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Milwaukee Bucks in Review – A Look Back

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Latest Milwaukee Bucks News

Bucks got deeper this summer
Charles F. Gardner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports: The Bucks should have a much deeper team than the one they finished with last season, when coach Scott Skiles had to use Primoz Brezec for important minutes at the center spot in Game 7 of the playoffs against Atlanta (with Bogut injured and backup Kurt Thomas […]
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No team was as big a surprise last season as the Milwaukee Bucks. Coming off of a campaign where they went 34-48 and …
and worked their way to a 12-win improvement and the sixth seed in the Playoffs.
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Milwaukee Bucks 2010-2011 Preview
The HOOPSWORLD staff looks ahead to the 2010-2011 season for the Milwaukee Bucks.
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Milwaukee Bucks Reader Q&A

Question by Saint G: Milwaukee bucks?
I kept on hearing rumors that Michael Redd may get traded to the Cavs in the off season. I don’t think that the bucks will be stupid enough to trade him there, Michael Redd is the buck’s franchise player, A all star, and one of the most dangerous shooters in the NBA. The bucks are not far away from making the playoffs next season, Andrew Bogut had a good season with the bucks and him and YI is going to improve more next season. Mo Williams should get traded if he keep having that shoot first mentality and not passing the ball more but him and Redd do make a killer back court. The NBA Draft and Free agents will help them, Ramon Sessions should get more playing time, and the bucks should trade Bobby Simmons, Desmon Mason, and Charlie villinava for a good small forward like Ron Artest, Corey Maggette, or Caron Butler that can help Redd out. Correct me if I’m wrong but that is what I think they should do in the off season. agree or disagree?


Answer by GO BROWNS!
I hope he gets traded, but i’m a cavs fan. Yes it would be stupid at first for your team but in the long run it may be for the better, because no offense….the bucks aren’t the most competitive team in the league and maybe they want to rebuild. It takes time, but I think they may be looking towards the future.

You would get a lot of players with expiring contracts which wouldn’t be bad.

Answer by FAN
Hm.. I’m more curious of who will he be traded with. I doubt it’s LeBron James.. Delonte? I dunno, but for me I think the Cavs need more of a role player than a scorer right now. I mean #23 can kick anyone’s @ss in a scoring match… so I think the Cavaliers need to get someone else. Elton Brand or Kevin Garnett maybe? If they do ever get KG, then I think They’d win a Championship.

Question by caseyw2002: where do the Milwaukee bucks stay at when they play the orlando magic, in what hotel ?
where do the Milwaukee bucks stay at when they play the orlando magic, in what hotel ? i trying to get Meeks, Jodie autographs.


Answer by D.A.
The NBA has a contract with the Ritz-Carlton chain.

Answer by Tampa Lake Show (STILL #1 32-10)
Don’t stalk them!!!

Question by caseyw2002: where is the best place to get Milwaukee Bucks Meeks, Jodie autograph in orlando fl ?
where is the best place to get Milwaukee Bucks Meeks, Jodie autograph in orlando fl ?


Answer by Nirvana Maestro
amway arena

Answer by ♥ John Wa11 ♥
Hm, idk. But, I love Meeks! He is a Kentucky guy 🙂

Milwaukee Bucks Video of the Day

Milwaukee Bucks Top 10 Plays of The Year 2008/2009 [HQ]

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  1. DavidColtPerry says:

    For great deals on Bucks 2010 Playoff tickets, check out VISIT Milwaukee on Facebook.

  2. NicarooBaby10 says:

    go ramon sessions i have is jersay

  3. bluethunder785 says:


  4. 20yrsofgreatness says:

    we gon make it 2 da playoffs dis year!

  5. patkay85 says:

    all good plays, but no gamewinners? and number 1 was nice but it wasnt the best

  6. millerjoseph17 says:

    bitch fuck you the bucks dont suck

  7. 16raysofdsun says:

    bucks sucks

  8. TreyWallace22 says:

    I like Jennings a lot, but i really miss sessions. he isn’t even playing much in minnesota.

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