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Inside the Baltimore Ravens

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Baltimore Ravens

Image by David Clow – Maryland
508 Report
The Baltimore Ravens as seen from Section 508

Kansas City Chiefs 24 – Baltimore Ravens 38


David Clow
Rick Clow
Kevin Sears

Tailgating – YES!

Ricky Bobby Brats boiled in beer w/ onions & peppers
Sis’ Terry Drunk Buffalo Chicken Dip
Marinated Marianela Skirt Steak Sandwiches
Modelo & Miller 64

Two returns this weekend, the heat and Todd Heap were both back!!! Yesterday was only a high of 81* but the stadium was baking. The Ravens offense was also heating it up as ‘Lets Go’ Flacco was firing all over the field. Cam brought the O with some new angles, not so much the trick plays of last year, but more impressively some spread offense with 5 receivers and an empty backfield, and a no huddle offense that had the Chiefs on their heels.

Mason, thanks for not retiring buddy! Two toe taps that were just outside, one for a TD and one for big yardage, were the difference between Mason having a very good game and a great game. Clayton was active and showing the speed he’s supposed to bring to the offense Kelley Washington looks solid as a 3rd option receiver, just a little less showmanship on routine plays please. The big aerial return was the continued presents of Heap on the field and in the stats. Maybe it’s due to in injury free preseason and getting more practice reps, maybe it’s Joe’s emergence as a more well rounded QB, maybe it’s Cam opening up the center of the field as an acceptable throwing zone this year, it’s probably all three, but what ever the reason Heap is back and looking like his old self. Joe was still hanging him out a little, just like those old QB’s used to, so I hope he starts hitting him more in stride as to keep Heap off the ice packs.

Baltimore fans have always giving Heap the love. Even the ‘dark’ years where he really wasn’t earning it. We have a soft spot for him due to all those circus catches he made for us early on when he was one of the few bright spots on an anemic offense. I liked what I saw yesterday, good hands, sitting down in the empty spot in the zone defense, and fighting for and getting the YAC.

The three headed monster is alive and well. Good news for the Ravens, not so much if your trying to find a fantasy RB starter that bleeds purple and black. Please, in goal line situations and 3rd and short, bring in the Jumbo Package and run the Pain Train McClain down our opponents throats! I’m looking forward to a game in which having secured a big lead we just pound McClain into the defense for an entire 4th quarter.

Stover is your phone ringing yet? Most of the fans in the stands had your number on speed dial after that shank of a kick.

Blocked punt!! The only blocked punts in our stadium should be performed by the illustrious Mr. Reed.

Area of concern, CBs…… didn’t like the Chiefs marching down the length of the field against our D for their biggest drive, late in the game, and making this one closer than it should have been. Has sitting at home, watching games on tv straighted McAlister out? Chris, say sorry to coach, coach give him a chance, Chris, don’t ask for a bucket of money. Are you telling me that even if he’s lost a step for corner he would be a money nickel or dime back?

Stat Highlights:

501….. offensive yardage record, 508 yards would’ve been cool.

3rd Down Pct. 58.8
Average Yards Per Play 5.9
Completion Pct. 60.5

RUSHING No. Yards Avg Long TD
R.Rice 19 108 5.7 22 0
W.McGahee 10 44 4.4 16 1
L.McClain 6 19 3.2 8 1

RECEIVING No. Yards Avg Long TD
M.Clayton 5 77 15.4 31 1
T.Heap 5 74 14.8 24 1
D.Mason 4 47 11.8 19 0

DEFENSE Tackles Assists PassDeflect
R.Lewis 4 2 1
K.Gregg 4 2 0
E.Reed 4 1 0
C.Carr 3 1 0


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Baltimore Ravens Reader Q&A

Question by Ravens All da way baby: Baltimore ravens?
Do you think the baltimore ravens will go to the playoffs next season?


Answer by tranman
i like the Ravens and think if they can step it up they will make the playoffs next season

Answer by tfoley5000
NO, it doesn’t matter they hire they will miss the playoffs.

Answer by 5-Time Super Bowl Champions
It all depends on their off season moves such as head coach, quarterback and change of players on the defensive side.

Question by 10100: Baltimore Ravens?
I am mad about Brian Billick getting fired, but I still like the Ravens even though the greatest coach of all time is not there anymore. I want to know if there are any other Ravens fans out there that are upset about Brian Billick getting fired.


Answer by freak_athlete
umm, no

Answer by jim c
i think they made a mistake firing him what they needed to do was find a gem of an offensive coordinator to take over the offense and get it up to par

Answer by fourofsix2003
Billick was bringing the team down,he lost the respect of the players.he made alot of bad decisions and what really did him in was he didnt stand up to ray”i didnt kill that man” lewis,when the future ex con went off on billick for a strange offensive play call.Lewis needs to stfu and worry about his own ass,hes getting slow,and old.

Baltimore Ravens Video of the Day

PLEASE READ…. Thanks everyone for the views, comments, and ratings, i will keep on making Highlight videos jus need some ideas like songs preferably rap/ pump up songs and teams PLeae Watch my other Baltimore Ravens highlight and tell me what u think-
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Readers Comments (35)

  1. bdawkins20 says:

    Draft Malcolm Kelly WR and let Troy Smith try a chance in the NFL cause the last game he did pretty good and had no INT and the defense have to stop being overrated

  2. wondermom says:

    It’s highly unusual for a first year coach to land in the play-offs the first year.
    The Coach and the team have to build a bond. What your seeing with the Chargers is the exception to the rule not the rule.

