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Milwaukee Bucks : What People are Saying

Published on September 15, 2010 by   ·   34 Comments

Milwaukee Bucks
Image by compujeramey
Damien Wilkins taking the ball to the basket on a fast break against the Milwaukee Bucks.

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B-Jennings and The Milwaukee Bucks: Fear the Deer
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After overhauling their roster over the summer, Brandon Jennings and the Bucks are thinking big.
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Brandon Jennings and the Milwaukee Bucks: Fear the Deer
“If we can get our chemistry together and get on the same page, then, yes, everybody should be worried about us.” That’s what Milwaukee’s young point-guard, Brandon Jennings, had to say about the teams offseason acquisitions. With a quiet and rather unnoticed offseason touch-up, Jennings and the Bucks enter the 2010 NBA season as the dark horse of the Eastern Conference. While all the hype …
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Imma need my bucks fans to show me around milwaukee. What do yall do around here sleep all day jk lol holla at the ghost – by ghostC5M (Corey Maggette)

Brandon Jennings and the Milwaukee Bucks: Fear the Deer: “If we can get our chemistry together and get on the same… mysportsbuddy (Jeff Gibbard)

Milwaukee Bucks Reader Q&A

Question by Lionhart Y2J: Milwaukee Bucks?
It seems that they Milwaukee Bucks can almost never can be good since they traded Ray Allen to the Sonics in 2001 (Which was 7 years ago!) and have made the playoffs once since they traded him (in 2006), and lost to the Pistons. The draft pick that the Bucks made in the 2007 NBA Draft Yi Jianlian was officaly (To me) the worst move in the Entire History of the Milwaukee Bucks. I live a hour or so away from Milwaukee and have been a Bucks fan since the late 1990’s. The only good players that are on the Bucks Roaster are:
Andrew Bogut, Desmond Mason, Michael Redd, and Charlie Villanueva, Mo Williams. And the rest of the roaster sucks:
Charlie Bell, Dan Gadzuric, Royal Ivey, David Noel, Michael Ruffin, Ramon Sessions, Bobby Simmons, Awvee Storey, Jake Voskuhl, and Yi Jianlian, all suck and need to be traded to get some good players. What do you think?


Answer by soko_rox
Yi Jianlian is a very good player and has heaps of potential. He is a little inconsistant but needs time to adjust to the nba

Answer by Chika_Bwhaha
Are you stupid… you think Desmond Mason is better than Yi Jianlian…..
Desmond Mason is only a dunker and a defender that’s it
Look at Yi, average 10+ a game. Top 5 rookie for 2007 draft, and just look at his footwork I don’t think anyone else have that kind of footwork at the age of 21.

Answer by Cj m
i have been a knicks fan my whole life and the knicks suk wayyyyyyyyyyy more then the bucks

Question by KingBosh: How dangerous will the Milwaukee Bucks be this year?
How dangerous will the Milwaukee Bucks be this year?? Please explain to me how dangerous or how good the Bucks will be this year. Most intelligent answer will get best answer…I’m hard to pleased.


Answer by allen iverson
they will be as dangerous as a kid in a halloween costume

Answer by Puba G
They will be BUCKALICIOUS!

Answer by lakersfanforever
I think they will be a surprise team in the NBA. They will definitely make the playoffs. They have an underrated shooter in Michael Redd, they have a promising rookie in Joe Alexander, getting RJ(Richard Jefferson) was a great trade that will benefit them and plus Ramon Sessions showed some promise last season.

Milwaukee Bucks Video of the Day

Bango flips off a 16ft ladder and throws down at the Bucks home Playoff Game 4 at the Bradley Center.

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Readers Comments (34)

  1. slickkittykattwhopurs says:

    Well the Bucks biggest problem is their management, they are so focused on saving money that they have lost sight on winning. I don’t think drafting Yi is a big mistake of course he will be out of here when he is a free agent but the problem of players not playing team ball is the biggest problem.

    Breakdown on the problem:

    1) The back court is to ‘me’ oriented and they really bring the team down. Let’s face it both Mo Williams and Michael Redd are not superstars, they are both terrible defenders and are not consistant in getting the team involved. A lot of times, once the ball gets into their hands, it stops there. This makes it easy for opposing teams to defend, knowing the other players will not be involved.

    2) The team has no identity. Are they a run-in-gun team? No! Are they are half court offense? No! Are they a defensive team? Definately not! They have a big team but don’t exploit it. With the likes of Bogut and Yi, they could be a great one two punch but they don’t get enough touches. When your big men only get 10 and 9 touches, respectively, you are not going to win many games. If they focus their offense on their big men, this would actually free up their backcourt but they don’t seem to play this way. If both Bogut and Yi become the primary focus, teams would start double teaming them, both are great passers, and this would allow Redd to be a weapon on the outside. But when they only focus on Redd and Mo, they leave the other players as pawns and teams are too smart for that.

    3) With the team they have they do not play any form of defense. Teams coming in to play the bucks can rest assure if they have a player having a bad year, tell him Michael Redd is defending him, and that player will give you All-Star numbers (2006 look at Jarvis Hayes of the Washington Wizards did). Pull the players aside and tell them to play defense.

