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Inside the Miami Heat

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Miami Heat

Image by Chris Devers
Got last minute tickets to the Celtics / Heat playoff game, so took The Boy to his first basketball game — and by the third quarter, he already understood the sport better than his Dad. Good for him.

The Celtics ended up winning, 106-77, putting them up 2-0 in their series against Miami. Good for them, too 🙂

Latest Miami Heat News

At Miami Heat dance tryout, `it’s good to be golden’
Last year, Mary Ellen Gray won Teacher of the Year at Walter C. Young Middle School, a gratifying finale to her 38-year career. Thursday — a week after her 61st birthday — she won a spot on the Miami Heat’s Golden Oldies dance team, a shocker that left her shrieking like a tween who’d just touched Justin Bieber.
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Seniors Audition For Miami Heat Golden Oldies Dance Team
The Miami Heat holds auditions for the “hippest, coolest and most young-at-heart senior citizens” for its Golden Oldies hip-hop dance team.
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Sources: Erick Dampier leans toward signing with Miami Heat
Erick Dampier is leaning toward signing with the Miami Heat, according to league sources. The 35-year-old center is expected to announce his decision Thursday night or Friday.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Miami Heat

Miami Heat‘s Pat Riley says LeBron, Bosh injury-free: Having limped out of last season with injuries, Miami Heat f… ChatMiamiHeat (

Miami Heat Street Flair Plate: Miami Heat Street Flair Plate One 12″ x 6″ Street flair plate Made from recycled al… babydanceDD (ladysmile)

Miami Heat Reader Q&A

Question by tatethegreat74: What do you think the Miami Heat should pull for in the NBA draft?
Do you think the Miami Heat should go after a college center this year in the NBA Draft? What pick do you think the Miami Heat will get out of the 29 teams? Do you think it will be a good quality pick being that there’s still some talent left after everybody else gets the cream of the crop picks out of the college players entering the draft?


Answer by I’m Zacman
They might get lucky and Hansbrough might fall to them. Idk how much help he’ll be but he won’t be that bad

Answer by Robert
nope you’ll see why soon enough in fact everyone will see why soon enough

Answer by daelitefleet
i would go small forward first round, to compete for the starting job against jamario moon. then probably point guard in the second round to back up mario chalmers.

edit: i didnt read your details the first time. but now that i have, i dont think they will go center because all of the quality centers will be gone by the time they pick (which should be in the low 20’s). also, they already have a lot of good power forwards/centers. as i said above, i think there biggest need is small forward, then a backup point guard.

Question by yoillist: How do I watch a miami heat game on the interenet?
Hi, im on vacation right now and I am not able to watch the Miami heat play and I really dont want to miss any games. Tomorrow they play the Cleveland Cavaliers and I really want to watch it. Does anybody know a website where I can watch the games live. Thank u!


Answer by John Lakers (24-5)

Best streamers at this site, even though I got LP.

Answer by Hello
Go to
Watch nba games online.

Answer by Ashton T

Miami Heat Video of the Day

Miami Heat’s top ten plays from the year featuring Dwyane Wade and Shaquille O’Neal.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Readers Comments (25)

  1. masjera says:

    LOL @ Shaq

  2. MrHolidayo says:

    follow us on twitter and facebook, THE page is Holiday&Organization

  3. 23DevanSimmons says:

    @RealDeal336 nah u wrong lol just wait and we will see 🙂

  4. RealDeal336 says:

    @23DevanSimmons bynum wuld run thru yalls soft ass defenders right this second commin off surgery
    big z scored 2 pts in his last game as a cav lol
    bosh can score so can z but no d
    bosh is the ru paul of big men.
    yall have no bang in the paint.
    whil ewe got ratliff number 18 all time for blocks,bynum,gasol,character and odom
    lol good luck with you d league bench

  5. 23DevanSimmons says:

    @RealDeal336 haha yeah right maybe if bynum stays healthy but even if he does stay healthy he wont do shit against the heat so shut the fuck up

  6. ShyGuyPinoy says:

    @fwe4life pssst…i win

  7. fwe4life says:

    @ShyGuyPinoy lolool stop being so easy to troll. you win at being a jealous asian towards the soon to be the greatest nba team of all time. your tears taste so good

  8. 3jadin says:


  9. 3jadin says:

    Go jump

  10. ShyGuyPinoy says:

    @fwe4life i win

  11. fwe4life says:

    @ShyGuyPinoy I said good day, sir. go away

  12. ShyGuyPinoy says:

    @fwe4life “psssss…i free you”
    PS. i win

  13. fwe4life says:

    @ShyGuyPinoy shut up nerd, you’re not taking losing an e-argument very gracefully. i had all the good words, i don’t need the final word. You lose, good day sir.

  14. ShyGuyPinoy says:

    @fwe4life didnt you hear me! “I free you” or is it you want the last word, because ill give you the last word if you just say so. If not dont reply.

  15. fwe4life says:

    @ShyGuyPinoy why are you replying to me? stop seeking attention and flooding my inbox. I hope i dont have to hear my phone beep only to find out it’s a pathetic child wanting a reaction. Go play in traffic

  16. ShyGuyPinoy says:

    @fwe4life Whose annoying? Your always replying to my comments. I feel special because you spent all this time, which you could of spent doing something else, but no. You decided “Ill spend this time replying to this comment made by this kid who does not even know me in hopes ill break his spirit with said comments.” This quarrel is now over. You can know live your life. “I free you”

  17. fwe4life says:

    @ShyGuyPinoy let me correct that, ive been a fan my whole life. shut up, you’re annoying. go back to being a small dick filipino asian cockboy

  18. ShyGuyPinoy says:

    @fwe4life living in florida means nothing. Just because you live in heat country doesnt mean your automatically an Heat fan. For all i know, you could be a celtic, or a laker fan. My roomate lives in LA all his life, does that make him a laker or a Dodgers fan? No, hes a die hard Celtic and a Yankee fan. For all i know your a bandwagoner.

  19. theKingjamesfan23 says:

    @RealDeal336 yeah but we have eddie house,udonis haslem,mike miller too

  20. fwe4life says:

    @ShyGuyPinoy i lived in south florida my whole life so.. pick something else. you just look like a mad, jealous idiot

  21. ShyGuyPinoy says:

    @fwe4life so you flocked to this team didnt you. Tsk..tsk.

  22. RealDeal336 says:

    @fwe4life and kobe aint even near 40 yo,hes 31
    anyway lebron looks like he 50,cle wore him out.hes due a serious injury.
    hes jus hype
    like john wall was spose to be so bad,and he gets shown uo by a 2nd round pick devin ebanks

  23. RealDeal336 says:

    @theKingjamesfan23 big z,when eliminated in round 2 only scored 2 pts,and bosh is the ru paul of big men hes soft
    even shaq said that

  24. fwe4life says:

    @RealDeal336 good joke nerd. i’ll be laughing when kobe’s 40 year old ass and ynum have to sit out half the season for injuries

  25. fwe4life says:

    @ShyGuyPinoy dont be mad you asian nerd, this is the best team since jordan’s bulls. go sit in a corner and cry.

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