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New Orleans Saints-25 vs San Francisco 49ers-22 Final (Week 2)

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New Orleans Saints-25 vs San Francisco 49ers-22 Final, (Week 2) Regular Season 9-20-10. Music By:Stop Inc.-Second Line. Apple OS X (I Movie) Video Editor:Who Dat Saints Fan 4 Life. 2010.
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    @nizzle2k6,,that what the niners did had in the 80’s with montana…always find ways to win down the last minutes of the game. this game here is a classic and the forty niners sure did look awsome in this game. they did the impossible by getting a touchdown and a two point conversion but left too much much time for the´╗┐ saints to comeback and win it by a field goal. well im from the bay area and have much respect to the 49ers team and fans out there. 49ers did good and i hope they make playoffs.

  2. nizzle2k6 says:

    Damn this pisses me off!! New Orleans did what they do best though, took the ball away. Hats off to the Saints, didn’t play a good game but they still won. That’s what great teams do, find a way to win no matter what.


    @FOOTBALL1stDOWN ,true dat!


    @paisano85 ,i give props though to the 49ers by keeping it a very close game and fought back with a td & a 2point conversion that even the score but the 49ers gave my saints more time to come back and score a winning field goal.. i still say though that the forty niners play a really good game vs the saints on monday night.

  5. FOOTBALL1stDOWN says:

    @WHODATSAINTSFAN4LIFE I just hope Iam not jinxing the Saints,but this just seems like one of those years where the Saints won’t lose for a while.We’ll go undefeated at home.


    @FOOTBALL1stDOWN ,i agree with that!!!!,reminds me of the vikings game last season on the championship game. saints surely finds way to win the game down to the last minutes…. they been doing that since last season and still keeping that miracle wins alive this season. saints never quit till they win at the end! GO SAINTS!


    @MsGuitargoddess ,totally agree!!! ivory is a beast… and i hope he will play this week? if not? we have lance moore on the spot and betts in that game. i already can see brees lighting it up on that game with a 400+ pass yards vs the falcons game. just hoping our saints rushing defense shut down michael turner’s running game. if so???? the saints sure will have this game all too easy over the dirty birds! WHO-DAT! SAINTS DAT! GO SAINTS!

  8. FOOTBALL1stDOWN says:

    This was an epic game.

  9. MsGuitargoddess says:

    Thanks for Uploading ­čÖé
    Sad About Reggie, But I know we will adapt…and ivory Is gonna Shine ­čÖé
    Only 3 more Days til We Cook Dem Birds!

  10. paisano85 says:

    Saints got away with one. They were dominated in all aspects of the game, accept for turnovers

  11. XtremeGamer786 says:

    great video


    @funarcade9999 ,Thankx! ,the saints continue’s what they good at…. an that is making big plays at the last minutes of the game. the saints keeping the miracles plays alive. GO SAINTS!

  13. 7alexander17 says:

    very well done

  14. funarcade9999 says:

    love the video

  15. folkmus says:

    @sarniatownreggae I agree. Being a New Orleans native and a life-long Saints fan, it was a great call and Jim Rome may be the worlds largest D-bag.

  16. guitarMetal911 says:

    peyton got blocked in the back WTF!!! fuck football its so rigged

  17. flaski1234 says:

    Check it out tomorrow night 8pm on NBC Minute to Win IT!!! Berrian and Shiancoe!!

  18. czk310 says:

    Im from Indiana, I like Tracy porty because he played for the Hoosiers…..My former High School, PENN Kingsmen replicated their uniforms after the saints and Purdue, I tell ya, Drew Brees looks really good in Black and Gold.(no homo!)

  19. jengerfur says:

    i’m a die hard saints fan. saying that..peyton was playing to win. peyton was desperate. he knew that he was in for a game, and he thought that he had prepared for it. however, you can beat skill, but you can NEVER beat luck/destiny. the saints were destined to win that game, just like they SHOULD have went for the perfect season, and not did what they did in the last three games.

  20. djstaxondeck says:

    jim rome just crushes EVERYBODY lol

  21. andybpiano says:

    I love this guy’s commentary. Who Dat?! Except… I’m under 25 y.o. and I definitely knew who those old guys were and that nobody could come close to being as good as Keith Moon.

  22. serchingfortruth says:

    8 days my friends a days till the haters are silenced once again when the Saints beat the Vikings by double digits. I mean really when your Qb is getting hit and fumbling against sub par Ds that are using vanilla gameplans it says alot to how good the Vikings really are… well aren’t.

  23. Tbone876 says:

    @KurtHelborg Lmao hahaha thats pretty funny man haha.

  24. Tbone876 says:

    Tracy Porter the Legend Slayer!!!