    4) Keeping players against their will doesn’t bring team moral. Charlie Bell voiced his opinion loud and clear he didnt want to be on the Bucks but they still countered the offer. Another thing, you don’t give out big contracts and don’t play the guys, Dan Gadzuric has a big-ass contract but he sits on the bench.

    5) Bad decision making! Trading R Allen for Gary Payton, shows the management really doesn’t have a clue on building a winning team. Trading TJ Ford for Charlie Villenueva shows the management doesn’t know basketball.

    6) They don’t know how to utilize the team. A player like David Noel should play more, this guy is a defensive player, and implimenting him on your team you can develop a Bruce Bowen type player. Remember, scoring isn’t the only thing that helps you win. Look at the formula with San Antonio, the key is instrumental players who know their role.

    7) As of now, they are really in a bind and this team could be in a sink hole for the next 5-10 yrs. I think the biggest change is a overhaul of management and a new owner. Herb Kohl is only worried about how many greenbacks he will have in his pocket at the end of the day. He really doesn’t have a clue on owning a team, an owner like Mark Cuban would be great or the Maloof Brothers, but not Herb Kohl.

    With that being said, here are my suggestions. I’m sure i’m not the greatest basketball mind but I do like watching.

    A) Keep Bogut, Yi and Noel.
    B) Trade off Redd to NY Knicks for their draft pick (will be a top 10 pick) and David Lee. With the pick, use it to pick up a player with the quality like Derrick Rose (PG from memphis).
    C) Trade Dan Gadzuic, Mo Williams and Bobby Simmons for Andrea Bagini, Jerome Moon and 1st round draft pick. With the pick draft a player like Kevin Love of UCLA. He is a work horse who would put up great numbers.
    D) Draft a quality player with their own pick. They should get a top 10 pick, someone like Blake Griffin from Oklahoma or Jerryd Bayless from Arizona would be a great pick up.

    New Line Up:

    PG- Derrik Rose
    SG- Andrea Bagini
    C- Andrew Bogut
    SF- Yi Julien
    PF- Blake Griffin

    You can develop Derrik Rose and Blake Griffin together, then the shooting of Andrea and Yi would make defenses clamor to who to defend, leaving Andrew to clean up inside.

    Bench- this could be something very special. They could be the deepest team and in the playoffs that could be scary.

    PG- Ramon Sessions (if they allowed him to play, he is better than Mo)
    SG- Desmond Mason- spark off the bench
    PF- Kevin Love- this guy can do the garbage work. He is a work horse and he would bring toughness the bucks lack.
    F- David Lee- He is another scrapper. He gives you the little things that don’t show up in the stats.
    SF- David Noel- he could be a specialist in defense. Plus he can shoot the three.

    That makes a ten deep line-up. They would be an inside out team, which would play well against teams like Boston, LA and San Antonio. They would be young and fun to watch. Give them three years to play with each other, then you can say you have an elite team.

  2. Kenny says:

    man i feel ya but i dont know drafting yi was a mistake. it can be a blessing in disgise. he is the 2nd best rookie in the nba next to kevin durent. not only the management is bad but so is the coach. it seems like the bucks are more interisted in offense. defense, team work and desire is what make championchip teams. herb kohl,larry harris, and the coach need to get there heads out their ***** and focus on their team’s future or the team is going no where for along time and i pray to god in heaven that the organtzion get their **** together. it’s time for a change and i mean NOW!!!!!!!!

  3. Glacier4 says:

    They had a great team on paper at the start of the season… They need to make some serious changes to progress clearly though. Bogut has proved to be a bust, and they’d be smart to move him while they can still get something back for him. Yi is actually looking like a very good selection by the Bucks, if he hits the weight room like Yao did he could become very valuable… so I’m not sure why you dislike him so much… and Bell was a good player last year but is clearly un-motivated this season (The Bucks still matched a contract offer from the Miami Heat after Bell told the Bucks he wanted to leave the team preseason)

    So they shot themselves in the foot with their bench issues. Simmons is never healthy or productive, and much of the rest of the pine is inexperienced and ineffecitve under pressure. Hate to say it brother, but their going to have to split up some of those good players in order to replace the bad.

  4. KARMA says:

    I’m impressed with a couple of Bucks players – as in they would be better playing somewhere else…as a team, not so much. I don’t think danger and Milwaukee Bucks belong in the same sentence.

    I agree with J a couple of posts down.

    To lakersfan (laker fan too by the way)….everybody is on sessions jock….BUT let’s see how he does with 82 games versus the handful he played toward the end of the season.

    Charlie V, is inconsistent. I would hardly depend on him. This guys stats were all over the place.

    Bogut impressed me last year…and he’s really about it.

    i agree that Redd is too selfish – he’ll be hoisting up 3 pointers all year long…that’s all he can do right?

    I’m not all that confident in RJ either although he will be about the only consistent scorer. I just don’t see Joe getting that many touches but we’ll see. Yep I’d have to agree with J.

  5. The New York Knicks says:

    They will be very dominant,because they have all the right tools.

