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New York Yankees News, Views, & Highlights

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Latest New York Yankees News

New York Yankees increase lead over Tampa Bay Rays to 11/2 games
NEW YORK — The Rays knew things were going to be different here. After playing three intense, riveting and overall impressive games against the Yankees last week at Tropicana Field, the Rays didn’t really do any of the above in Monday’s opener of this series.
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Yankees-Rays: Five Reasons Tampa Bay Will Outlast New York for AL East Crown
The Tampa Bay Rays and the New York Yankees play a four-game series this week in the Bronx. This series is pivotal in deciding which team will be the AL East champion and which team will fight the Boston Red Sox for the wild card. Winning the division is important for home field advantage since it is believed that they will meet in the ALCS.
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MLB: New York Yankees 8, Tampa Bay 6
NEW YORK, Sept. 20 (UPI) — Curtis Granderson launched a pair of homers Monday, driving in five and boosting the New York Yankees to an 8-6 victory over Tampa Bay. New York Yankees – Curtis Granderson – NEW YORK – Major League Baseball – Sport
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Recent Twitter Posts about the New York Yankees

Torre would consider Mets job: By Andrew Marchand NEW YORK — After coming full circle with the Yankees in the Bro… Dreamchaser1312 (Elizabeth Smith)

[ESPN] Joe Torre, New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman settle differences in private meeting at Yankee Stadium mPulseMLB ( MLB)

New York Yankees Reader Q&A

Question by Marr : When do the New York Yankees single game tickets go on sale?
When do the New York Yankees single game tickets go on sale? I live in California and want to buy tickets for only 1 game. I would lke to buy them the day they go on sale.


Answer by Sean A
go to

Answer by scooter_the_winter_squirrel
Sometime in late february or March last i heard.

Answer by staggmovie
I would also check thier web site, but that has to be far for you to go to go to see them play at Yankee Stadium. You can’t see them play any of the teams you in your state, when thy come to visit.

Question by Mr. Knowledgeable VI: Why does New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner have high expectations for the Yankees?
I have realized that the owner of the New York Yankees George Steinbrenner has high expectations for his ball club, the New York Yankees. Every year, it seems that he wants his team to Win The World Series and if you do not win to his expectations, you face consequences

Also, why does Steinbrenner have high expectations that the owners of most other franchises. For example, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones does not have consequences when the Cowboys do not make the post season. and the Owner of the NBA Detroit Pistons William Davidson does not have consequences for the team not winning the NBA Championship.

Why does New York Yankees owner have such high expectations for the Yankees baseball club when other team owners in other professional sports and Major League Baseball do not expect that everything has to be perfect?


Answer by halfwaytoeverywhere
Because other owners aren’t stupid enough to spen 2.5 billion dollars over a 4 year period to play fantasy baseball.

Answer by baserunner316
Because he is a classic type A that thinks he’s entitled to the best.

Answer by I’m A Libra
Well when your team has a payroll of around 200 million dollars and a whole bunch of all-stars pretty much in every position then you are gonna have high expectations for your ball club.

New York Yankees Video of the Day

The Bronx Bombers
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Readers Comments (35)

  1. yankee_sailor says:

    jimbo nailed it!

  2. Thomas says:

    Cause he wants a winner and spends the $ for it. If other owners wanted it as bad, they’d do the same.

  3. Jeanne says:

    Because the money he could keep as profits for himself he spends on players.

  4. Kevin says:

    Look at all the power batters the Yankees have. They lead the entire league in batting average, runs scored, home runs, etc. They have some of the best starting pitchers in the history of baseball. And look at their payrole..if I were manager, I’d have high expectations myself. And they have made it to the playoff’s 13 years in a row, that is another reason.

  5. bunky says:

    If I owned a baseball team or any other sports team, I would have high expectations for my players to do well, that’s what they are getting paid to do. They have a job to do. I wouldn’t expect perfection though, just win

  6. Pattyboy says:

    HE WANTS TO WIN AND HE WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO WIN!!!! He has been that way since brought the Yankees back in the 1970s.

    He isn’t the most tactful person out there but he loves to win…and if he doesn’t win the series no matter what the team did during the regular season it is considered a loss….After the past Yankee performance in the post season two years in a row getting knocked out in the first round I think George is going to clean house and make dumb moves, trade good young players for old washed up players, sign free agents that wont be able to perform to the Yankee standereds, hire don mattingly as the manager…Its going to be the 1980’s all over again if you remember during that decade the Yankees could not buy a win, sell tickets, or attract quality free agents!!!

  7. GuildNavigator says:

    George Steinbrenner is a unique individual. He does not own the Dallas Football Cowboys, nor does he own the Detroit Basketball Pistons. He owns the New York Yankees, arguably he most well known sports franchise in western civilization.

    Tradition is a huge part of the Yankees. Two of their most celebrated traditions are winning and spending money. George is mindful of these traditions, as he is also mindful of baseball economics, his investments, and his profits. Due to baseball profit sharing and salary cap structure, the entire league benefits, financially, from George’s deep pockets.

    The bottom line is: He is the owner, he signs the pay checks, he has a right to demand performance and enforce consequences.

    No one in the Yankee organization is being forced to work at gunpoint. They all have the freedom to seek employment elsewhere.

