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NFL doc: Four concussions in Week 1 not a trend
The co-chairman of the NFL’s Brain, Head and Neck Medical Committee doesn’t see four concussions sustained by players in the first weekend of the regular season as a trend. But Dr. Hunt Batjer says the rate of concussions is something the league and its medical staff will closely monitor throughout the season.
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NFL Game Capsules
NFL Game Capsules
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Direct TV being installed. Looking forward to NFL Sunday ticket. – by scratchex (Chris Gomez)

Any #76classic school alumni have big time fantasy weeks in week 1 of NFL play? – by 76classic (76Classic)

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NFL Reader Q&A

Question by Barney B: Has any NFL quarterback won the super bowl with two different teams?
This has been bothering me for the past few days, I wanna know if any NFL quarterback has won the Super Bowl with two different teams. Serious answers only.


Answer by Frank
trent dilfer? bucs and ravens?

or i think it was brad johnson

Answer by hooklinesinker
You should have looked it up instead of letting it bother you for days. There’s only 43 Super Bowls that’s been played so it’s not like it’s super hard to look it up.

Answer by sgoldperson
Won it FOR? No. Been on two teams that have won, I’m pretty sure that has happened but you have to look at back-ups.

Question by Jim Mavor: What is the best way to watch NFL 2010 Season games live on the network in good quality ?
What is the best way to watch NFL 2010 Season games live on the network in good quality ?
What is the best way to watch NFL 2010 Season games live on the network in good quality ?
What is the best way to watch NFL 2010 Season games live on the network in good quality ?


Answer by David Lin
You could try a tv for pc to watch NFL football games live online. Get it here.

There are hundreds of worldwide TV channels like ABC, TNT, ESPN, CBS, FOX, BBC, Sky TV, CBC, VS. NBC, TSN, Local…
And lots of sports channels broadcast NFL football games live.
Download and install it on your computer.
With it, you can watch NFL games and lots of tv channels live online legally, comfortably and in good quality.
No matter where you live . Hope this helps.

Answer by mahbub
you can watch directly from

Answer by Dario Alexander
Install online tv and watch live on the internet

In addition to sports, you can choose between a list of over 3500 worldwide TV channels like ABC, CBS, ESPN, FOX, NBC, TNT, BBC, CBC, Sky TV, TSN, local channels and more.

It only takes a minute to download and install it onto your computer and you can watch many other TV channels live online, legally, and with good quality right on your computer. This can be used anywhere in the world.

I’ve used it for a long time and I think you’ll like it too

Question by virgo v: What does NFL players do during the off season?
I’m writing a fictional book that has to do with an NFL player ,so if any one knows the answer to my question it’ll be a great help if you could tell me. Obviously I wouldn’t think that someone would know exactly for sure what they do I’m just asking for an idea. So please if your not gonna have an helpful answer, and just a rude rebuttal then just don’t answer it. Thanks.


Answer by Nathan K
at the beggining, they mostly hang out with thier family, but later at the end they start reading the play book and reading offers from other teams

Answer by Al Davis
Some try and keep in shape by working out on their own or with a few teammates.

Others take vacations to Mexico.

Others sell cocaine.

Answer by Bart101
they practice and go home to visit their family

NFL Video of the Day

this is why i watch football every sunday.. and monday.. and sometimes thursday and saturday.. sorry i had to disable comments. i couldnt keep up with responding everyday to kids who think soccer is a sport. maybe someday i can enable them again. but fuck soccer. UPDATE: well, that was nice for about a day until they decided to take it to another video. this shit’s annoying. the song is: Rise To Glory by DJ Quik
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Readers Comments (37)

  1. Ryan Leaf says:

    Earl Morrall won three rings as a backup, one with the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl V and two with the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowls VII and VIII. He would be the only one i can think of

  2. Hawk M says:


    Only 2 QBs have started the Super Bowl for 2 different teams

    Warner (Rams and Cards) is the second quarterback to make Super Bowl starts with two different teams joining Craig Morton (1970 Dallas Cowboys and 1977 Denver Broncos)

  3. Elijah Wright says:

    Well, you can go

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    Hope it’s what you’re searching for.