    PG-Ramon Sessions will be a great fit,he was dishing passes like there was no tomorrow.(i know,it was the end of the year,but still!)

    SG-Michael Redd is a great contributor and will get more shot opportunities w/the revamped players.

    SF-Richard Jefferson;most underrated player? Could be.He is a legit 20 PPG player (Oh,yeah,he plays great D)

    PF-It is kind of a weakness,w/ Charlie V.(sry,can’t spell it) shooting threes now.If he can live up to his potential,it is fine.

    C-Bogut is doing wonders improving in the off season.I can’t wait to see what #’s he puts up.

    I guess this is intelligent……

    I’m out peace.

  6. arz33pro says:

    Andrew Bogut would have to play up to his number 1 overall potential. Micheal Redd is solid. Villinueva is allright. I don’t know who else they really have but with those three you should have a pretty formitable team.

  7. J says:

    I want to let you know, I actually am a Bucks fan, but the Bucks will be lucky to even take the 8th spot in the playoffs. They have absolutely nobody, i mean NOBODY, that plays defense. Richard Jefferson and Andrew Bogut might be the closest things they have to a good defender. There starting lineup is depressing. They lost Mo Williams and Yi and got Richard Jefferson. The only way Jefferson scores is on transition baskets, and the Bucks defense never forces turnovers, which means he’ll never score. And Jefferson is always running away from the basket on transition meaning there will only be a couple people rebounding. Michael Redd is to selfish to play defense and only wants to play offense. Luke Ridnour isn’t even that good of a player. Charlie Villanueva couldn’t shoot his way out of a paper bag. Joe Alexander won’t be able to score because no one wil pass it to him. They have no depth off the bench. They also have no height, or any overpoweringly big bodies on the inside. Their biggest player is Bogut, and he doesn’t get really physical inside. When he does, he racks up fouls and they have no inside presence when he’s gone. I’ll hope for the best but I’m ready to be disapointed.

  8. yungantt 3 says:

    WTF they wont be dangerous at all they wont be no threat they will try to but the other teams will knocks them down!!

  9. The Voice of Reason says:

    about as dangerous as a dull plastic knife.

  10. C0dyAndrew says:

    and bango was his name-o

  11. Antechristo says:

    Where the heck is my slow-motion?

  12. redhockey says:

    @guitar241990 guys like salmons, redd, and magette are has beens
    jennings is overrated and bogut is no star
    they are definitely not going to improve in the east

  13. guitar241990 says:

    I don’t know why everyone is shitting in the Bucks. They have a good improving team. Guys like Salmons, Redd,Bogut, Jennings and Magette are all good. If they still had Richard Jefferson they be great. They are defenitely going to be one of the better teams in the east.

  14. TheRaf95 says:

    anyone know the name of the song that plays after welcome to the jungle?

  15. dragon5534 says:

    fucking beast!

  16. GrantRiend says:

    If you want a funny video, search Can Bam Infomercial on YouTube!

  17. CrazyCubsFan10 says:

    @NathynBourque Wrong Dennis Rodman! Wilt chamberlain has the most but dennis has the best average. Wilt played a ton more games then rodman so that is why he had more. If Dennis played the same number of game he would have more. Look it up if you dont believe. God I already won this and that was a easy one.

  18. NathynBourque says:

    @CrazyCubsFan10 Easy, Kareem

  19. CrazyCubsFan10 says:

    @NathynBourque You said that to the wrong person my friend. I remember stats like i remember my name. I will start with a very easy question. Who is the NBA all time rebound leader?

  20. NathynBourque says:

    @CrazyCubsFan10 You probably know nothing about basketball

  21. stewartjosh33 says:

    @kraYziekeng welcome to the jungle-guns n roses

  22. CrazyCubsFan10 says:

    Bucks suck who cares about the mascot. Its the team and history that maters.

  23. u113902 says:

    All time most underated stunt ever done by a mascot!!!!

  24. thebluefus says:

    @siindrehr welcome to the jungle by guns n roses

  25. kraYziekeng says:

    Best Mascot In Tha NBA

  26. borgen16 says:

    @siindrehr welcome to the jungle

  27. siindrehr says:

    What is the name of the song that starts after he lands that insane stunt?

  28. ishare0182 says:

    I’m surprised the let him do that

    This video could have just as easily been called “bucks mascot dies attempting to do something insainly stupid”

    Nice stunt thou

    Fear the dear next year

  29. MultiAssassass says:

    hahahahahha i like how i heard about this first and thn someone’s like ‘O yeah the bucks won btw’

  30. guzzzzzie17 says:

    peer pressure is a bitch haha

  31. bernadinemaita00 says:

    gutes ding lebe dein leben wild

  32. coreyinkato says:



  33. Harvey4379 says:

    hey, ridiculous high-lights. bucksdotcom I especially like the end =) Can you imagine that I worked out enough to begin dunking! I just followed the a real training program over at (50 inch vertical [dot] com) and did it in only 5 weeks
    Bango Performing an Insane Playoff Stunt agiorsinkhdu nbqzwlzly #bucksdotcom

  34. TheNewClubPenguinTV says:

    @schu808 stfu im a bucks fan too.

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