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Milwaukee Bucks : Latest From the Web

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Milwaukee Bucks

Image by mechanikat
Milwaukee Bucks bobbleheads, bought at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Latest Milwaukee Bucks News

Bucks report: Notes, quotes
–Several Bucks flew into Milwaukee weeks before the start of training camp and held informal workouts at the team’s practice facility in St. Francis.
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High school football: Buchanan’s Craig has the Bucks rolling into their showdown with Edwardsburg
Eye-popping statistics don’t come with Dustan Craig’s game as a senior offensive and defensive lineman for the Buchanan High School football team.
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Fantasy NBA: Injury Report
The Blazers are hoping that Greg Oden will be able to play in 60-65 games this coming season.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the Milwaukee Bucks

RT @Blaqbarbie08: Did yall know that the Milwaukee Bucks Mascot “Bango” makes 100K a year??!! Most mascots make that much. – by NinjaRafia (Rasul Ali)

Did yall know that the Milwaukee Bucks Mascot “Bango” makes 100K a year??!! Most mascots make that much. – by Blaqbarbie08 (Eecart Yoj)

Milwaukee Bucks Reader Q&A

Question by M B: Do the Milwaukee Bucks have what it takes to make the playoffs?
Do the Milwaukee Bucks have what it takes to make the playoffs?


Answer by rastabudd
The East ,as a whole, looks weaker than it has in years past. Yes, Boston has emerged, but Chicago and Detroit dominate the conference a whole lot less than before. At the very least, the Bucks should be able to slide into the 5th or 6th seed. At the very LEAST.

Answer by Jason P
I’m a fan, and I’d like to see them there, but this is a team that just plays on my hopes too much. Every time they start to look good, they lose a few games in a row badly. However, if one of the starters misses extended time with an injury, they probably won’t make it.

Answer by Sic Semper Tyrannis
Every professional team has what it takes to make their sport’s playoffs/championship. The key is execution, and because of that…no, I do not believe the Bucks will make the playoffs.

Question by Kenisha M: I was on the Milwaukee Bucks Energee! Dance Team in 1998. How do I go about locating them on a website?
Looking for pictures of when I was a cheerleader for the Milwaukee Bucks. 1998-1999.


Answer by khm8891
google it

Answer by susan s
google is amazing

Milwaukee Bucks Video of the Day

Memorable moments both good and bad from the Milwaukee Bucks 2001 Playoff Run.

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Readers Comments (30)

  1. ¤DOFER¤ says:

    yes but without michael redd,…….
    R.I.P BUCKS!

  2. what? says:

    certainly because they play in the east. even though the east improved by getting kg, rashard lewis, jrich, etc…. the conference as a while still stinks. the bucks just need to be more consistent and i dont know why charlie V isnt getting that much time. i think he should be starting over Yi.

  3. juan_two_three says:

    I like what the Bucks have done with their roster. I believe they have one of the most underrated backcourts in the league with Mo Williams and Redd. If players like Yi, Bogut and Villanueva continue to improve throughout the season, then they will have a great shot at making a run for the playoffs.

  4. Tony L says:

    I would say yes, because they are currently standing at 8-9 and they could get a close 8th seed, or maybe a 7th seed if they pick it up a bit. It will be tough however because they’re are some huge 7th and 8th seed teams in the East like the Wizards, Pacers, Bulls and Bucks. Those four teams are all teams that could not make the playoffs or make the playoffs as a 7th or 8th seed.

    Now, if the Bucks do make the playoffs they will not re-set the Warriors fantasy (Beating the 1st seed Mavericks) because they will not be able to beat any team that can score over 90 PPG. They currently have the 3rd worse defense in the NBA (98.3 Allowed PPG) and if they keep that up they will not beat the 1st seed, if not even make the playoffs.

  5. Davy N says:

    Ofcourse, they are doing pretty well right now.

  6. lhscf1 says:

    @skyrider17 Kobe was quoted as saying that the Lakers were cheering for the sixers because they knew the Bucks would be harder to beat.

