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Inside the Philadelphia Eagles

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Latest Philadelphia Eagles News

Philadelphia Eagles: Kevin Kolb’s 5 Most Likely Trade Destinations
This past Tuesday, just after Andy Reid told the media that Kevin Kolb was Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback, he changed his mind and handed the reigns over to Michael Vick. At the end of last season, if it was known the Eagles would only be keeping one of the three quarterbacks on their roster between Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb, or Vick, Vick would have been the least likely option to …
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Eagles-Jaguars Preview
By leading the Philadelphia Eagles to victory in Week 2, Michael Vick has earned himself the starting job – although he had to wait an extra day to be sure. Philadelphia travels to EverBank Field to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, looking for its first win in four all-time meetings. Making his first start since 2006, Vick led the Eagles (1-1) to a 35-32 win at Detroit last Sunday …
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Philadelphia Eagles’ QBs act professional despite controversy
PHILADELPHIA — When you have two starting quarterbacks, you don’t have one.
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RT @NFLaddict: Top 5 NFL Teams Calling The Philadelphia Eagles For Quarterback Kevin Kolb Sports_R_Me_MP3 (Mike Patton)

Starting Vick a good move for Eagles: Eagles had no choice but to yank Kolb.
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Philadelphia Eagles Reader Q&A

Question by confused: Where can I find an adult Philadelphia Eagles cheerleading outfit online?
I’ve searched so many sites already and the only Philadelphia Eagles cheerleading outfit is in a kid’s size. Where can I find an adult size?


Answer by Julia H
try amazon

Answer by italianblondie
Maybe Bleacher Bums… ummm….. i’ll see if i can get some links on this reply… [waiting]
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this last one was “sexy” outfits… i don’t know if that could work.

hope this helped!

Answer by Tim
Try here

Question by robert f: What is the price range for Philadelphia Eagles, Lincoln Financial Field, suite tickets?
As I understand it, you must buy 20tickets for one suite. Is that 20tickets for one game or multiple games? What is the price range of a Lincoln Financial field suite for a Philadelphia Eagles game?


Answer by Hardcore Habs+Bills Fan! ♣

try that site

Philadelphia Eagles Video of the Day

one of the best plays in eagles history 4th n 26!!! go Eagles
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Readers Comments (25)

  1. ROFusion says:


    Furthermore, I love how your ‘logic’ also disregards the fact that, but for epic game winning PLAYOFF drives like ‘4th and 26’, the Eagles wouldn’t have even had the opportunity to lose in the NFC title game. Credit McNabb with a title game choke, but disregard his leadership in clutch playoff situations. NICE

  2. ROFusion says:


    Btw, logically you’d EXPECT a lower than average playoff performance given that playoff teams are HARDER TO BEAT than regular season teams, but I guess ‘logic’ isn’t your strong point.

  3. ROFusion says:


    “If a qb, ANY qb loses 4 championships AND a superbowl, AND played poorly in all of those game…I consider him a choke artist…”

    Then I guess McNabb isn’t a choke artist based on YOUR definition. Looks like your football ignorance caused you to put your foot in your mouth. McNabb’s stats against the Cards in the ’09 NFC title game were better than his regular season avg.

  4. qukarlz says:

    this is a play you don’t get over

  5. MrSouthphillyitalian says:

    pissed Eagles lost another home opener against green bay but i feel we are ready to kick the lions ass next week

  6. 90smartass says:

    @EaglesFootballMike No one ran a bad route consistantly dude, just admit it. A qb’s passes should be ACCURATE. The saying is “where ONLY his receiver can catch it”. That means away from the defender but still within the receivers reach, not in the dirt. Throwing the ball in the dirt is called choking.

  7. EaglesFootballMike says:

    @90smartass well i dont consistantly remember a WR running good routes. and people complain about mcnabb throwing balls at the ground but as a QB ur supposed to throw passes where either ur WR can get it or no one can. Now if he was trying to force stuff in people would complain about int’s

  8. 90smartass says:

    @EaglesFootballMike I dont even remember a receiver consistantly running a bad route. Who did that? When I said that his accuracy was off, if you remember he repeatedly would throw the ball in the dirt or at their feet, even on relatively short pasees.

