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New York Jets News, Views, & Highlights

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New York Jets
Image by NYCMarines
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Kerry Rhodes #25, free safety, New York Jets, carrys an American Flag on field during pre-game introduction, Nov. 15. Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Army service members participated in a tribute to veterans before the game. A Coast Guard detachment sang the National Anthem and were joined by a joint-service color guard before the New York Jets game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Chief Master Sgt. James A. Roy, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, presented the coin for the pre-game coin toss.(Official Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Randall A. Clinton)


Latest New York Jets News

Jets must ‘Knock’ ’em dead tonight
They call themselves the New York Jets Football Club. From the time they trudged off Peyton Manning’s field eight months ago all the way up until tonight, it has been all too easy to confuse the Jets with a three-ring circus or reality show — Keeping Up With The Rexes…
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NFL Investigating New York Jets’ Inappropriate Behavior Toward Reporter Ines Sainz
The New York Jets have had quite a weekend leading up to their Monday Night Football game against Baltimore.
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New York Jets hear from NFL about treatment of TV reporter
The NFL is looking into a complaint made against the Jets after a TV reporter was subjected to footballs being thrown in her direction at practice and, later, players’ catcalls inside the locker room.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the New York Jets

New York Jets hear from NFL about treatment of TV reporter Sports_Int (Sports International)

Did Ines Sainz's Tight Pants Invite "Harassment" From the Jets Players? [via Asylum] – by deathlocke (Leon Massive)

New York Jets Reader Q&A

Question by The Bohemian: Should the New York Jets resign Thomas Jones? Or should they use the money to sign an extra defender?
Should the New York Jets resign Thomas Jones? Does he have any gas left in the tank? Or should they dump him off, leave the running to Leon Washington/Shonn Greene and sign an extra defensive lineman or something like that?


Answer by Tony

Answer by Robert T
Jones has proven to be a chains mover. He can carry the load and still has a few more good seasons left in him.

Answer by elpi

Question by goldglover375: What New York Jets Players have Facebooks?
Does anyone know what New York Jets players are on facebook? If so, please tell me who they are as well as their network, or please just send me the link. Thanks a lot.


Answer by Tuur De Boulle
I don’t know who has a profile, but there is a group
The Largest Facebook Group of New York Jets Fans
Type this in search
(I couldn’t copy the link, because it is
you can try to ask in that group, they will know who of the Jets has a profile on facebook.

Question by tenkstone: Which players have played for the New York Jets and New England Patriots?
I generally am not a big fan of the points competitions on Yahoo! Answers, I feel it demeans the great opportunity to spread information that this technology provides us. That being said, I’ll break the rule. 10 points to whoever can name the most players who have played for both the New England Patriots and the New York Jets so my roommate and I can settle a debate.


Answer by B-Rookey
I hate Brett Favre. GO PACK GO (next year since they sucked it up this year)

Answer by BladeRunner™
i know for a fact that vinny testeverde ‘played’ for both teams but not for a very long time on the pats

Answer by Cole (Hardcore Legend)
The only one I can think right now is Ty Law. I know there have a lot more than that, but Im drawing a blank. Wish I could be more of a help.

Edit: Oh yeah, Vinny did play for the pats.

New York Jets Video of the Day

Every pass Mark Sanchez threw against the Houston Texans. All video and audio property of NFL and CBS. I just think people might like following Sanchez snap by snap of his career. Video by Mackenzie Kraemer

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Readers Comments (34)

  1. Reed says:

    Sign Jones then Draft 1st pick for a Cornerback. to Take over Sheppard or Defensive End.

  2. D-Millionaire says:

    It really depends on how much money he wants. If he expects to get paid upwards of 4 mill, he’ll probably be gone. He was extremely consistent over the regular season, but that’s really due to their elite offensive line, and he just looked plain out of gas by the time the playoffs rolled around.

    I am confident that Leon Washington and Shonn Greene can carry the vast majority of the load for the Jets rushing game, but if TJ was down to take a bit of a pay cut I’d be all for bringing him back. But if he expects to get paid like a 1400 yard 14 TD back, they’ll let him walk.

  3. Knowledge ツ says:

    He’s only 31, I think they should re-sign him.

  4. Jim G says:

    Let Jones go so the Patriots can pick him up

  5. FOX News is the best says:

    yes, they should.

  6. Wendy Weewees says:

    He’s good for one more year,but then they’ll need to draft a top class running back.They can’t expect Greene to carry the whole load.

  7. M O says:

    This is rediculous, the last person is going to win because they will copy all previous answers and add to it.

    Edit- By the way, Im surprised noone said Curtis Martin.

  8. Anthony A says:

    Ty Law

  9. keith m says:

    Ty Law, Curtis Martin, Vinny Testaverde, can i also add Bill Parcels as a coach too? Anthony Clement, Dave Meggett, Hank Poteat

  10. gewg401c says:

    @slicknicknirvana fuckin meat gazer

  11. slicknicknirvana says:

    I can see it now.!A rainy day game in October !Dirt and mud all over.!!Jets lose!! Mark’s uniform is covered in filth!! The headline for the NY Daily news, “Dirty Sanchez.” ( i know i need help)

  12. youcanfuckoff69 says:

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  19. meetball17 says:

    I heard Sanchez’s playbook is a coloring book written in crayons. It makes it easier for him. It’s not fun for him with all those diagrams and black and white information stuff.

  20. jasoncuts1 says:

    @gangstabudd4 lmfao!!!!!

  21. gangstabudd4 says:

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