  7. Kory4000 says:


    They changed back to the original color from early in the franchise. I do like the purple better though. Just reminds me of good times from the big 3 years.

  8. edmon91 says:

    Milwaukee must be the most unlucky team in the NBA, missing out the finals 3 times in the 80s and again in ’01, I would think the Bucks would be a much tougher opponent for the Lakers in 2001 than the Sixers, this is similar in 1993 when the NBA wanna see a finals match-up between Jordan and Barkley, and were really hoping Phoenix would make it, a Bryant-Iverson match-up would drew high TV ratings. nevertheless Ray Allen did get his chance at Boston to play against the Lakers in the Finals.

  9. fluffymczips says:

    what happened to the bucks purple? they got this ugly christmas look about em now with the green n red

  10. nikeplyr13 says:

    Herb Kohl has never been cheap with the Bucks! Check the books year-in and year-out. They spend PLENTY of money. The problem is that Larry Harris spent it in awful places and now the team is tied up for another year until some of that money comes off the books (i.e. Dan Gadzurich, still paying for Bobby Simmons, Michael Redd). The Bucks likely wouldn’t even be in the playoffs w/ Michael Redd this year. Awful defender! John Salmons is a massive upgrade given his all-around game.

  11. rondotwoKG says:

    wow remember the glenn robinson, ray allen, sam cassel combo of death? i used to play nba showtime with the bucks and would dominate

  12. gabeguzman says:

    this was the bucks year! It sucks though cause lebron, and wade are free agents in july just think if we were to get one of those players we would be dominate. But instead we don’t want to spend the money! It’s sad cause the bucks are a good team and who knows if they will shine again like this!

  13. johnnyboyrockks says:

    they are for real wait if redd ever gets healthy we can take the east next year

  14. nelics says:

    For sure, especially creeping up the 5th seed

  15. 20yrsofgreatness says:

    we gonna have da playoffs dis year 4 sho!

  16. nelics says:

    PHI AND MIL was one of the best series ever

  17. Longsen says:

    I think the NBA cheated the Bucks in 2001.
    If the Bucks had gone to the finals, it would of been less lop sided than the Philly LA series. Our Bucks team had more depth and 3 good players. U cant really say who would of won but it prolly would of went 7 games.

  18. neqquah says:

    Fuck David Stern

  19. thomasjohnson says:

    I wanna say that Robinson, Allen, and Cassell all averaged around 20 points/game that year….too bad they didn’t take defense more seriously or they could have been an even greater team. I even think Tim Thomas was contributing also before he got his big contract and stopped trying.

  20. thomasjohnson says:

    Also, Herb Kohl is being cheap but he has said if he gets a new stadium built he will put more money into the team the way the Brewers got a new stadium.

  21. thomasjohnson says:

    Jim Rome said it best in 2001, the league wanted the game to be between Philly and Lakers for bigger markets. The Bucks beat LA twice that year in the only 2 games they played them and made huge matchup problems for the Lakers. Also the Bucks were considering getting Mutumbo that year but instead stuck with Ervin Jonson while Mutumbo went to the sixers..

  22. BoredinWisconsin says:

    now look where cassell robinson and allen are cassell and robinson are out of the nba and dont give milwaukee thanks and ray allen finally got is ring with boston if he would of got it in milwaukee he would still be here

  23. mcx99 says:

    The Bucks are a snakebit franchise. They’ll never win another championship.

  24. spudbone2003 says:

    bucks beat lakers that year 2-0 in regular season, wouldve beaten them in the finals

  25. vinnik10 says:

    this is just depressing, if our owner wasnt so fucking gay we would still be good

  26. MCskittle23 says:

    Check my bucks video.

  27. bigbrewcrewfan says:

    damn, what happend to those days??

  28. Bucks22111 says:

    I miss when the NBA when it was actually entertaining

  29. reznor97 says:


  30. rifkenhausen says:

    0:42 nice foul

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