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Inside the Miami Heat

Published on September 17, 2010 by   ·   32 Comments

Miami Heat

Image by Chris Devers
Got last minute tickets to the Celtics / Heat playoff game, so took The Boy to his first basketball game — and by the third quarter, he already understood the sport better than his Dad. Good for him.

The Celtics ended up winning, 106-77, putting them up 2-0 in their series against Miami. Good for them, too 🙂

Latest Miami Heat News

Miami Heat to Bring In Free Agent Erick Dampier?
Miami Heat to Bring In Free Agent Erick Dampier?
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Miami Heat taking first camp with LeBron James on the road
The Miami Heat announced Wednesday night that they’ll hold their first camp with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida’s Panhandle from Sept. 28 to Oct. 3.
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Miami Heat to hold training camp at Eglin Air Force Base in Fort Walton Beach
Miami Heat to hold training camp at Eglin Air Force Base in Fort Walton Beach
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Miami Heat

Miami Heat taking first camp with LeBron James on the road #ESPN #NBAby WishFeeder (The Wisher)

RT @JoeyE321: A peek at Miami Heat‘s Mike Miller and Heat Training Camp Relocated… MrVol84 (David Montes)

A peek at Miami Heat‘s Mike Miller and Heat Training Camp Relocated… JoeyE321 (Joey E)

Miami Heat Reader Q&A

Question by AJ S: Miami Heat?
Im a huge Heat fan and I feel Miami is only going to repeat if someone either than Wade is going to step up. It’s supposed to be Walker but he’s avg. career lows and White Chocolate is still struggling with his knee. Now with Iverson traded to Denver. Do you think Miami will still trade James Posey’s expiring contract and possibly J-Will? The Clippers recently said they will not trade Correy Maggette although he’s quietly asked for one. With Miami hovering under .500 only time will tell if Shaq can produce numbers to help Wade. I think Maggette or some other talent can lift the Heat back into contention. What have you heard so far about the trade rumors???


Answer by brian
i hear that they want to get rid of one of their veteran guards (Gary and hite chocolate for someone younger

Answer by sports_guy007
I myself am a heat fan but have been a career long shaq fan. Just think back to last year when the heat started out rough its the same thing this year, they are gonna screw around and slowly get it all back. Shaq knows what hes doing he will be back soon maybe not 100% but when playoff time rolls around he’ll be ready as will the rest of the heat, and they will run to a repeat. Trust me

Answer by braids_jlw
they should trade a-walker keep white chocolate and get a better p.f we need shaq

Question by hotafricanbabe: Miami heat !!!!!!!!!!?
when do the miami heat start playing


Answer by 206FootballBaller
in a month from now

Answer by Brittany
well pre-season has already started up be the regular season starts a month from now!

Answer by jahid_thomas
they play nextweek.

Miami Heat Video of the Day

Miami welcomes the three kings of the Miami Heat as Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh join the NBA team in a spectacular show at AmericanAirlines Arena on Friday night. Chuck Fadely / Miami Herald Staff
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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Readers Comments (32)

  1. ec23 says:

    The Heat, are really not that great of a team. Dwayne Wade is AMAZING! I’ll give you that but Shaq is getting older, Walker is someone who really is no good but can hit a wild shot every once and a while and the others on this team are no consistent enough to make Miami a great team.

  2. . says:

    they suck and way too over rated

  3. gopistons says:

    Its funny how I didnt see many Heat questions before they won the championships. Now everyone is declaring their alleigance to the Heat. Too bad because they wont get to the East Finals much less the Nba Finals

  4. Knowledge says:

    The preseason for the NBA starts October 5th and the season starts October 31st.

  5. b-ball queen says:

    not sure but,who’s yur favorite on miami???

  6. nick says:

    When there heatdid up.

  7. maravichi says:

    go to their website and the schedule is there

  8. bosem1082 says:

    @31Dodgerfan ey like Pat Riley Miami Heat hater……GET a LIFE..????lol…

  9. QTipp517 says:

    lebrons got a new number bitches!!!

  10. 31Dodgerfan says:

    @3wademiami Seriously man you never make sence.

  11. 3wademiami says:

    @31Dodgerfan U switch the subject real quick.Typical Laker fan

  12. LiKASO1 says:

    any takers?

  13. LiKASO1 says:

    why is evryone saying most of miami heat fans are bandwagon jumpers? i can guarantee you that more than 50% of laker fans are only laker fans because of “kobe bryant” ill place a bet on anyone that if kobe somehow leaves l.a and goes somewhere like ny watch there be no laker fans

  14. 31Dodgerfan says:

    @3wademiami What???? are you kidding me?? dude you don’t know how to read man. Those are the things that other people are writing on your channel and thats your own fault.

  15. 3wademiami says:

    @31Dodgerfan U were just posting curse words like Pussy,Whore,bitch,fucker….Get a life nigga

  16. 31Dodgerfan says:

    @Fartzine Dude all you do is complain about what we say! Why don’t you join the debate or shut the hell up!!!!

  17. 31Dodgerfan says:

    @3wademiami Loser for banning me from your channel! Can’t take the fact that i was owning you!

  18. GEOORGE5445 says:

    231 Haters On Lebron

  19. LILSEGA2324 says:

    @hangtime23ful 0

  20. hangtime23ful says:

    @portland021 Hahahahahahahahaha that’s funny if that really happened i would probably die laughing

  21. portland021 says:

    @hangtime23ful less than 10

  22. hangtime23ful says:

    How many wins will the heat get this season?

  23. 3wademiami says:

    @portland021 He said that he didn’t want to be 33 years old with bad knees and no rings.If he would have stayed in Cleveland he wouldn’t have won any championships. That’s a true player taking 20 million less for just wanting to win.If he would have went to New York they said he would have made 2 billion off the court with all the marketing over their

  24. tarTzkOo says:

    monster team!!

  25. portland021 says:

    @3wademiami i don’t understand why lebron is already worried about winning an NBA championship.. if he wasn’t worried he wouldn’t have left cleveland so early.. he’s only 25

  26. majorasmask12345 says:

    wats the beat at :33

  27. 3wademiami says:

    @Thuggishdeer Bosh never went to the playoffs because to team sucked.Like i said just like KG and Pau Gasol they had t go somewhere else.It shouldnt even be a question that their going to win.LeBron was 1st in stats in the playoffs last year and wade was 2nd.These guys perform

  28. Thuggishdeer says:

    @3wademiami Now its a matter of getting it done, now that lebron has the best weapons around him and you agree, can he do it. if not then what does that say about him? the pressure is all on lebron, because wade already won his ring, and bosh is the third guy, hes never been beyond the first round. if the heat dont win they are all jokes, with lebron being the biggest of them all.

  29. adarryllDX says:

    even though dwyane wade my favorite player i think mike miller and eddie house sholud get attention

  30. 3wademiami says:

    @Thuggishdeer They were good.But they all choked in the playoffs when it matters.LeBron knew if he stayed with all them with those players that didn’t do shit he wouldn’t wina championship.It’s all about defense and Cavs didn’t defend well except for LeBron.Now Lebron has wade and bosh like Jordan had pippen and rodman

  31. 1000Dalong says:

    other heat members get no attention

  32. Thuggishdeer says:

    @3wademiami of course i watch basketball, lebron wasn’t alone his teammates weren’t all stars but they were good. wade won the title with less talent than that. lebron should be ashamed of himself for losing with the best group hes ever had.

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