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Inside the Portland Trail Blazers

Published on September 12, 2010 by   ·   34 Comments

Latest Portland Trail Blazers News

Trail Blazers report: Notes, quotes
–C Greg Oden will not join his Trail Blazer teammates in informal scrimmage sessions before the Sept. 27 start of training camp. General manager Rich Cho said the 7-foot center is running and coming along well in rehab from December microfracture surgery but is not yet playing basketball.
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Trail Blazers report: Getting inside
Marcus Camby jumped at the opportunity to take part in the NBA’s “Basketball without Borders” program, which brought him to Barcelona with a group of other players and coaches.
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Trail Blazers report: Roster
NBA and basketball coverage including stats, scores, standings, fantasy basketball, transactions, injury reports, schedules, team and player news.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Portland Trail Blazers

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Portland Trail Blazers Reader Q&A

Question by Joseph: How can I watch Portland Trail Blazers vs Phoenix Suns NBA playoffs live online?
How can I watch Portland Trail Blazers vs Phoenix Suns NBA playoffs live online?


Answer by cvtennis_star

Answer by angelo3718
im sure u can espn 360 i dont know if u have to pay or not

Answer by Engoren
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Question by only a pawn in their game: What should the portland trail blazers do about their point guard situation?
I think steve blake is a good player but not good enough to take the blazers to the next level as a starter. I would love if they got kirk heinrich or developed jerryd bayless and he becomes a good player.


Answer by Shy & Dangerous
Good point. How about AI?

Answer by buck toothed asian
i concur. trade for AI but he’ll have to go to practice….we’re talkin’ ’bout practice.

Answer by ar23fang™ [magic>philly]
they need to trade steve blake and sergio for TJ Ford (pacers)

they lose their old PG and pick up a young one, which wont hurt the pacers that much cause they had jarret jack

Question by Bryan: What do you think about the Portland Trail Blazers?
I am from and live in portland so no one here is surprised at the success of the blazers but i am curious what the non locals think about this team. thx.
btw i watched the rally today on tv, i had classes today.


Answer by BLAZER♥Giirl91
im from portland but moved 2 years ago!
but anyway always was and still now my team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

did you go to the rally today in pioneer square?

i had some friends who went and got out of school, i wouldve done the same for that!

i saw was insane

Answer by Ron-D
they are not gettin past 2nd round

Answer by Javy Javy (♥ Pepper for MVP ♥)
I’m happy that they made the playoffs for the first time in like 6 or 7 years.

They are a powerhouse in the NBA historically with 20 straight playoff appearances and I think they have really loyal fans.

Portland Trail Blazers Video of the Day

Marcus Camby puts up a season high 30 points and 13 rebounds as the Blazers take out the Thunder at the Rose Garden.

What do you think? Answer below!

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Readers Comments (34)

  1. Serge says:

    Well, I suggest Satellite TV software for you to watch live TV online.
    With it, you could watch NBA playoffs games and many worldwide TV channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, ESPN, TNT, Local …live online.
    Here you can get it

  2. Kevin says:

  3. ~˜˜Little Tsunami™˜˜~ says:

    Nothing they can do right now………..Bayless is their guy!

  4. RIP CITY GIRL says:

    I really like Blake too but i think we need a PG that can creat plays for him and his team and that plays better D, i really think Bayless will be a beast if they give him a shot.

  5. BLAZER♥Giirl91 says:

    AI as in allen iverson? hellllllllllllll nooooo hellll nooo

    no fools on blazers team…please…portland would never do that.

    jerryd bayless is still a rookie, he’ll def improve and sergio isnt that bad either…steve blake has some awesome 3 pointers

  6. Raza (Nuggets Rule!) says:

    I would work on Bayless. Out of his draft, I thought he would do good for Portland. He hasn’t so far and now it’s time for him to step up.

  7. Jonathan E says:

    Steve Blake is an excellent player and compliments that team really well, their playmaker is Roy and it may not be the usual setup(shooting guard making plays) but it works for them and kinda trips up other teams as well. Also sticking Iverson in there wouldn’t be good for that team as they are dominating due to their talent and youth and Iverson would just add some drama and take some money from them. They need to stick to their ways and add a little more talent and a few more years onto players like Aldridge, Roy, Outlaw… have one hell of a team, probably number two in the west next year at least with every other team getting old and injured.

  8. DetroitSports 09-010 says:

    Possibly take Ty lawson in the Draft and let Bayless and Lawson compete for the starting spot or try to get Mike Bibby for a Year contract for 5.6 mill and Lawson and Bayless can be mentored by him

  9. A.K says:

    Kirk would be great but they also should try to get ramon sessions if they don’t sign them
    andre miller is also a good one

  10. Dakota says:

    I think the blazers are just fine with Steve Blake as there point guard. He is an above average point guard and yes we still have Bayless who is going to get way better by next year hopefully.

    I really hope they win tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Kibret (2ndAcct) says:


    I think the Blazers are a very young talented team. What they might need is a veteran point guard. Call me Crazy, but I recommend Steve Nash. If he ever leaves the suns, that is. I know he is a bit older, but he will be surrounded by a lot of young talent, so i recommend him.

    But generally, a veteran PG will work.