  4. Alex Lewis says:

    Go to

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  5. Rider Kon says:

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  6. Baker4Chicago says:

    they are with jessica simpson or if your not tony romo then they work hard to get better and visit their families

  7. Mark says:

    Depends on what type of player… most will take several vacations and then get back to working out and preparing for the next season. Some will party and get into trouble. I think that the NFL is the shortest season of all the major sports so they have alot of free time. They do endorsements and interviews as well. I hope that helps alittle. I know there are alot of non-fiction books out there that tell what goes on during an NFL season.

  8. mattieface says:

    they usually kinda chill for a while….they usually get like littler personal work out sessions from personal trainers just to prepare for next season, but the offseason is over for them long before training camp even starts

  9. Ronald W says:

    visit their family, polish up their skills. look at offers from other teams if their contract is up…(unless ur T.O… lol ) at the back half of the off season is training camp.

  10. chaboy says:

    well some fight dogs, others smoke some pot and drive a boat drunk, some beat strippers, or they help poor kids, and visit hospitals

  11. Gino T says:

    Well some of the biggest pro football players go on celebrity shows and award shows. Most of the off-season they hang out with friends and family. When their not doing that they are working out and getting ready for the regular season like reading the playbook.

  12. TheGuyThatDoesntCare says:

    fuck what all yall say that was the beastliest montage of highlights ive ever seen!

  13. kinni85 says:

    2:16 WTF

  14. MrKsmith973 says:

    where did you get the song from for this video i would like to find it so i can get it for my sons football video

  15. MrKsmith973 says:

    where did you get the song from for this

  16. coolice198 says:

    what is the music that you used

  17. HotDamnItsAdam says:

    R.I.P sean taylor that pro bowl hit is nasty and funny. and who the hell was that eagle player who jumped over the Giant’s o line?

  18. HotDamnItsAdam says:

    @Tomdomification dude you gota come to america man football is like the shit down here most popular sport in america i think

  19. Tomdomification says:

    I’m an Aussie and I’ve never watched NFL and now
    I know it’s fuckin awesome!!!

  20. MultiGlitchmasters says:

    @slipknot you are a fucking dumbass your a pussy cause you cant take a hit in football

  21. TheDregalado09 says:

    If you love this video you’ll love Minute To Win It, tonight at 8 pm. Bernard Berrian, Vishanthe Shiancoe and Pierre Thomas compete for their favorite charities!!

  22. xROcTaNe says:

    @Slipknot5301 why did you even look up this video if you hate football

  23. 8EQUALSIGND says:

    fuck every sport but football. hockey- ice faires, soccer- lawn faires. a horrible football player would fuck up the best hockey player

  24. theboss232323232323 says:

    Boxing is virtually dead until and even after mayweather would sack up and fight pacquiao boxing is boring and full of fighters beyond their prime.

  25. businessbetter001 says:

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  26. nightside60 says:

    @Slipknot5301 if what you said is true, i’d like to see any hockey player try and take on a bigass linebacker from the NFL…….without those pads and sticks hockey players arent nearly as big as nfl players. Watch the NFL combine, and then come back and talk that mess.

  27. mustafaishere says:

    Only one highlight for the skins and thats sean taylors pro bowl hit ? 🙁

  28. Ramirezboy1 says:

    This video is beast

  29. TheTrueKIng24 says:

    football is a real sport and so is soccer you all are a bunch of jokes specially this slipknot kid damn

  30. Slipknot5301 says:

    @sportperson20 lol and u can enjoy fatasses in tights dogpiling each other
    football is for pussy faggots
    play rugby, hockey, or boxing (real sports)

  31. sportperson20 says:

    hey this is a great video and a great song to go with it. i love this video. and this goes to that slipknot5301 fuck. if u dont like football then dont watch the fucking football videos. go watch some stupid ass hockey fags skate around and blow each other. no1 gives a shit about u or the douche that got his throat cut. so fuck off.

  32. footballplayer575 says:


  33. Slipknot5301 says:

    @312WERUNTHIS you’re fucking stupid. he played in a game a week later u stupid fuck

  34. 312WERUNTHIS says:

    @Slipknot5301 yeah, practice. but they wouldnt let him go full contact or anything for weeks. youre so goddamn stupid.

  35. Slipknot5301 says:

    @312WERUNTHIS oh really?
    google “clint malarchuk”
    he got his internal carotid artery cut by a skate, got 300 stitches, and was back in practice 4 days later
    search clint malarchuk gets his throat slit on youtube
    u don’t know shit

  36. duckydo100 says:

    @aurlonpld ya i did and it wasnt very good this time

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