris Jacke, “This guy scares the hell out of me. He misses the ones he should make and makes the ones that matter most.” Not a great season by most people’s standards, but it broke new ground for the Cards, thank God.

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