  3. Mike S says:

    no, the ravens have a three way quarterback controversy with McNair, Boller, and Smith, all of whom could possibly be starting next year, and all of who are considered below average quarterbacks in the league right now. I would also say that the Ravens are the worst team in their division, after witnessing the dolphins hand them a loss. A loss like that is hard to bounce back from.

  4. jerdoll2001 says:

    No. They have no quarterback, they have no receivers, they have no coach. Their defense can’t score all their points!

  5. Mulvi says:

    If they find an offense on the sidewalk next to a new shinny quarter.

  6. Gary says:

    If they were in the NFC, then yes…but the AFC is way too competitive right now, so no.

  7. Mark Anthony says:

    I am not a Ravens fan however I agree with him getting fired. Its not about his knowledge, its about the players losing respect of his leadership abilities. For some reason he lost it and when that happens the teams needs to get a new Coach.

  8. armandingo71 says:

    Not me

  9. Phenom says:

    yeah he shouldn’t been fired but somebody had to take the blame in the ravens organization Billick will be head coach again somewhere.

  10. John M says:

    Easy on the greatest coach of all time. Billick did an awesome job in 98 with the Vikes offense. That is his only claim to fame other than the one Super Bowl. And one Super Bowl win doesnt prove anything to me. (Barry Switzer etc) That is ridiculous. “Greatest Coach of All Time” HA

  11. jrhufford says:

    @IndyOwns haha funny to say that watch some colts videos. ohh yea it would consist of their gay ass offense and pooor tackling. i want to see how big a colts fan u are after manning retires. he’ll be done soon because hes a sell out

  12. ledtallica86 says:

    Prove it.

  13. wwhhhman1234 says:

    12 stupid steelers fans disliked this

  14. odyNFL says:

    best D in the NFL!!!

  15. AgentRaven77 says:

    The Ravens kick the Jets ass tonight, now it the Bengals next week for payback.

  16. Solidus951 says:

    Awful lot of hate here…all i know is, The Ravens wouldnt lose to Houston…EVER

  17. trethreetre says:

    who ready for tonight??? go ravens!!

  18. EmersonRiddell says:

    1:00 love that shit. ravens are the shit.

  19. ChivalrysDownfall says:

    @IndyOwns That it? Come on man we need more fuel for the fire.

  20. trethreetre says:

    keep hatin they winin da super bowl dis year

  21. BaLtImOrErAvEnS96 says:

    @IndyOwns you just say that because your scared of the ravens beating your pussy colts

  22. EastCoastDoggz says:

    @IndyOwns LOL our team reflects our city. we’ll murder any team that wants 2 step up 2 the plate. And don’t forget that shit either.

  23. Mustanghands says:

    Rock on Ravens!!

  24. Spike5143 says:

    @charger619c HAHAHA what a joke. Charger fan based off your name? Hope you enjoy another season of seeing your team blow it like they do every year. How many Superbowl rings does RIvers have?

  25. AgentRaven77 says:

    Now we got TJ Houshmandzadeh

  26. charger619c says:

    Ravens and Jets are the two most overrated teams in the nfl this season. I can’t wait until they either miss the playoffs or are one and done

  27. BIGHOWIE29 says:


  28. shackaduck says:

    im a steelers fan and i hat the ravens and i knoe raven fans hate the steelers but we should both agree on one thing that we should both go out and beat the shit out of those pansy bengals who are all talk and haven’t won a damn playoff game in 19 years.

  29. iniana23 says:

    @aliquippawill keep dreaming cock sucker and yes he now is guilty and it shows by a 4 to 6 game suspension lmfao now bend over and kiss our citys ass u rapist supporter he will be back just in time to lose the second game of the 2 we play vs u bums we shut u out the first game and we will beat u 28 to 10 the second one watch and see if im not good hahah fags

  30. iniana23 says:

    @teambadluck13 guess this dude is stupid and blind from what i remember u came in third lastyear as u will this year thats if u can beta out the browns for third hahahah squeeler ur gonna be owned this year cup cake dont cry to bad when u see the purple and black in the super bowl hahahahahha punk!!!

  31. iniana23 says:

    @xxxmidnightpoolxxx SORRRY TO TELL U FUK HEAD THERES NOT ONE PLAYER LEFT FROM TJE BROWNS ON THE RAVENS MORON FAIRWEATHER FANS HATE U ALL go fucking ravens superbowl 2010 i promise!!!!!!!!!

  32. iniana23 says:

    @crueldawg64 o yea we dont deserve a team we are proved the best nfl fans ever but we dont deserve a team must be a squeelers fan baltimore shoulda had a team long befor 96 but the washington dead skins made that impossible knowing they would lose millions if baltimore got a team they shoved the redskins down everyones throats the min colts lft and thats why everyone hates them GO RAVENS and uhh eat a dic!!

  33. IndyOwns says:

    I see The Ratbirds hired another murderer for their squad….

  34. IndyOwns says:

    I see The Ratbirds hired another murderer for their squad…..

  35. steelvade says:

    Go Ravens cant wait for this season to officially kick off. I just started a blog and I give a fans perspective of the Redskins vs. Ravens matchup check it out at ravens84[.]blogspot[.]com. Thanks and go ravens

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