  25. Adino1 says:

    @sarniatownreggae Not only did the onside kick invigorate the Saints, it demoralised the Colts. My Colts friend said to me that he realised at that moment the Saints were destined to win.

  26. z4ng3tsu1ch1g0 says:

    To the fags saying Peyton’s pick 6 makes him a huge choker: Let’s say Manning scores a TD in that drive, makes the score 24-24. Saints get the ball back, and most likely the Saints would have gotten atleast a FG to make it 27-24. They would have possibly STILL lost… Don’t hate.

  27. KurtHelborg says:

    @ taxidriver. Here we go again. Another douche who can’t think outside the box. Yeah Manning played sloppy against the chiefs, but against the Ravens? That was the number one defense. So right there that makes you ignorant. The Ravens played the Saints and Brees that very season and they man-handled him. Against the Pats…well…did you see the game winning drive??? Was that a choke??? 25 for 38 against the Bears, 16 straight completions. I can do this all day bitch. Bring it.

  28. coolnesss16 says:

    The way i see it by the end of Payton’s career he could still be considered the best of all time. He’s on pace to break all farve’s records. He probably won’t even need nearly the amount of starts farve needed to do that. He has a good chance of winning another ring considering he’s team is still good too. drew brees is good. That said isn’t one of the greatest yet. Regardless of this loss i’d still say payton manning is the best qb in the NFL.

  29. taxidriver2929 says:


    Yeah Manning has done more in his career considering he has been in the league 4 more years…

  30. taxidriver2929 says:


    Yeah cause, Manning’s defense and running game didn’t carry him or anything…8TD’s 0INT’s>3TD’s 7INT’s. Also lol last 2 NFC championship game you make it sound like 2 years ago he didn’t choke again. BTW 4 year ago Brees was 26 Manning was 30. Yeah let’s compare Manning in his rookie year to Brett Favre at the same time…that’s a fair assessment. And Brees wasn’t even that bad in the game. Sorry but, Brees currently has the highest post season QB rating ever that isn’t a choker.

  31. KurtHelborg says:

    @Sayjack100. Not once has he come through the clutch? U live under a rock or are you choosing to be a straight up dumb fuck? Look at his performances in his last 2 AFC championship games. Oh yeah, and he was named superbowl mvp against the bears who made Brees look like the choke artist in the NFC championship. You have nothing logical to debate with so quit wasting everyones time dip-shit.

  32. KurtHelborg says:

    Dude I have a whole lot of respect for Brees, for what he’s done for New Orleans and the saints organization. He’s one of the best ever, no doubt. I’m just responding to those who think he’s way better than Peyton cuz in my opinion Manning’s done a lot more through out his career. And most of my comments are directed to those who think Peytons a choker when that’s an absolute false assesment.

  33. TNTITAN says:

    I really don’t understand the Payton is a choker label. That goes for 2 types of players.
    1) Players who can’t seem to play at all in the big games
    2) Players who snatch defeat from the jaws of victory
    Payton despite the problem the Saints D was giving him threw for over 300 yards. Yes, that final interception was not a great pass, but its not like he turned into Neil Odonnel with his passing. It was a good performance and when he threw the pick his team was down not up, Not a choker!

  34. sajack100 says:

    These are the moments when Peyton always throws a pick, I mean not once have this guy come through in the clutch. Peyton is second on the choke list behind Brett the choker Favre. This guy had Marvin Harrison (one of the best receivers in nfl history) for his whole career and only has 1 superbowl to show for it he has a terrible post season record even the year they won the superbowl he threw more INT’s than Touchdowns during that post season. Peyton “the choker” Manning

  35. dentonez says:

    @KurtHelborg Look at the stats and not some media popularity contest. Wait… and who was the SuperBowl MVP? Who got schooled int he SuperBowl? Who threw a perfect passer rating against the Patriots? Who came within one or two passes of passing Marino’s record?

  36. dentonez says:

    @TommyC503 Are you serious or drunk? “most insignificant´╗┐ SB champs in history” WTF? No such thing moron, they are all equal and they beat some good teams and only struggled at the end of the season when they were seriously beat up with both starting CB out. Colts fans have too much class so I assume you are a Minnesota Viktims fan.

  37. TommyC503 says:

    How does it feel to be the most insignificant SB champs in history? Serves you right, you good for nothing boozing idiots – get back in that piece of shit town you call a city – the stinkiest and most filthy place on earth.

  38. landinmycourt says:

    @KurtHelborg A guy who has been in the league as long as he’s had, put up the numbers he’s had, has won 4 MVP’s and has played on a team that’s averaged 12 wins a season, the fact that he has only 1 Superbowl ring to show for it is a letdown.
    Almost as disappointing as Favre who’s played longer.

  39. Slayerhead17 says:

    dude seriously somebody tell me what the name of this song is!!??

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