  8. Gilberto c says:

    Because Mr. Steinbrenner,is a real fool spending (28)M’s for Clemens with a record of ( 6 wins – 6 lost -68K’s )in 18 games, this is a real waste of money.With this amount of money i would have brought a team instead.But the only one who to really blame is the GM- Cashman,1- For wasting Mr.Steinbrenner, money in a UN appropriate ways. 2-For not accomplishing “THE BOSS” expectations,and instead is always blaming and threatening him publicly.3- Mr. Stubborner,has to remember that in any sport event teams “win / loose” you can’t be always a sore loser,my dear George !

  9. Little Duke Ali'i says:

    It is just hype, it is like a big sports soap opera with drama. Steinbrennar is not stupid, he knows baseball and know you can not win every year. It is all just a media scam. Was George even at the games because I did’nt see him once on TV?

  10. Mustang72B says:

    Because he may just be the most arrogant owner in all of sports. If the mighty Yankees don’t win the Championship, then the universe must be in disarray. The Yankees are the most followed and feared team in baseball. But there are 29 other teams and they all want to win. But Steinbrenner thinks the all powerful Yankees should be the Champions every other year. It’s proof that money isn’t always what it takes to win. He thinks he can throw his unlimited money supply around, spend about $ 200 million dollars each year, and boom, they win the title. But when they don’t, he looks for people to blame (manager, general manager, players). The reality is, money helps, but it is not the sole reason a team wins. The Yankees are always a major contender, and it’s no mystery why their in the playoffs every year. But it takes more than just money to win in the playoffs. Everybody has to come together, do their job up to their capabilities and just get the job done. He will never admit it, but he’s part of the problem.

  11. theitalian556 says:

    @norjak71 The damn Spankees always buy their way to the world series with an all star team! Other teams earn their way!!!!

  12. theitalian556 says:

    @norjak71 Ya and the fuckin MLB doesnt favor the Rays like they always have to The Spankees. Giving the damn Yanks a 200 mil. salary cap!!!!

  13. 859jack says:

    Go to bed you stupid new york pencil neck motherfucker!

  14. theitalian556 says:


  15. theitalian556 says:

    @scdarrow Ya I guess your’re right its like the fuckin MLB favors the damn Yakees! I mean they can get whoever they want just about. The lineup is nearly all all stars! Plus Sabathia. Power, Cano, Swisher,Granderson,Texiera,A-rod need I say more!!!!

  16. ufosrhear21 says:

    The Rays are soooo annoying. Put it this way…..the glorious Yankees will finish with most likely 100+ wins…..and we will have to fight to the end for first place.
    We have many, many more 500%winning percentage teams or better the rest of the way than the rays…..almost doube to be exact. Their schedule is like kindergarden.
    Should be interesting. Go Cano!!!

  17. Fifty9Fifty808 says:

    Fags below this line

  18. gangstabudd4 says:

    @Statin7 lol

  19. pktillidie says:

    anybody kno chris heaps from 1991 yankees?

  20. Statin7 says:

    @funfag69 jealous that we are superior than the bosshit red sox and the tampa gay rays

  21. Statin7 says:

    @gangstabudd4 lol nice tampa gay rays

  22. funfag69 says:

    New York Yankees? More like New York GAYnkees

  23. bagseyno4 says:

    i thought american football was gay but this what a bunch of retarded poofters cricket with runing around a field any one can do that

  24. Wolfie292 says:

    Awesome video.Yankees are number 1.Go Yankees bring home number 28.

  25. wowisuckatmath says:

    @norjak71 why dont u win a world series? so you can actually talk trash. so then, i guessed u also changed the subject on the 27 world series wins.

  26. toddjk2000 says:

    the tampba bay rays are overrated and garbage

  27. gangstabudd4 says:

    norjak71 sucks dick just like the tampa gay rays

  28. steeljake52 says:

    @norjak71 shut the fuck up nigga.what the fuck happen to the rays last year?.they didnt make shit and who won the world series last year?…i think it was a team called the you need to check your facts instead of coming here and getting fucked up verbally in here you tampa bay faggot

  29. jasoncuts1 says:

    @norjak71 so fucking doesn’t fucking matter you dumb think the yanks is afdective by what happen yesterday?..your dumber than mets fans you dick sucking faggot ass motherfucker and plus who got 27 championships?..nuff said.go suck a dick and fuck up out my face nigga.the devil rays aint shit nigga

  30. norjak71 says:

    @wowisuckatmath and you changed the subject because i called you out on being a fucking retard. you said they were last place last year and a one year wonder this year, your a fucking retard dude, i love lil punks like you that talk trash, then someone (ie: me) comes on that knows what theyre talking about..and then you try to change the subject back before acknowledging my points..way to go, thanks for proving all yankee fans are retarded (thats including the 10% that are bandwagoners 🙂 TOOL

  31. wowisuckatmath says:

    @norjak71 2 years ago…hm..and lost. did uk the yankees went to the series what, over 30 times?

  32. norjak71 says:

    @wowisuckatmath last year the rays were in last place? wanna check again moron… by the way one year thing, didnt they like go to the world series 2 years ago… wh ile the yankees went to..uhh. sorry..yankees werent even good enough to make hte playoffs 🙂 keep hatin alll you want, rays piss all over yankees. allll dayyy longggg. no roids. no cheating. just hard fought baseball.

  33. wowisuckatmath says:

    @norjak71 rays r a one year thing. last year they were in last place lmao. stupid tampa bay fan. ulll never win a world series.

  34. wowisuckatmath says:


  35. LakersChargersAngels says:

    Yankess are the Angels’ bitches. Angels 2010 Champs!

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