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New Jersey Nets : What People are Saying

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New Jersey Nets
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Latest New Jersey Nets News

Chicago Bulls Look at Adding Brian Scalabrine
According to , the Chicago Bulls have been in contact with former Boston Celtics Brian Scalabrine throughout the offseason.  Scalabrine, 32, has played the last five seasons in Boston. Before that, Scalabrine was a superb role player for the New Jersey Nets. Currently, the Bulls have 12 players on their roster. Adding Scalabrine would add a 13th body to the team, along with veteran …
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Nets sign F Stephen Graham, hire Overton, Hoenshel
The New Jersey Nets signed free agent forward Stephen Graham to a two-year contract on Wednesday. General manager Billy King did not release terms of the contract, but a person with knowledge of the deal said Graham received a partially guaranteed contract for this season with a team option for next year.
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Nets sign F Graham
The New Jersey Nets signed free agent forward Stephen Graham on Wednesday. Per team policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.
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New Jersey Nets Reader Q&A

Question by The_Hundreds_is_HUGE!: How good do you think the New Jersey Nets will be in a couple of years?
The Nets have a great rookie PG Marcus Williams, who wil be replacing Jason Kidd after he retires. Their Rookie PG Josh Boone and Hassan Adams are gonna be solid players in the NBA to say the least. Boone was born to be a New Jersey Net, he will fill the shoes of Kenyon Martin who left a couple of years ago. I’m sure that Vince Carter will be rusty in a couple of years, so thats why Hassan Adams was a great pick-up. Hassan is a human highlight reel just like Andre Iguodala. And I’m pretty sure that Richard Jefferson will be an MVP candidate in a couple of years.
BTW that kid Antoine Wright is gonna somethin’ special.
My bad, I meant that Boone was a PF not a PG


Answer by jai
if they move to brooklyn & jay-z talks lebron into comin’ aboard in a few years…then the title with be theirs.

boone isn’t a pg…he’s a pf…but i think you knew that.

Answer by burnt bob
In a few years they will be great. They will be playin in Brooklyn NYC remember Jay z owns them now

Answer by Knowledge
Well after this year Vince Carter is a free agent and it’s said that he might leave if the team isn’t going in a better direction. Kidd might retire and Jefferson will NOT be an MVP candidate.

The good points are there young talent. Marcus Williams still has a lot to learn and has big shoes to fill but in a few years he can be a good player. Boone is “iffy” you know what he can do but will he reach that potential. Adams is a beast I know he will thrive in this system and league and Wright looks good. Jefferson will be a very good player and a leader of this team, no doubt but with guys like Wade, Bron, Duncan, Nash, Marion, K.G, Kobe and A.I. still playing, he won’t be better then this players.

Question by Killa G: So what are the New Jersey Nets chances of landing Lebron James this summer?
Weren’t the Nets supposed to be a major player in landing Lebron next summer?

Sure Jay Z and the billion dollar Russian owner is there, but who thinks Lebron wants to go to this mess of a franchise? C’mon, 0-16!!!

No offense to Knicks or Nets fans, but why would Lebron want to go to either of those sh*tty New York teams? Either the management or coaching, or both is bad for those franchises.

Who thinks there is absolutely NO CHANCE Lebron goes to New York or New Jersey?


Answer by Sharon K
im a big nets fan but there chances a minimal…they have a few pieces in place like brook and devin but lebron wants to win now……there only chance is if he wants a challenge

Answer by Zay
I feel like the Knicks will get Lebron only because they can shell him the money but come on we all know Cleaveland needs him thats why they signed shaq cause he is only big man that wasnt signed that had championship experince so if they needed Lebron they mite get him i highly doubt it

Answer by Can you see my Halo
the same chance of them winning 30 games this season.

Question by Andrea Pobletes: what do you think about the New Jersey Nets being bought ?
Russia’s richest man has reached a deal to buy the New Jersey Nets – one of America’s elite basketball franchises.

Mikhail Prokhorov would become the first foreign NBA team owner if the deal – thought to be worth more than $ 200m (£124m) – goes through.

The 44-year-old billionaire wants to acquire 80% of the club and 45% of the club’s new arena in Brooklyn, promising big investments.

The proposed deal has been welcomed by leading basketball officials in the US.


Answer by JW
Sounds like the guy wants to make the push to make New York as big as LA. He’s already scheduled a meeting with Lebron James, so go figure. Expect the Bronx to be the next big place for free agents this coming summer.

