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Los Angeles Lakers News, Views, & Highlights

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Los Angeles Lakers

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Latest Los Angeles Lakers News

LA Lakers-Miami Heat: Which Team Has the Most Arrogant Fans?
The Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat are heavy favorites to meet in next season’s NBA Finals, and fans of both teams have been more than happy to engage in a verbal war touting each team’s supremacy. Fans of other NBA teams have been forced to be unwilling participants in a conversation that not only excludes their franchises as contenders, but also illustrates the level of arrogance of the …
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Los Angeles Lakers: Point Guard Defense Still a Point Of Concern?
Next season the Los Angeles Lakers are expected to field one of the best defensive teams of the Phil Jackson era. But, despite the optimism surrounding the franchise, questions remain on the defensive end.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers#ReallyMeans “WINNERS” – by DNickz2600GWOOD (DNickz)

@RealLamarOdom: the Los Angeles Lakers Will make History… By all means they will win the next season, the following1, the one after etc – by DktrVamp (John Simon Oprisor)

Los Angeles Lakers Reader Q&A

Question by only a pawn in their game: Will the los angeles lakers ever put their talent together?
I thought the Los Angeles Lakers were the best team in the NBA but now i will go with the Cavs for the NBA championship. The Lakers just seem to be okay with losing games in the playoffs sometimes.


Answer by Lelouch L
“Teamwork beats talent, all the time.”

Answer by lunatic2500
i dont think they can… seems like they cant ever play hard and serious….

Answer by Houston Rockets #2 Fan™
If Kobe can’t score the Lakers should just go on vacation. The reason why Cavs have a better record is ONLY because they are in the Eastern Conference which is a little weaker than Western.

Los Angeles Lakers Video of the Day

The Association: Los Angeles Lakers – Part 1
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Readers Comments (32)

  1. Tay Kumer says:

    go rockets!

  2. Lehog James rides a donkey. says:

    they like to slack off every now and then and think everything will be handed to them on a silver platter. They have to realize they will never ever get their calls. Forget about the refs and just play their game.

  3. @ndy™ © (I smell fear...) says:

    They better for Game 7, and they better keep it going to the next series IF they make it. Because, try this move on the Nuggets, they’re very poor and disappointing… Right now, they’re not even deserving of the championship. Being honest as a Lakers fan…

  4. Chase M says:

    they r the best team its just a few calls here and there and a couple missed shots. but yes they need to pull their head out of their a


  5. gracefulandjust says:

    If Kobe kept that philosophy from last year to share the ball and involve his teammates rather than keep taking jump shots, then they’d be more successful. But whenever he allows his old self to come out, they’re less successful. He just never learns.

  6. DWADE the real 09 mvp says:

    i was thinking the same thing its not like they like it but they are ok with it

  7. Caring girl. says:


  8. ThexLxSickoxAxL88 says:


  9. Pun4422 says:

    5:32 – 5:36 dreams come true ron…kobe passed you the ball

  10. BlackMamba8432 says:

    greatest team in the world : los angeles lakers, my heart will always be purple and gold

  11. willing892 says:

    here’s that trick.. i went to mpthreefy (dot) com to convert youtube videos to mp3s.

  12. Shueb12 says:

    LOL we the champs again, i hope they make another one like this next season.

  13. westlifebk2010 says:

    whats the name of the song in the beginning??…

  14. westlifebk2010 says:

    Whats the name of the song in the beginning??

  15. jivetome says:

    What is the song at the beginning of the video?

  16. LandOfAryan says:

    I LOVE LA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. stevechen1991 says:

    lakers got better this offseason with Barnes,blake and ebanks hahah

  18. PopCherriesNotBombs2 says:

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  19. PwnagePranksters says:

    Check out your channel, it’s fresh new and we’re planning to add more


  20. swagger2def says:


  21. ryuhadoken1221 says:

    When the video got to 0:54 , I thought they were going to say.
    “One thing’s for sure, it’s definitely because of Sasha.”

  22. shaydenestencion says:

    sasha and brown are just about even, the lakers have sasha for 3’s and they have brown for dunks.

  23. HighRollerz says:

    LOL 0:58.. “Get your hands off me”…

    Sasha gettin punked like a little bitch he is. We need to trade Sasha already so we can have money for Brown

  24. iannikkoiv says:

    “Get your hands off me”

  25. akamailman says:

    The scary thing is this team has got even better over the offseason. I’m feeling a three peat!!!!

  26. jeezyhustla says:

    so happy ron got a ring

  27. Jiltedin2007 says:


  28. LILSEGA2324 says:

    @Jiltedin2007 foOl lEbRon,wAdE nD bOsh aInt gETtiNg sHiT

  29. Jiltedin2007 says:

    @xslxsuperman1 Maybe so, but Shaq still has the Heart of a Warrior! Yes, Shaq is old, and he is probably 350 lbs., but let me ask you this question. Wouldn’t you like “The Big Diesel” coming off the Bench, or filling in when either Andrew Bynum or Pau Gasol has been injured? Or probably gets into Foul Trouble? Just something to think about, food for thought. And we all know that Shaq has made up with Kobe.

  30. Jiltedin2007 says:

    @LILSEGA2324 Three-peat it is! Not even LeBron, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh united can stop us from getting “Number 17”!

  31. LILSEGA2324 says:

    @Jiltedin2007 yUpP 3 pEat tHiS yEaR

  32. LandOfAryan says:

    I love LA… im thankful i live in LA

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