  9. EaglesFootballMike says:

    @90smartass but when u have guys dropping passes, and not running proper routes, completetion percentage is gonna go down. But i guess u think its mcnabbs job to run routes and catch passes too

  10. 90smartass says:

    @EaglesFootballMike Eagles were ALWAYS one of the top 10 defenses in the league under jim johnson. MANY years they were in the top 5. To have “never had any weapons on offense”, most years they were able to have a pretty dominant regular season. Curiously the only time they had trouble beating a team, many times a team they had defeated earlier that same season, was when donovans passing wasnt accurate. Coincidence? No..

  11. EaglesFootballMike says:

    @90smartass but eli and ben had amazing defenses that won for them. Mcnabb never had any weapons on offense and was able to win multiple games alone

  12. 90smartass says:

    @EaglesFootballMike Yeah because its not like Rothlisberger, Brees and Eli won a damn SUPERBOWL or anything….

    Like I said before, Mcnabb plays pretty good when the pressures not on, but in games that REALLY COUNT, his passing accuracy and decision making turn to garbage. Im guessing he cant handle stress well, seeing the way he’s losing his hair on top of everything else.

  13. EaglesFootballMike says:

    @90smartass thats funny because besides tom brady and peyton manning, no QB in the last decade has personally done more than mcnabb

  14. 90smartass says:

    *in all of those GAMES

  15. 90smartass says:

    @90smartass If a qb, ANY qb loses 4 championships AND a superbowl, AND played poorly in all of those game. I mean that his passing percentage in those games was worse than his average percentage during that seaon. I consider him a choke artist as I think any reasonable person would.

  16. 90smartass says:

    Mcnabb is the only qb in history ever to lose 4 championship games and a superbowl, EVER. The other 4 games he never even made it to. Those are some stats for you to digest. Of course since your i.q. is less than 10, you still wont grasp that atrocity.

  17. ROFusion says:


    McNabb’s not perfect and I’m not avoiding his “inadequacies”. I just think people like you sound really dumb when you call him a choke artist and provide a small # of examples (in your case, only one example: the Super Bowl) while ignoring the ways that other factors (depleted O-line, unreliable receivers for half his career, defensive letdown due to opponent cheating or other reason, etc.) contribute to Eagles’ losses. Ever heard of the term “representative sample”?

  18. 90smartass says:


  19. 90smartass says:

    @ROFusion Instead of constantly avoiding Mcnabbs inadaquacies why dont you just accept them as the facts for which they are. It would make you look less ignorant than you are.

  20. 90smartass says:

    @ROFusion Its very telling the way you just avoid commenting on Mcnabbs poor performance in the superbowl, where he threw 3 interceptions. Two of them were back to back with t.o. in the game. Again Mcnabbs shitty play against dallas was a major factor in why we lost. He failed to throw the ball away when under pressure, even when outside the pocket. These are rookie mistakes and hes a veteran. Any half way decent qb would have thrown the ball away.

  21. ROFusion says:


    If you really want to (fail to) prove your point, why not list the big games in McNabb’s career and explain how he choked? If you still (mistakenly) believe in your “9 out of 10 times” metric, go through the years and provide examples of McNabb’s choking in 90% of these “big” games.

  22. ROFusion says:


    Btw, which big game did McNabb “choke” in when Jackson was playing? Not the 2009 NFC title game against the Cards…McNabb had 375 yds and 3 TDs, but we lost cuz the defense couldn’t stop Fitzgerald. Not the 2010 Wild Card against Dallas. More than half of our starting O-line was out (and they’d been out most of the season), yet we still managed an 11-5 record. These are facts that are well-known by people who actually follow the Eagles as opposed to engaging in shallow analysis.

  23. ROFusion says:


    You’re in luck, I finished my homework early so I gave your post a read. I notice how you’ve backtracked from your “9 out of 10” times metric and replaced it with a “one example proves my point about a perceived character flaw” metric. I can’t blame you. Your position was indefensible. As for your excuse about the quality receiver…a budget issue? For 5 years? Lol, maybe if you say it enough times you can convince yourself that it’s true.

  24. 90smartass says:

    @ROFusion Since my last comment seems to complicated for you to understand, ill put it in elementary terms. Even WITH top receivers such as t.o. and jackson Mcnabb STILL plays poorly in key games. For example in the superbowl he THREW 3 INTERCEPTIONS WHILE T.O. WAS PLAYING. Are you getting the point? Or are you going to try to blame his poor performance on someone else? As for management, them not signing a quality receiver sooner was due to a budget issue not negligence.

  25. brewtownboozer says:

    Revenge @ 4:00

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