Answer by gtnash7891
Nets are going to get a huge financial boost. Not only the stadium in Brooklyn is going to get that boost to be finished but you can expect some good names being signed. There is a lot of talk about LeBron going to the Nets, well at least you know money won’t be a problem anymore. Let’s be honest, the Nets ain’t going anywhere this season, they have no good player on their team besides Harris. guess we’ll have to wait.

Answer by drice8001
The Monroe Doctrine said ” America for Americans”
That’s how I feel.

New Jersey Nets Video of the Day

The New Jersey Nets are a professional basketball team in the National Basketball Association that plays in the Eastern Conference’s Atlantic Division. The team will play in the Prudential Center in Newark starting in the 2010–11 season, but are planning to relocate to the borough of Brooklyn in New York City once a new arena there is completed in 2012. The franchise was established in 1967 as part of the American Basketball Association, with trucking magnate Arthur Brown as the owner. Brown had operated several AAU teams in and around New York City, and was viewed as an ideal pick to run the league’s New York franchise. The team was originally known as the New York Americans, and Brown intended for it to play at the 69th Regiment Armory on Manhattan’s east side, but pressure from the New York Knicks forced the Armory to back out three months before opening day. Brown found it difficult to find a suitable venue in New York City. Some were booked solid, and others had owners who didn’t want to anger the Knicks by opening their doors to a rival team. Scrambling for a venue, the team settled on the Armory in Teaneck, New Jersey, and changed its squad name to the New Jersey Americans, though its franchise name remained the New York Americans. It would not be the last time the Knicks directly altered the franchise’s future. The Americans did fairly well in their first season, tying the Kentucky Colonels for the last playoff spot in the Eastern Division. However, the Armory

What do you think? Answer below!

Readers Comments (11)

  1. Why Not! says:

    they should be better than now……..
    Jefferson an MVP candidate in a couple of years??????? what are you smoking???????????????????????????????????

  2. micah09 says:

    I don’t think they’ll be a great team in the next few years. I mean V.C. and Kidd are getting older and their talent still has to develop and grow. Marcus Williams was a great draft pick and Hassan is a decent player, but the Nets are going to need to put more pieces to their puzzle and allow the team to develop and grow.

  3. Holly Wood says:

    your asking what are the chances of lebron becoming a nets.It the same chances shaq will never be skinny again. NEVER!

  4. Johnny says:

    Lebron is most likely to stay with Cleveland because they are championship material and if he leaves on them, He might never get a team that good ever again.

  5. l says:

    I got a feeling he might go to New Jersey. They have the most money. And Jay is probably influencing LBJ right now. But lebron might want to team with another star like Wade in Miami. Or stay with the cavs. so i say he stays wit the cavs. But New Jersey might land Bosh, Amare, or Wade. And same with the Knicks. they could get one of those players too.

  6. Cincinnati Bengals Fan 4 LIFE™ says:

    Lebron is coming in the Spotlight in NewYork!!!!

  7. Heatfan9 Heat 9-6 says:

    There is no chance, with Lebron, Devin Harris, and Lopez, that is still not enough to win, and that is what he wants.

    So no chance of going to New Jersey OR New York.

  8. ?uest! says:

    The Nets chance of getting him are as good as them making to the playoffs this year…
    As for the Knicks, it’s possible but i don’t think he’ll go. What will he acheive there that he can’t get where hes at already? Cavs got a new team i think James will stick around to see if they can make it work. James would only go to New York for the MONEY.
    LeBron is better off staying where he’s at and keep building a franchise team.

  9. STEVE says:

    You are 100% correct!

    The Nets and Knicks have ZERO chance. Lebron is not going to sign with either of those losers!

    The Knicks- 3-13; no 1st round pick; 80% of their roster are expiring contracts
    The Nets – 0-16 (0-17 they’re at the Lakers today). Enough said.

    The Cavs will do whatever it takes to keep Lebron James; they’re going to offer him an insane amount of money.

  10. Blazers F says:

    I don’t think the new jersey nets would have a chance to get LeBron because they don’t have good enough players to match his skills. Even Courtney Lee and Devin Harris for LeBron James, the cavaliers would still not except that trade.

  11. smileyface1 says:

    Zero to none. Why would he leave a championship contending team just to make himself bigger and richer than he already is.

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