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New York Jets : What People are Saying

Published on September 16, 2010 by   ·   29 Comments

Latest New York Jets News

Jets RB Greene says he was benched after fumbles
Shonn Greene blames himself for the Jets’ season-opening loss. The big running back said Wednesday that he was taken out of New York’s 10-9 defeat against Baltimore on Monday night after he fumbled twice, and wasn’t surprised he was mostly stuck on the sideline in the second half. “I don’t think I would’ve put myself back in after that performance,” Greene said.
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Patriots-Jets Preview
With all the “Hard Knocks,” holdouts and hype behind them, the New York Jets didn’t look much like a team that is ready to dethrone the New England Patriots in the AFC East. Especially if Tom Brady and the Patriots’ vaunted offense are indeed back to their old tricks. The Jets will find out firsthand if they can hang with New England in the rivals’ much-anticipated clash…
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Jets re-sign WR Clowney, cut RB-WR Woodhead
The New York Jets bolstered their thin receiving group by bringing back a familiar face. The team re-signed wide receiver David Clowney on Tuesday, and waived running back-wide receiver Danny Woodhead, a day after a season-opening 10-9 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Monday night. The Jets had only three true wide receivers on their roster — Jerricho Cotchery, Braylon Edwards and Brad Smith …
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Recent Twitter Posts about the New York Jets

Ines Sainz Poll: Was Reporter Dressed Too Sexy for New York Jets Locker Room? – Crimesider – CBS News via @cbsnewsby MacIver817 (Tim MacIver)

No Sympathy For Ines Sainz, Harrassed After New York Jets Loss | Bleacher Report via @bleacherreportby Formerviking (Matthew Wilder)

RT @ESPNNewYork: New York Jets coach Rex Ryan has ‘total respect’ for New England Patriots’ Wes Welker echoisthename (ECHO)

New York Jets Reader Q&A

Question by Justin E: What defense should I start, Green Bay or New York Jets in Week 14?
Green Bay vs. Houston
New York Jets @ San Fransico


Answer by Corey K
jets….sf sucks

Answer by facundo
i go with gb cause there at home

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New York Jets Video of the Day

Highlights of the NEW YORK JETS 2009 season. What a year! JETS jets-Jets-JETS
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Readers Comments (29)

  1. Saraswathi Tieie says:

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  2. Ripon Hames says:

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  3. PUNKem733 says:

    Jokes suck ass! 6 first downs! ROFL!!

  4. waooohhhh says:

    oh, and good job by Mark Sanchez gaining 74 yards of offense through the air LMFBO!!!!!!!!!

  5. waooohhhh says:

    @theroyal1 i removed my comment because i dont want fanboys sending me dumbshit. the only person who had to remove their own coments was your pussy ass jets for trashtalking lol. gl next week against the pats. you’ll need it

  6. Redcaster916 says:

    JETS SUCKS!!!…..but seriously, who the hell names a football team after an airplane engine? seriously? the NY Jets has to be the dumbest name of any sports teams I have ever heard. On top of having the worst name and coach the Jets also have the ugliest uniforms iin the NFL history, the old orange Bucks uniforms looked better than the green gremlins. It looks like dirt……BTW, LOVED HOW RAY LEWIS TOOK CARE OF BUSINESS.

  7. theRoyal1 says:

    He got pwn3d so bad he removed his own comment LMFBO!!!!!

  8. theRoyal1 says:

    @megaDoombringer and there you have it folks, the extent of a Pats fans football knowledge..bravo!

  9. megaDoombringer says:

    jets are gay in 2010. go pats.

  10. waooohhhh says:

    doesn’t matter if it was a joke your not, the only joke is the new york jets as a whole, LOL

  11. waooohhhh says:

    look who lost last the ravens… the jets… LMAO

  12. lsdvine says:

    rugby is better

  13. FabsRuled says:

    @AsilAYDying1991 Most of the hype was self created.. They will be very lucky to be 9-7 this year if everything goes right and they will not win the division.

  14. AsilAYDying1991 says:

    haha the big bad jets, all this hype and lose to the ravens , lol don’t worry you’ll see the same fate when the patriots fuck you pussies up

  15. FabsRuled says:

    @FabsRuled Sorry I meant his nine 3 year olds..he only has a couple 5 year olds 🙂

  16. FabsRuled says:

    Damm the Jets Defense is looking good so far. Cromarttie’s 36 kids will be so proud of his int return, especially the nine 5 year olds

  17. theRoyal1 says:

    @waooohhhh “. Even REX RYAN said in a press conference that he didnt want manning to start because they didnt have a CHANCE ”


    Hey Idiot, That was a joke @ the press conference and you took it for real the Jokes on you.
    Luck and Overrated?
    Yeah, Bengals Overrated, Chargers Overrated, EVERY FUKIN BODY OVER RATED WHEN THE JETS BEAT “THEIR” ASS HUH?

    Learn about football b4 U come and spew this nonsense!

  18. jaymac508 says:

    @Jkw718…….. please kid the jets go 9-7 at best this year losing both game to the pats (2) losing to the dolphins once (3) losing to the ravens and the steelers (5) and lose two NFC games to whatever NFC div they play…….. they are so overrrated… that D cant carry that shitty offense and they will break down eventually like they did against the Colts and doplhins and the Pats last year…. if the jets played kellen clemens or got a better QB i could see playoffs.. but Sanchez sucks

  19. Jkw718 says:

    @jaymac508 and fuck you too! 🙂

  20. FabsRuled says:

    @Jkw718 the Bengals game was more of a gimmie then the Colts game was. The Colts, even the back ups were playing for a perfect season, If the Bengals beat the Jets the last week they would have played Pitt, and if they lost they played the Jets again, and I am sure they wanted to play NYJ more then Pitt.

    And yeah I agree Sachez’s 12tds and 20ints did not help them with the wins last year

  21. Jkw718 says:

    @FabsRuled Oh and they lost that 2nd game to Miami(in which the Jets dominated them on offense and defense) because of miss tackles on Ted Ginn jr, allowing him to score two kickoff return TD’s, and Shonn Greene’s fumble in which Jason Taylor returned for a touchdown. In reality, the Jets could have been a 13-14 win team if Sanchez was better and if they didn’t lose that game to the Dolphins.

  22. Jkw718 says:

    @FabsRuled The game against the colts was kinda given, but NOT 100%. The Jets had a lead against the Colts in that game when the starters were in. The game against the Bengals wasn’t given at all, they just beat their ass plain and simple.

    People also forget that Mark Sanchez was a rookie and caused the Jets to lose some games(the game against the Saints, Buffalo, Jacksonville and Falcons). That’s why they didn’t win the division.

  23. FabsRuled says:

    @Jkw718 I am not hating, just listing facts. 2/3 of the games last year were against very shitty QBs and and they were given the last 2 games of the season and still did not win the division.

    Watch this season when reality hits the Rex created hype and they are a .500 team again aka paper champion

  24. jaymac508 says:

    @Jkw718….. fuck you

  25. Jkw718 says:

    @FabsRuled I used to get annoyed when people hate on the Jets, now I love it!! keep hating while the Jets keep on shutting yall up!

  26. Jkw718 says:

    @jaymac508 Plain hating

  27. Octane64 says:

    We got the greatest defense in the league, and one of the best offensive lines, nothing will stop us. We’re gonna get get the ring, and all you dolphin,viking,eagles,patriot and packer fans may hate to admit it,your time is over, our time is now. J-E-T-S,JETS,JETS,JETS!!

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