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New York Jets : What People are Saying

Published on September 22, 2010 by   ·   29 Comments

New York Jets

Image by NYCMarines
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Kerry Rhodes #25, free safety, New York Jets, carrys an American Flag on field during pre-game introduction, Nov. 15. Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Army service members participated in a tribute to veterans before the game. A Coast Guard detachment sang the National Anthem and were joined by a joint-service color guard before the New York Jets game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Chief Master Sgt. James A. Roy, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, presented the coin for the pre-game coin toss.(Official Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Randall A. Clinton)


Latest New York Jets News

Jets pummel Patriots, lose Revis to hamstring injury
Mark Sanchez threw a career-high three touchdown passes, including two in the second half, and the New York Jets held off Tom Brady and the New England Patriots despite losing Darrelle Revis in a 28-14 victory Sunday. New England Patriots – Tom Brady – Darrelle Revis – New York Jets – Mark Sanchez
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Jets and quarterback Sanchez beat Patriots through the air
Second-year quarterback Mark Sanchez silenced his critics by outduelling Tom Brady and leading the New York Jets to a 28-14 victory over the New England Patriots on Sunday.
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Jets Offense Unloads on Patriots
New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez completed 21 of 30 passes against the New England Patriots on Sunday.
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Recent Twitter Posts about the New York Jets

Archie Manning knows bloody hit against Jets won’t slow son Eli as Giants open … – New York Daily News Boardwalk… Noriko654321 (Noriko)

NFL says Jets were ‘unprofessional’ toward female reporter: The NFL determined that the New York Jets were guilty … NFLhoneydew (Alexis)

New York Jets Reader Q&A

Question by Tracy M: I need to find a way to watch the New York Jets Online Sunday October 4th?
Does anyone know where I can find the game online for October 4th, I live near Boston and that game is not broadcast in my area. Where can I find the game online or near Boston to watch the New York Jets live????


Answer by Rudra
CBS will show it at 3 15

Answer by What’s Wrong With The World?

Answer by Gregger
The game should be on tv since there are only 3 games starting at 4 and thats the most interesting game out there. it should be on CBS. GO JETS!

Question by Adds: Who sung the national anthem before the Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets Game?
Who sung the national anthem before the Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets Game? 11/22/07 I know it was a girl with brown hair but I never learned her name.


Answer by J

Answer by Reese
she did so bad. I had to leave the room.

Answer by Mad Cow
She was the worse since Roasanne Barr. My God it was depressing! Believe they called her Asheeta.

New York Jets Video of the Day

…and with the first pick in the 1994 draft…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Readers Comments (29)

  1. Hi says:

    Go to
    Watch football games online.

  2. Style61909 says:

    I Agree That She Did Suck
    I Had 2 Turn Down The Volume

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!!! says:

    Man that was terrible!! Her name is Ashanti (or something liek that)

  4. Calill C says:

    I didn’t see that part but that crap on at halftime was horrid. Kelly Clarkson or something like that trying to reincarnate Janis Joplin.

  5. redsockkiller4life says:

    lmfao they couldve had marino what a bunch of idiots

  6. j2f125 says:

    As loud as the fans are, it’s easy to overlook just how right the Jets fans are every year (Marino and Sapp, especially).

  7. edvhou812 says:

    The draft is such a crap-shoot. I was looking over the first round of a draft that took place a few years ago (don’t remember the year), and then looked up each player drafted in the first round, and only about 50% of them were still in the league after five years. Less than a handful made it to the Pro Bowl.

  8. bakerandbaker1 says:

    Who in their right mind selects a fullback in the first round? I don’t care if he shares the abilities of a running back, NO fulback is that valuable! He probably would have been available in Round 7!

  9. NYG1056 says:

    @HMRising The funniest part is that they don’t even wait for the name lolol They hear FB and you hear OH NOOO hahaha

  10. inveca says:

    granted, my team has not struck fear in any organization for many years. but as a dolphins fan, i love watching this vid=)

  11. klabkebash says:

    Remember a douche bag QB by the name of Browning Nagle? The guy right picked before him was Brett Farve..

  12. klabkebash says:

    Freeman McNeil wasn’t bad.. he was around for about 10 years or so..

  13. mikelou26 says:

    they love TEs

  14. APizzle90 says:


  15. kilahchris says:

    Kyle Brady was a respectable Tight End. He was not a bust. He was not worth a pick that high but has been our best pass blocking tight end in the past 15 years.

  16. cwhredsox says:

    jets suck

  17. quietriotfan1976 says:

    Legaman, O’Brien, and McNeil all had respectable careers. O’Brien was able to led the Jets to the Playoffs, but never had the defensice secondary to get much further. McNiel was a good running back before injuries took their tool, and Lageman had a decent run with the Jets and Jags…as for the rest, Nothing but Bust, especially Vick, who couldn’t even cut it in the WLAF.

  18. skill14 says:

    Jets had the #1 pick in 1997 and were gonna draft Manning when Peyton had a press conference to announce he wasnt going to the NFL cause he wanted to party his senior year. Fucking guy had 6 credits left his senior year. One can dream. Knowing the Jets they probably wouldve still drafted James Farrior. LOL

  19. HFsX says:

    @Redcaster916 Something to do with rhyming with Mets, who they shared Shea with when it opened in 1964. They changed it from Titans, which was used from 1960-63. If you think Jets is a bad name (a pig with lipstick on it is still a pig), consider that the Washington Bullets almost renamed themselves the Sea Dogs before settling on Wizards. You can (sometimes) do worse than Jets.

  20. Xbox4Cheap says:

    The NY Jets Draft “Peyton Manning” in the first round… (Jets Fans) BOOOOO !!!

  21. drbayoms says:

    Kyle Brady over Warren Sapp? Marijuana rumors? He never failed a drug test in his entire NFL career. Warren, that was a gift from G_d. You would have drowned with the NYJets.

  22. metalhead4lyfe1 says:

    @Redcaster916 whats the problem with it? and if u dont like football why’d u click the video

  23. dertylox45 says:

    @thiefnetowners245 yeah right. the jets were garbage back then. oh yeah neil odonnel to keyshawn johnson. how did that work out. the mid 90’s patriots were the shit. fuck brady.

  24. chriscobonham says:

    @1222web The best Quarterback in the world won’t do you any good on his back. Sanchez will (hopefully) do better as a decent QB with a great O-line than Marino would’ve done with the Jets O-lines of yesteryear

  25. BigAng84 says:

    dan marino fail

  26. Redcaster916 says:

    I don’t care about football, i think it sucks but can someone please explain to me what moron named a team after an airplane engine? I mean seriously, they couldn’t name a football annything else but an airplane engine?

  27. thiefnetowners245 says:

    Think of it this way Warren Sapp could have made Drew Bledsoe his bitch for the next few years instead of Brett Favre

  28. overbanked says:

    LOL a FB in the first round

  29. gocubs526 says:


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