  12. Sportdue55 says:

    Steve Black is a very good BACKUP point guard. He is old though and Bayless has tons of potential. Even with all of this potential Bayless will not be able to start anytime soon, he still need to blossom. The best way for him to do this is to play back up point guard. This leaves steve blake out of the rotation and we should trade him. Either trading blake and outlaw for heinrich or signing andre miller this offseason and letting bayless develop under andre are the two options.

  13. nhs_basketball_11 says:

    blazers have the best chance to beat the lakers

  14. Mįŝşĩʼnġ Mīćħăęŀ Ŗėďđ says:

    They are amazing!

    They are the only team in the West right now with the possibility of stopping L.A., because they matchup so well with them.

    I hope they steamroll through Houston, because I dislike Yao.

  15. the Black Mamba says:

    they are a new threat to the west as of this season.
    next year im expecting some suprises from this team.
    however.. Lakers are going to the finals–so portland is not going any farther than the 2nd rd.

  16. ar23fang says:

    they are a nice young team but not contenders, they might make the conference finals,

  17. Pau(LAL 65-17)Gasol 20p,9r,6a,2b says:

    they are young but they need experience

    they wont make it far

  18. Dawg Winfrey says:

    Really good team…very bad draw. The 4th seed in the West is good, very good. However, the 2nd round is the bad part…The Lakers.

    I think they were better off getting the 6th seed. That way if they faced the Lakers…it would have been in the West Finals.

    With that being said they are good enough to beat the Lakers, but not four times.

    Houston in the 1st round. The Blazers can beat Houston. They have post people to keep Yao honest, they have perimeter people that are able to guard Artest, Brooks and Lowry.

    Houston doesn’t have that go to guy when the team needs a basket. That was evident their last game against Dallas. When the Rockets needed baskets…they didn’t have a “Tracy McGrady” to go to for a score. And that will hurt them in the playoffs.

    Portland doesn’t have that problem. They inside defenders in Pryzbilla and Oden. Inside scorer in Aldridge, plenty of shooters, and when the chips are down they have a go to guy…Brandon Roy. And to top it all off…they have home court (1st round) and a really good coach in Nate McMillan.

    Portland in 6.

    Portland is better equipped to beat the Lakers too. Only problem is that the Lakers are hungry for a title, and the Blazers are beginning to find out who they are. Portland’s youth and inexperience will succumb to the Lakers’ hunger and thirst for a championship.

    Lakers in 6.

    But this will be the start of something special in Portland. They have the team to challenge the Lakers for the West for a long time. Just not now.

  19. ~ says:

    Portland was a non-factor and they were basically unheard of 2 seasons ago (at least to newer basketball fans). Although still not widely popular, they are a talented team that will be championship contenders in 3-5 years. The Blazers are loaded with young stars like Aldridge, Roy, Oden and Fernandez and they will blossom as they mature.

    The Blazers are my second favourite team, just below my hometown team. Considering how disappointing the Raptors have been, failing to meet all the expectations set for them by the fans due to all the pre-season hype, I’m all Blazers right now. I’m excited to see how far Portland will get into the playoffs.

  20. G1Main says:

    They are young, athletic, and very talented!
    Second favorite team to watch because the Rose Garden is always sold out!

    Too bad my Rockets will beat them though! 🙂
    This will be a great series!

  21. Smartkid23 says:

    I think the Trailblazers are a very good team. I love Brandon Roy as a Player. I think he is a tremendous player and a born leader. They are a very talented bunch of players who play great together as a team. They have a very positive future and once fully developed will really be one of the elite teams in the west and throughout the NBA.

  22. lost4life says:

    I think they will make it all the way to face the Lakers, but even though Lakers have lost to them all season, I think Lakers will crush em this time.

  23. gigi says:

    Rudy Fernandez is what i think!

  24. MOLLY says:

    I am also a “Portlander” and am NOT surprised by their successes this year. The Trail Blazers have an awesome team. My family and I are BIG basketball fans, but the Blazers are my team.
    I also watched the rally on TV because I had school. Ugh. But I wish I was there lol

    Go Blazers!!!!

  25. serge41684 says:

    always watch this games love blazers and this games bring back memorys

  26. justjoshin2006 says:

    This was the most fun game to be at, even though we were gettin our asses kicked most of the time, MC led us back. I can’t tell you how the Mar-cus Cam-by chant sent shivers down my spine, it was amazing!

  27. Kelspeed1972 says:

    Blazer fan here. OKC is fun to watch. Best of luck to both teams for 2010-2011

  28. aneebaba06 says:

    MAR-CUS CAM-BY!!! – for another 2 years!! Woohoo!

  29. jerosen98 says:

    I love the crowd chanting “Mar-Cus Cam-By” at 9:25 mark.

  30. JimenezLeon says:

    marcus camby

  31. o0CASHBOY0o says:

    its too bad okclahoma will get defeated in the first round by the Lakers!

  32. nasty93cc says:

    Aaaand another good game won, without Roy.. Hopefully we can play solid in the playoffs if Roy is still out..

    Camby, Andre Miller, J. Howard.. A perfect Veteran threesome for the Blazers roster!

  33. GammaBoom says:

    Camby is a fuckin monster!!!!! And he is modest :). just look at his face when everyone in the arena is shoutin his name 🙂

  34. TeRRoRx503 says:


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